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  1. I’ve seen a p90 special for sale locally and am interested in getting it. But , the truss rod cover looks odd to me. I can’t remember what my old red p90 special that I used to have was like. The seller says it’s original , but I thought you guy would know for sure .
  2. Thanks everyone !! It’s good to be back in the club !! I’ve Hd a few over the years , an 80 special , 81 sunburst , 2001 korina jr , 90’s p90 special , 90’s studio, Newport and an artist . I’m beginning to remember why I like these guitars so much !!
  3. I used to own several hamers , most of them bought from this very forum , but sadly they’re all long gone. I’ve always missed them , so I’m pleased to say that thanks to bennyboyuk I’m back in the Hamer club with this lovely fm special !!
  4. Just seen this on Facebook . https://losangeles.craigslist.org/sfv/msg/d/woodland-hills-hamer-usa-with-bigsby/7153900734.html Just sharing in case someone wants to give it a home !!
  5. Thanks for the heads up!! I've never tried one but I think it may be too posh for me too!! Guitars4you used to get some canny hamers in at one time.
  6. My first Hamer was a Korina jr . I sold it on here , for a lot less than that !! Should’ve kept it . Should’ve kept all of em !!
  7. Thanks for the heads up , looks nicer than the one I had, someone added 2 mini toggles to it !☹️
  8. I’ve had some wonderful hamers over the years , most of them from here , but I sold them all when I became a father . Now he’s 12 , and I still miss those hamers!! I’m in the uk and looking for specials , studios etc . I’m not fussy on condition or anything , the good ones get played !! I know these guitars are getting thin on the ground in the uk , but I just thought that you never know !!
  9. The JMP and JCM800 2203's and 2204's have the same components, but the internal voltages are tweaked on the jcm800 to make it a bit more aggressive compared to the slightly smoother and warmer JMP.
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