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  1. I really want a Jr.. as much as I'd hate to cover up some of the wood on my special.. I was thinking it might cure my craving for a junior .. Anyone done it? thanks....
  2. someone keep an eye on them and see if they sell..lol... as much as I love my special.. if I got 5k for it.. its gone ...lol
  3. it adds some hollowness and also bit more feedback control is using the right amount of gain.. I've had a studio and prefer an Artist much more tonewise.. something about an Artist IMO
  4. thanks.. I have a special p90.. played it at the gig the week before... but forgot to roll the audio so it was all for not
  5. thanks.. I always try to throw something different in at least on of those breaks when we play it
  6. thought I'd post this for people interested in hearing the Artist. mistakes a plenty
  7. yeah.. Im not sure I understand what you mean .. can you post a pic?
  8. Im tempted to just leave it be then.. I've never had any issues at all.. thanks
  9. I dust a little when I change the strings... usually once or twice a year
  10. hmm... we usually tune down a half step at gigs.... I wonder if it would make the guitars way to slinky if I top wrapped.. I have 10's on them now
  11. yeah.. i was just wondering if those of you who top wrapped noticed anything different ... better or worse.. thats all
  12. so I noticed recently that my strings are hitting my bridge.. any tips for top wrapping it? reason to not etc???/ top and bottom guitars in pics are my Hamer's.middle my LP. bottom one is my p90 or should I just raise the bridge a bit?
  13. I think I have the one 93 special that does not have a skinny neck.. I did have one once that did have a skinny neck.. had to sell it .. just too skinny
  14. lol... I didnt see that in the description.. no wonder it hasnt sold.. I was wondering
  15. this looks like a pretty good deal? no? https://reverb.com/item/13403318-hamer-usa-special-1993-natural ps.. its not minie
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