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  1. I'm looking for two trem mounting post. They would have been on Charvel/Jackson guitars with a JT-6 trem. The size is 5/16ths x 24 TPI, regular Floyd Rose studs are way small. Figured I'd ask here in case somebody has some kicking around the parts drawer...


  3. Johnny Thunders I want your #1 and #2 for myself, they both scream "ROCKNROLL"
  4. Perfect !!! It was, I was too scared to play it or scratch it....so I sold it....
  5. maybe my Studio Custom custom order, first one in indigo blue.
  6. forget it, I don't think I will do any deals with him.
  7. not for $2900 Considering a REAL, HFC-owned and well-documented Standard Korina was offered here for $1,800, this price-range is absolutely laughable. Must be tax season - why, yes it is! I wouldn't pay that either. Here is the deal. I want $2200 out my Tele, He wants $2900 for his Standard. He offered to trade me straight up. I want a Les Paul, I will trade him my Tele and sell the Standard to an HFC'er for the $2200 and go buy a Les Paul. I am no longer up on Hamer prices, is $2200 out of the question for the Standard?
  8. not for $2900No, more like $2200 shipped which is what I want out if the Tele.
  9. He wants to trade the Standard for my Tele, anyone here want to buy the Standard if I swap him?
  10. He has asked me to trade for my '82 reissue '52 Tele, I am thinking about .....
  11. 10/9/11 SOLD on TGP, say goodbye boys. can't find the "delete" button
  12. Got a near mint HR 50 with the depth and bright mods. Mercury Magnetics, effects loop, no dings, tears or digs. JJ tubes all around. $1150 plus S&H in the lower 48 only, no PayPal. Can get more pics but you know what they look like.
  13. It's hard to remember everyone I met at the two last HFC Tours of the factory but I will mention those I can think of. If you have met me, feel free to freshen my mind. HamStd BCRGreg & Kristin Poe & Denise JeffR CajunBoy Butcher Elduave Stonge, been to to the Casa too! ceeb, been there a few times darc Silentman JoeD & EvavnD MattB - a buddy I beleive I introduced to Hamer Teleman Thundernotes CheapChick atquinn arnieZ mrmojorisin Bigred blitzcruise foodermon Frank Untermyer geoff hartwell hollowskull JolDantzig Phloored Shred Dog
  14. My first Hamer, 1996 Special FM in Aztec Gold w/ gold hardware upgrade. That was '98 or '99. No Hamers left now....oh wait, there is some ole' Triple Threat some dood let me have to noodle on...who lent me that? On another note, here is the last one I bought, second or third chambered Standard Custom made, I went to the factory (chaufered by ceeb) to pick out all the woods. A custom order that alas wasn't for me once I got it. Arm couldn't get around the upper wing comfortably. Yup, here it is....Hamer Triple Threat!
  15. How come everbody is just busting his balls and not pointing him toward a celeberty owned guitar? Nobody makes fun of Mr. Fung for collecting celeberty Hamers.
  16. Here is my old '80 that I had purchased from a pro player. Gone now to a fella in Joisey.
  17. I think yngwie308 is the only one to cite Tommy Bolin and Tom Keifer. Different.
  18. I bought that cd when it came out, it didn't last in my rotation too long though.....still have the disc though.
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