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  1. Got it on Reverb from user Bob Hammer (BTG Music), great bass though. I have yet to play a 2Tek model that isn't outstanding. Played it for a couple hours yesterday in fact.


    1. anotherfreak


      ok great,

      i thought your profile name was familiar ;)

      those basses are Spectacular!

      glwts for sure!

  2. wow, that is beautiful! and those are a SUPER versatile guitar, killer looks and killer sounds out'a that one! Congrats!
  3. oh MY..... That's a looker! I just stepped into 7-string headaches myself Congrats and good on ya!
  4. I'll add that I tend to play better after a long day of transcribing. Not necessarily better technique, but better note choices and better phrasing. Too many variables to consider, could be I'm listening better, could be I'm playing in the style I was transcribing,and that makes it "better" sounding to me at that time, could be coincidence.
  5. I go up and down a bunch, when I am practicing(not just playing) it is a little more stable from day to day, but when I am just playing regularly it can really fluctuate. keep "show" tunes simple, you can always play more when you are having a good night and they are still good on a not-so-great night
  6. *rant off - deleted* nevermind I could get that "Smooth" tone out of a Fender Concert II that a student of mine had, but it had to be LOUD and I think it cost him $550 now if you could just get it out of a TM60..........
  7. it bugs me that the modded pickguard is the only blurry pic. I play mine fingerstyle, and I have considered putting thumbwheel knobs under the pickguard, maybe on a different pickguard to keep the origional. That looks like a 3am "i think this would be cool" mods. not on a guitar like that, "no respect"
  8. That's the one I remember! and yeah, the old one's better..........by quite a bit, and I dig the roots
  9. I do miss that one every now and then, but I'm sure it is in MUCH MORE capable hands
  10. WOW! I just have to say Congratulations!!!!1 and I hope someday I can add my name to the list of lucky individuals with your name on the headstock! There's nothing like getting the love and adoration for doing what you love to do! Best wishes, you deserve nothing but the best!
  11. I'm pretty sure you cannot copywright a chord progression.
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