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'96 T-51 Questions or What Doesn't Look Quite Right Here



Saw this T-51 for sale. The head stock and serial number look correct. I think the pick guard is a replacement, should be black bakelite, no? Is the bridge original? The mini-toggle switch is not standard issue, what purpose could it serve? Obviously the selector switch tip has been replaced. Think the pick-ups are original?

All input is welcome.





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Mine has the black bakelite pick guard.  

I don't know what to say about that bridge, and on mine there is more of a gap between the baseplate and the pick guard.  Mine's only has two screws holding the bottom of the baseplate (near the top of the bridge) down whereas that one has four.  

Mine came with a quarter pounder in the bridge position, so I have no idea if yours was replaced or not, but it wasn't replaced with a quarter pounder.   

Good luck!

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It's a Fishman HT100P. Received the guitar today. Looked around the internet and apparently Hamer did offer these as stock from the factory. And from an in-hand inspection it all looks original except for the pickup selector switch.. Who knew?

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4 minutes ago, rugby1970 said:

Hey Murkat, can you fill me in on the backstory of these T-51's. I had previously only seen the black pick guard, non-piezo bridge type.

Gotta pass on that, I am deff not an expert when It comes to T-51's.

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