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  1. NeilZ


  2. Hey I have a K-Line 63 relic Tele I would trade. Got it from Kizanski. send me an email and I will send you pics. neilziesing at mac dot com oh and Happy New Year!
  3. Hey cswilder! Great to see you here again. I still love that Kendrick Champ I got from you on a trade. Interested in another mic pre trade for this? I have a Toft EC1 pre, new in the box. http://toftaudio.com/ec1.html email me at ziesing at earthlink dot net if you are interested.
  4. $1100 buyer pays shipping and insurance.
  5. Weekend Bump and price drop to $1250. Hit me! ziesing at earthlink dot net
  6. That's what I thought, but someone said it may have been Tonejunkie's before it belonged to Savethematches. hmmmm and if you say that, maybe I should reconsider...food for thought.
  7. Hahahaha! Thx Bubs. That provided a much needed laugh.
  8. http://gallery.me.com/neilziesing#100029&a...k&view=grid I picked this up from Savethematches last Summer. Played it most every day in my smoke free home. Ships with checkerboard case. My knowledge of these fine guitars is limited at best, but here is what I know from my discussions with other HFC members. Feel free to edit, or add new info as I am sure all would be interested. Apparently there were only 6 TV's, 6 cherry, and 3 or 4 vintage orange. There were also a few maple-topped ones that followed years later. Of the six TV BCR Juniors, only a few had the pick guard shaped where it meets the neck at the lower horn (like this one does) so that it looks more vintage correct. Asking $1450 CONUS only Buyer pays shipping and insurance. Ping me at ziesing at earthlink dot net if you are interested.
  9. I AM a Tele guy and that rocks!
  10. NeilZ

    Standard Appreciation Thread

    Ordered this baby up through brother elduave. Thx Bro! http://homepage.mac.com/neilziesing/PhotoAlbum23.html
  11. NeilZ

    prove that you've got a pair,,,, or more

    Glad to see the Newport has already made friend in it's new home...
  12. NeilZ

    Tele Love

    I've got the same one. They ROCK! My Robin Wrangler http://homepage.mac.com/neilziesing/PhotoAlbum19.html
  13. How about a straight trade for a 1995 Marshall 1987X 50 watt Plexi reissue head (small box) and the 1960 TV 4x12 cab with 25W Greenbacks...? You can pick them up in Fleetwood PA.