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  1. WOW.. i didnt see the price... can someone give me a ballpark on what it went for? I may have snagged it if I saw it.. guess I need to check this page more often
  2. I'll take offers before Reverb.. dont really want to go there.. but I guess I may have to
  3. well I needed a jacket to wear and the only jacket I could wear that I had laying around was an old 1980's members only jacket that was my Dad's that he bought to match the red sports car he bought for his midlife crisis I just had the red hat laying around also...
  4. It was cold and windy but we survived it
  5. Still have it. Regrettablyi may have to move it to reverb. Will consider trades or offers
  6. Little hesitant to post because the recording quality is crap.. but.. gives you and Idea for the more rocking sound it can do
  7. I dont use strap locks and I've never had an issue gigging with it .. not once.. plus its only 6.8ounces... so light
  8. I have two great moody straps that I love. I’d rather just spend the money on the buttons. They are cheap and look good to me and it works. I just thought some of u have done it before. I can’t find my original post from years ago
  9. So I've been through this before with my other artist that I sold.. I replaced the buttons. I think with Stew Mac perloid to fix the issue.. I just cant remember if I did large or small for the guitar.. any idea which ones to pick? thanks
  10. yes.. it combines the coils and just makes it hotter.. its not a boost.. its a good feature if you want to go from country to hot country or heavier rock.. Im out in Brunswick BTW
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