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  1. no.. Im not interested in the red anniversary artist...
  2. yeah.. I saw the one.. I think I can get a better one locally for $100 less at least... but I might hold out for one with inlays and binding.. Im in no big hurry
  3. still missing the one I sold... shoot me some info if you got one for sale.. thanks.. fyi.. non red/mahogany 25th
  4. aren't Newports a little bright sounding anyhow (from what I heard) I think an ebony board would make it even brighter IMO... so it might be better off this way.. I dig it.. but out of my price range
  5. thanks.. Im looking for more iof a 59 burst type.. but thanks
  6. what does yours weigh? I foolishly sold my Artist years ago and have always missed it... but for the life of me, I cant remember how heavy it was. I dont remember it being heavy at all... Now I have the itch to buy one if I can find one and just curious on weight? thanks
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