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  1. didn't somebody here have Hamer move the switch to the top horn area for a Bigsby model?
  2. I loved that Daytona, I bought it New in '96 from The Guitar House of Tulsa
  3. anotherfreak

    Henry wants to re-live the '80s

    THAT'S THE ONE!!!!
  4. anotherfreak

    Henry wants to re-live the '80s

    If they really wanna go there, ie: Tummy cut, thin bodied, floyded and yes, NEON, they should have 24 frets just sayin'
  5. anotherfreak

    Henry wants to re-live the '80s

    I see black beauties and goldtops in their future
  6. anotherfreak


    DAAAAAAAA!!!! i totally missed it
  7. OMG!!!!!! that's BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. anotherfreak


  9. Got it on Reverb from user Bob Hammer (BTG Music), great bass though. I have yet to play a 2Tek model that isn't outstanding. Played it for a couple hours yesterday in fact.


    1. anotherfreak


      ok great,

      i thought your profile name was familiar ;)

      those basses are Spectacular!

      glwts for sure!

  10. anotherfreak

    The Newport Appreciation Thread

    As a self-proclaimed Newport lover, THAT one is somethin' special. Somebody got Jol to approve some coolness
  11. anotherfreak


    wow, that is beautiful! and those are a SUPER versatile guitar, killer looks and killer sounds out'a that one! Congrats!
  12. oh MY..... That's a looker! I just stepped into 7-string headaches myself Congrats and good on ya!