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  1. this is mine this is what I have but with black p90 covers
  2. Im on the fence.. I love the guitar but I'm itching for a single p90.. I never use the neck pickup and I also want to try a wrap around bridge... My special is a brown one.. (forgot its my avatar ) do those demand any more money..also the neck on mine is not thin .. its more of a medium C... I'f I'm only gonna get $800 bucks after everything is said and done.. I think I'd rather just hang on to it.... which is probably what will happen.... what do you guys think?
  3. I'd never buy a new one.. I usually see them for about $1600-2K used
  4. thanks everyone.. I think for now I should just keep my hamer special.. mine actually has a normal sized neck... the P/u's are a bit hot... but I guess I could fix that.... maybe wait and try and find a single wrap tail gibson down the road
  5. has anyone played both.. mainly looking at the p90 and thunders model... I have an itch for a single p90 and those relics look pretty nice to me
  6. quality wise and playing wise has anyone played both and can compare? thanks
  7. Blitz seem to come up pretty cheap at times.. same with chapparels.. whats the catch?
  8. I'd be in for that .. probably fit me.. but not at that price...
  9. seems like this is what they were going for normally a couple years ago
  10. really want a custom bound and inlays flames and or grain.. cherry burst .. prefer non flat color or korina...$$ depends on how much I like it
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