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  1. Yikes! So sorry to hear of all the trouble, and I have to say that I concur based on your experience. I'll find another burn out for my dollars. Sad to see another company hit the skids like this.
  2. I'm totally loving this thing! Might have a mini stack to post soon...😜
  3. Sir- Glad to hear that all is good! I t was a pleasure doing biz, and please check your PM for copies of the glamour shots Greg P took after he completed the mod. Now I need to find a new avatar! Best regards! dboy66
  4. Noice. Where is that batboy these days?
  5. Anyone have an R8 or RO in ok condition that they'd like to free up? I missed Kizanski's by a week while collecting the funds and am regretting it. Not really interested in plain tops or museum pieces and prefer to have the COA. Honest wear is totally fine with me. Feel free to ping me. TY!
  6. Thanks all for weighing -in. I definitely appreciate everyone's perspective. This is the one that I'm trying to come to terms with.....plays like a dream. Starting to look like it lived at the bottom of an ashtray.
  7. Is the gradual yellowing of an original white finish an inevitability on a vintage guitar? I've had a couple and it just drives me bonkers. Fortunately one of them was just released to the wild with no impact on market price, but I have a very favorite Graphic Special that's starting to look so cruddy, I can hardly look at it. Short of a refined I'm fairly certain there nothing I can do about this tragedy, but is there anything preventative that I should be doing? TY! dboy66
  8. On occasion I've seen a few of these for sale here. Anyone have a stash or an extra to sell? Thanks!
  9. To borrow a most excellent phrase - I wouldn't say I'm a cork sniffer when it comes to necks, but I can honestly say this guitar very comfortably feels like my other Studio Customs. Less like the Specials I've owned (6 or 8. But NOT as fat as the Triple Threat I once owned. I hope that helps!
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