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  1. $900 net to me via PPFF it was gigged a little .. has some scratches but works perfectly local pickup Cleveland or ship power chord included I can get references.. bought and sold here several times at least boxed up and can go out tomorrow morning
  2. I was hoping for a little more love at this price.. most on Verb are around 1600 and 1800.. I guess that is verb though 7.258 lbs on my kitchen scale fyi
  3. just paste it right in? I used the link button and is just showed as an URL
  4. was gonna put a little vid but cant figure out how to insert a utube vid . ..and now I cant delete this post not the best vid.. but you can hear it unplugged at least
  5. its a comfy med C to me with my harbor freight calipers I get .86 at the 1st and .90 at 12th
  6. if I take the plate off the back.. even that is the same color as the rest of the guitar.. I would of thought it would have been a diff color
  7. So I bought this on a whim.. I think I just freaked out because it was local.. Always wanted to try a P90 Artist style.. Anyhow Ive come to find its just too close to my other two Hamers and I recently sold my P90 special here a few months ago.. So I dunno what I was thinking. Anyhow, here is a fine example.. super clean.. dark board (its glorious).. nice weight.. ( I can get a close estimate) This one has more of a Green tint to it..(as Im looking at it right now.. its silver. so it changes color ) I dont think its faded. I think its the original color... I dont think you will find a finer example of a Vangaurd. $1200 net to me and prefer PPFF.. I have a ton of Ref if needed.. we can facetime also.. exchange phone #.. whatever.. Im only listing it here for now so you guys can have first dibs.. ships from 44212
  8. Well I think I am going to put it up for sale.. Mainly because Im not a collector.. and I think I'll find myself grabbing my Hamer Korina Jr. the most. I just cant deny that guitar. And I already have an Artist so I feel like my p90 artist world is already covered. I think I need maybe a Gretsch style guitar in my life.. which I dont have. Anyhow.. once I figure out a price I'll be posting.. unless of course I change my mind
  9. so this is a vanguard? for some reason I thought the Vanguard had those checkmark inlays on it
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