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  1. That one is sitting safely in Brent's man cave. Will turn up on TGP or MLPF, exclusively.
  2. Arlington Heights even delivered a manual/How-to-use-best, then:
  3. New to the family. Will be fetched in a few weeks around Xmas. Until then it's a Look, but better not touch-Job 😉
  4. Mmmmh! Endlich mal! Will be picked up later around Xmas.
  5. Thanks for pointing me to Kristen Capolito (1st video)! Seldom to see someone playing with that much joy. Great player!
  6. Getting cheaper & cheaper. In the end, there is waiting a bargain...(black friday?)
  7. Congrats! And not a too bad price, either! Perhaps, you should consider a move, then? Greetings from the capital of Bavaria, Jochen
  8. ...so this endless story will continue. (continued on page 3)
  9. Benny, just remains the problem to get that one to the UK: https://reverb.com/item/14316615-hamer-centaura-2hb-1990-black-sparkle-maple-board-steve-stevens-lll
  10. That's why there is that „p“ in your name and not an „h“!
  11. Really fun stuff – this is the first and most profound answer: THANKS! I can find 2 guitars with the stripe in my stable: A bleached yellow 80 Special from the first year with serial # 0 2141– you may update your knowledge, as soon as I had an opportunity to picture and upload it. # 01610 should be the 1. Special reported, but I don't know any more, WHO of the HFC stated that. And a black 83 Special with a Sustainblock-Trem, # 3 9294. May be interesting to find out when the Checkerboard stopped. Paul Hamer's H-Guitars still use that decor element at the inside edge of their soundhole rosette: https://www.premierguitar.com/articles/27377-holy-grail-guitar-show-18---h-guitars-h-cutaway-demo
  12. donner


    I'm glad to read this. And being well educated, first hand. And feeling comfortable again. In Germany 2 8s can have different meanings, and one interpretaion is really disgusting: Eighty Aid is the claim of a service clinic for Cannondale's suspension fork like the Fatty, Lefty etc. Eighty Aid roots from 4x22, which is the amount of balls (sic!) in the 4 ballbearings, that make C'dales construction work and being serviceable. So far, so good! Mountainbiking is good for your health. And brain. But now the BAD: 88 also is used by (German, but also international) Nazis as a hidden salutation, referring twice to „H“ , the 8th letter in the alphabet. This is meant to mean „Heil Hitler". Which is at least disgusting. Fck Nzis! Again something new learnt! And THIS down there is a cap from the Headshok clinic!
  13. Anyone knows, what were 1. the earliest and 2. the latest known „Racing stripe“ on a Hamer peghead ?
  14. https://reverb.com/item/6545263-hamer-centablo-diablo-centaura-1995-natural Sth. that´s closer to your wishlist than before. And not too pricey, too... Hell, listing has ended already. SORRY for stirring up some dust ;-) Look at THIS:
  15. donner


  16. Totally true. But that song is cool (only a bit difficult to follow the lyrics, Herrr Panzerrr!): What does Haugesund (Beaten to health?) mean? Seems to be some strange northern man's style
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