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  1. ^^^Then there was the version of that song and "I Love the NIght Life" presented by Eugene "Perry Como" Levy on SCTV.
  2. Age 63. Always thought she was a decent actor and singer, especially in Fame.
  3. https://www.msn.com/en-us/health/other/wilko-johnson-british-rocker-who-defied-cancer-dies-at-75/ar-AA14sqQE?cvid=979040b05537440aa7558224b60fa8ad "I Can Tell", first track on their second album, was the first time I heard 'em (mid-'70s). His guitar tone and style still holds up, IMO (article describes his stage persona and performance perfectly, IMO)
  4. An old bandmate sent me this front cover photo from a now-out-of-print 1996 anthology titled Executive Rock. Still kinda funny...or at this age, maybe it's just whimsical...
  5. Kudos. There were a coupla pawn shops prizes I should have jumped on a coupla decades agp. I recall passing on an MM bass 'coz it was in that early brown finish; wish I had a time machine. While my first choice for a performance bass is still Rickenbacker, I love the way the Sting Ray model hangs. Weight and balance are just perfect. YMMV
  6. One non-HFCer said the instrument appeared to be a three-string bass...
  7. ...and yes, IMO it belongs on the music board instead of the OC. This is a new-this-season minor league hockey team. Anything look familiar?
  8. He was also the first guitarist to have a Peavey signature model, which debuted in late 1985. Basically a Hydra with a Kahler vibrato. It was hyped with the phrase "extremely limited production"
  9. Playing influences were centered on James Burton, front-and-center. Had some unique instruments like this Music Man dbl-neck (one guitar in Nashville tuning). Commercial illustrator Wayne Jarrett of Greensboro, NC estimates he painted 100 instruments for Cook. Cook was a pro player and an astute and successful businessman as well.
  10. I always thought Bow Wow Wow's rendition of "I Want Candy" was a nifty arrangement sonically, particularly with the drums and a grinding bass tone (Leigh Gorman whomping a Wal). Uh, but there was also that "jailbait-on-the-beach" video...
  11. ...or some reasonable facsimile of that tempo and style. If the choice was limited to just one, I'd go with Dire Strats' "Calling Elvis". The primary reason is on accounta the original (on On Every Street) and live versions (On The Night) were excellent, but Knopfler did an alternate version to open his solo concerts in 2000 when he was touring to support a new album, the terrific Sailing to Philadelphia. The revised version was slightly slower, which made them pounding drums sound even more potent and...well, urgent, I guess. If you went to one of those shows 22 years ago, you'll know what I mean. Others?
  12. ...is coming up on its 30th anniversary as a single, although the album (Dirt) had been released several months earlier. I wasn't much into grunge; the genre/phenomenon was after my time. But "Rooster" is still quite potent sonically, chock fulla memorable guitar tones. The video is also powerful, even though it probably got cited as a mini-Platoon.. One of those songs I have to pull up on Youtube two or three times a year. So where does "Rooster" rank in popularity among Alice in Chains fans? There's also a brief documentary that I thought was well-done, but what about the accuracy (considering the name of the site and the long disclaimer at the beginning)?
  13. One of the true originals---just about one of a kind---who survived much longer than many folks thought he would. A redneck Robert Mitchumm and even more volatile. Most music fans were probably surprised by his transition to country music. Anybody ever read HELLFIRE: The Jerry Lee Lewis Story by Nick Tosches? Wanted to check that out decades ago but never did.
  14. When I get through with the book I'm currently reading, Fred Haise's autobio is next, but it's not about music or guitars. All he did was go to the Moon and return safely in the most dramatic and remote rescue effort in history. A biography of luthier Roger Fritz (Roy Buchanan guitars, Fritz Bros., Kay re-issues) is in the works.
  15. We've discussed the TAMI Show performance here previously, and years later, my personal opinion of that milestone ain't changed. Not familiar with the Rome performance. Kizanski's on the money RE less tight but still fun. And Jeezus---sweat was pouring off of JB after just two minutes. And the guitar player besides Mr. Collins is playing a Vox thinline. Ironically, I spent a long time last weekend reading Thomas Lake's humongous three-part CNN investigative monograph on whether or not Brown was actually murdered by OD.Ditto his third wife. Not pretty, but has enough sources, disclaimers to make for interesting reading if you're open-minded
  16. Okay, I'll play: "Jeremiah Peabody's Polyunsaturated Quick-Dissolving Fast-Acting Pleasant-Tasting Green and Purple Pills" (Ray Stevens) and "Doctor Please" (Blue Cheer). Talk about juxtaposition....! And a live version of "Doctor Please", recorded at the Rockpalast in 2008, clocks in at 25:08.
  17. ...and that includes paper, which is a wood product. Slow supplies delaying or forcing schedule adjustments for publication of books, newspapers and other periodicals. While i got my next book researched (including interviews), photographed, written, submitted to publisher, edited, laid out, edited again and ready to go to printer (American, not Asian) in a (personal) record time, printer says "no guarantee" on when it will be available. (Cue "Anticipation" by Carly Simon as soundtrack in the background)
  18. That Kramer XL-8 caused me to do a bit of detective work, seeing if the grain matched one that will be illustrated in an upcoming article I've written about eight-string basses. Not the same instrument but always fun to do that kind of investigative research. And it seemed like any eight-string bass I tried out while working on the article was too heavy for me to consider, if I was looking for such an instrument. An octave stomp box is cheaper, too. Teaser: Jol Dantzig had a great line in the article about how eight-string basses are supplemental (my term, not his): “Multi-string basses are usually used like hot sauce in the studio, so I’m always hearing from artists who have owned them for years, but they didn’t necessarily wear them onstage. The eight-string was always a part of the mix; it just didn't get the spotlight like the ‘twelves’ did. I guess it was a matter of making our mark.”
  19. Not only is it two less strings, you only play one string at time (at least, starting out). Your key word in your quest is "starter". You'd need to decide what scale to start with. Typically it would be either short (30"-30 1/2") or full/standard (34"). Full-scale basses typically have more resonance but if you've been a guitarist I'd recommend starting on a dirt cheap short scale bass and stepping up to a better model (perhaps more than once) if you have made enough progress to merit a better instrument...and that may include going from short scale to full scale. Medium scale isn't too popular and long scale is too big of a jump from a guitar, to a starter bass, IMO...and I don't know of any long-scale starter basses anyway. The other day I was in a pawn shop and tried out a Squire Bronco Bass, which is about as cheap as you can get. I'm going to get laughed at for advocating for this particular model, but it played and sounded fine for a starting model. Ergonomically it felt a lot like a Fender Mustang Bass. I wouldn't buy anything upscale until I had mastered or at least gotten component on a beginner's instrument (regardless of scale). Then you can say of your new acquisition "I'm worth it." That was the scenario for me a few decades ago---started with a '69 Gibson EB-1 (sounded awful), then a Kramer Duke (better tone but less resonance) before buying a new Rickenbacker 4003.
  20. Ironically, I had watched Coal Miner's Daughter again just the other night (Spacek and D'Angelo did their own vocals, IIRC) https://www.cnn.com/2022/10/04/entertainment/loretta-lynn-obit/index.html
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