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  1. Exodus/testament/death angel on the bay strikes back tour. a few of the guys on the tour got covid.
  2. I’ve seen a p90 special for sale locally and am interested in getting it. But , the truss rod cover looks odd to me. I can’t remember what my old red p90 special that I used to have was like. The seller says it’s original , but I thought you guy would know for sure .
  3. Thanks everyone !! It’s good to be back in the club !! I’ve Hd a few over the years , an 80 special , 81 sunburst , 2001 korina jr , 90’s p90 special , 90’s studio, Newport and an artist . I’m beginning to remember why I like these guitars so much !!
  4. I used to own several hamers , most of them bought from this very forum , but sadly they’re all long gone. I’ve always missed them , so I’m pleased to say that thanks to bennyboyuk I’m back in the Hamer club with this lovely fm special !!
  5. Just seen this on Facebook . https://losangeles.craigslist.org/sfv/msg/d/woodland-hills-hamer-usa-with-bigsby/7153900734.html Just sharing in case someone wants to give it a home !!
  6. Thanks for the heads up!! I've never tried one but I think it may be too posh for me too!! Guitars4you used to get some canny hamers in at one time.
  7. My first Hamer was a Korina jr . I sold it on here , for a lot less than that !! Should’ve kept it . Should’ve kept all of em !!
  8. Thanks for the heads up , looks nicer than the one I had, someone added 2 mini toggles to it !☹️
  9. I’ve had some wonderful hamers over the years , most of them from here , but I sold them all when I became a father . Now he’s 12 , and I still miss those hamers!! I’m in the uk and looking for specials , studios etc . I’m not fussy on condition or anything , the good ones get played !! I know these guitars are getting thin on the ground in the uk , but I just thought that you never know !!
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