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  1. 1994 Hamer Diablo, great player, the bridge HB was changed to a DiMarzio Super Distortion, non original case $400 + actual shipping https://i.imgur.com/ebf1MK5.jpg
  2. 1985 Hamer Phantom with the original case. Plays great, has battle scars (see pictures) $400 + actual shipping cost - OBO
  3. Great score @Jakeboy, those are genuine rockers !
  4. Fukkk yeah! Seems like yesterday (... or almost)
  5. John was a good man.
  6. It's in pretty good shape for a '93, all original from what I can see, except for the tone knob which is a speed-knob not a top-hat. I got it at the GC and they definitely thought it was an import model. The dude was trying to up-sell me on a special from Indonesia with binding and carved top for only $100 more. The guitar sounds great, but needs a bit of cleanup and minor adjustments. The neck is the best part, not thin like my '92 but not Louisville slugger either like my other '95.
  7. That vector is the shiznit, I believe Hamer is the only guitar Co. that managed to get a Korina V-shaped body to sound right, I'm not sure why but a Hamer's tone is full (meaning it covers a broader range of frequencies) whereas some others are on the thin side (treble heavy). Bonne année mon ami !
  8. Talladega: 6 in line and round-back U-shaped neck profile. The current V shaped neck profile is enough to steer me away from the Tally. If the 6 in line doesn't happen, at least let's bring back the smaller Sunburst style headstock.
  9. I love the Cruise bass, the only thing it needs is a tortoise p-guard (I've always been biased towards them)
  10. Before the Fender re-org, Guild used to be located in Westerly, Rhode Island. The brand is coming back to New England, is this karma at work? ... duh... it says it in the article, should have read that first
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