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Fret lift over binding.



On my Jackson Soloist, the treble edges of the second and third frets has ever so slightly lifted to where there is just enough space between the fret end and the binding that they sometimes hang the E string. 

It doesn't seem that it's fret sprout exactly. The problem isn't overhanging the board as much as being slightly separated from the binding.  I toyed with filing a tad and using a fret hammer, but it's going to take more than a few whacks or a little sanding for either to work. So, before getting more invasive, I wanted to ask for thoughts here. 

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Are the frets/binding like Gibson or Hamer where you have the 'nubs'? To do what I am about to suggest will require some masking and great care, but its a rock hard filler...

Build up some baking soda in the crevice or gap, and hit it with a drop of thin CA (hobby shop super glue). It hardens almost instantly and can be filed, sanded, etc. Very tough. Might want to practice a little before doing it on the real thing just for confidence, so you know what to expect.

ETA: If I am understanding the issue correctly... I have a Hamer where there came a small gap between the fret end and the 'nub'. The E would catch in it sometimes. 

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On 2/19/2022 at 7:11 PM, tbonesullivan said:

Is it on all of the frets? It could be that the frets themselves are lifting. Also I think the area over the binding has no tang, so it might just be slowly bending upwards.

Just the few closest to the nut. I halfway wonder if the binding may have shrunk a little. 

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