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  1. ^^^^Speaking of the SAHB, whatever pickup(s) and guitar are cranking out those power chords on "Faith Healer" on the live album sound huge. Dunno if they were P-90s, however....
  2. "Mother": The Police. No wonder they didn't originally include it on some audio formats (IIRC). The Police were one of the most innovative bands ever, but Andy Summers is a "singer" (w/ snide quote marks) like Yoko Ono is a "singer". Ditto "Be My Girl--Sally" on the Bottle Blonds' first album. Silly. "Illegal Alien": Genesis. I like most of the pop-style Genesis stuff (including the hits as well as that great concert medley w/ "Turn It On Again" as the base), mainly on accounta the Missus likes it--something we can both listen to and enjoy on trips, etc. That said, "Illegal Alien" wo
  3. FYI the October issue of Vintage Guitar (Peter Green on the cover) dissects Mott the Hoople's '71 album Brain Capers for that issue's retro-review "Pop N' Hiss" installment (p. 50). Mick Ralphs advised that he used a Les Paul Jr. through a Sunn amp...and it shows, sonically. My personal favorite Mott the Hoople album, and it failed to chart in both the UK and the US.
  4. looks cleaner and more 'efficient', for lack of a better term. Thanks
  5. Here ya go. Painted by legendary North Carolina automotive artist Wayne Jarrett (one of his less fancy efforts but still very cool). Hallmark makes instruments inspired by Bakersfield guitars and basses from the '60s (Mosrite Ventures, original Hallmark company Swept-Wing, Gruggett Stradette, etc.).
  6. Bass was custom ordered by an active duty Marine, finished in a flat military green. Unsure if the rank applies to the guy that ordered it. Thanks in advance for any enlightenment
  7. One small builder/mfr. I know told me he thought the shut-in nature of the plague (my term, not his) would kibosh his sales but the opposite happened. He says he's been busier than ever, and still is. Apparently consumers seem to want to splurge (out of boredom?) if they're confined or have limited mobility. Probably happened with other products besides guitars, for that matter...although our household hasn't purchased any big-ticket, optional items this year. Haven't replaced any requisite big-ticket item (appliances, etc.), for that matter but hopefully things will loosen up by next spring
  8. There have been legends about an album that the Floyd was developing after Dark Side of the Moon with a working title of Household Objects. It was supposed to be recorded with what its title says. This article has an extended analysis of the brief initiative, including how Syd Barrett influenced it. I wasn't aware of the project but this essay indicates Nick Mason addressed in his memoir. There's also citation of sound effects on other albums. https://longreads.com/2020/09/03/shelved-pink-floyds-household-objects/
  9. Changes made to reflect contemporary times and/or political correctness...
  10. Notice: "Fat" when applied to human size is politically-incorrect. Appropriate term should be "width-challenged".
  11. ^^^You left out a wine bottle in the center of the table with a candle in it + oodles of wax buildup all over it from other candles... Interview was actually at an early Atlanta guitar show; might've been in Smyrna or Marietta
  12. https://www.smithsonianmag.com/arts-culture/remarkable-life-and-work-guitar-maker-freeman-vines-180975694/?utm_source=smithsoniandaily&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=20200901-daily-responsive&spMailingID=43353034&spUserID=NzQwNDU4MjMzMzIS1&spJobID=1840089491&spReportId=MTg0MDA4OTQ5MQS2
  13. First interview I did w/ 38 Special's Jeff Carlisi in '91, he advised that the first instrument he ever learned to play was accordion. I responded "I don't believe in stereotyping but I take it you're of Italian heritage." Carlisi: "Right! I had an espresso maker built onto the accordion."
  14. I'm with Kizanski. It appears o be all original/unmodified and perhaps unplayed...so does unplayed status make it 'wrong'? I've always thought its half-and-half silhouette was intriguing, even though some folks might not "get it" at first glance.
  15. ...includes apparently heretofore unheard music and photo. Lengthy but detailed and well-written. The larger version of this photo gave me the willies, what with the fingernails. https://www.timesofisrael.com/the-last-blues-of-peter-green/
  16. I'm planning on donating or bequeathing both of my utility instruments (Peavey Wolfgang Special ST, Peavey Patriot bass) to the local high school's music program. Both are American-made (this community is pretty patriotic) and both are in near mint condition. The bass is a first-year '84 w/ the two-stripe headstock trim (rare) as well as a P-Bass-like 1 3/4" neck width at nut (also rare). The guitar is purple (school color)
  17. ...and note the similarities between Kizanski's (cranial, at least) hair style and this primeval percussionist...
  18. https://www.cnn.com/2020/08/20/entertainment/widespread-panic-drummer-todd-nance-dies/index.html
  19. What with all the hirsuteness, Kizanki looks like Ron Jeremy's nephew...
  20. I'll pass, precisely because of the fidelity issue. Been disappointed other times with other artists RE how such "historically important" recordings sounded. A fairly recent example was a club date with John Mayall's Bluesbreakers with Peter Green. I'd rather remember (and be inspired by) the good-sounding stuff. Even if I'm a longtime fan, I don't have to have every single recording that's out there. And I got to see Duane live, for that matter.
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