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  1. once it gets cooking. I gigged it once when my princeton was in the shop and I used it as a clean pedal platform.. so I didnt want any grind really.. I can fire it up and see when it starts to breakup and see how voxy it gets.. Im no vox expert though.. Ive never had one
  2. I bought this as a backup for my princeton.. but I dont really see me bringing it to gigs so I think Im going to let it go. I have a little vox ac50 that fits in my Mono case that I can use in emergencies. and Im just going to stick with that.. anyhow.. oh this amp is super light.. and you can actually gig with it depending on your drummer easily 650 shipped PPFF Upgrades include: 200$ total - 15 watt Hammond output transformer. -nos ef86 Russian, nos rca 6t6, nos valvo and nos telefunken el84s. -extra el84 parallel single ended design. -cover amps boutique amp cover.
  3. I used the stock studs and it seems fine.. I emailed Faber before I bought it and Larry said it should be fine
  4. well I finally tossed the faber on my Jr. and it fits.. at least I think it does..lol... much lighter and the intonation is instantly better.. going to gig the guitar this weekend.. looking forward to maybe hearing some differences.. although it was good before.. I had some intonation issuses up on the 14 and 16th fret of the D and G string. but gone now with the FABER and I didnt even adjust anything.. just slapped it on..
  5. I bought a faber bridge for mine. havent put it on yet.. they were on sale.. but I love this guitar. .its a keeper GLWTS
  6. from my exp.. instrumentals dont work.. I would avoid at all costs.
  7. I do and own a Handwired Princeton Clone and doesnt have a standby switch. so between sets I power the amp down
  8. $500 plus shipping PP/FF I bought this cool amp for recording basically.. but guess what .. im just not recording. So I bought a 10 watt amp to try out as my backup amp for gigging.. why am I not trying this at gigs.. Its just too nice to try and take to a gig... fyi.. Im pretty sure I paid more for it.. I know that doesnt matter.. but he isnt making them anymore.... so here it is.. I'll post some cips
  9. ah.. ok. .cool. .I guess its a custom.. whoever gets it will be happy.. and if it doesnt sell.. Im fine with that too... I think most of us who have Hamers feel that way
  10. I thought the custom was bound at the headstock too.. but what do I know
  11. well cant believe I'm doing this.. looked long and hard for this guitar.. In my old age I'm just turning into a tele player. might be my tinnitus.. I dunno... 2.2k shipped CONUS PP/FF I'm all over the place so you can call me on the phone, see me on FB .. Gearpage Youtube etc...... here is some older pics.. only thing of note is that it might need a new input jack. I gigged it last night and I felt like it popped a couple times.. I hate those barrel Jacks... I always replace them .. just havent gotten around to doing this one.. Its a tad over 8lbs .. not a skinny neck.. but not big either. med C I would say.. pretty sure its a 97.. but will have to verify.. has some hameritus by the nut on each side. I can get photos for whomever ... attached a gig video of it
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