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WTB: 1x12 Combo cabinet **UPDATE** Found and done.....for now....

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Looking for a 1x12 combo cab, any brand, any condition, something you haven't gotten around to throwing out yet. Blown-up/beat-up is good. Cheap is better.

Got anything?

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I’ve got an old Dean Markley K-75, 50w solid state 1x12 combo. Speaker is junk and I clipped the wires to use as a test for another amp. The amp still works if you wanna wire up a better speaker. Or, if you wanna cannibalize it and use it for something else. 

it’s yours if you want it. I’ve been meaning to toss it for a while now but haven’t been able to bring myself to do it on the slim possibility that someone else could use it for anything else at all. 

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A shout out to Travis who came thru with a great little amp! UPS tried their best to make splinters out of it, but Shawn's packing secret saved the day.


Thanks, Travis!

Shawn - you really need to buy something from me.....:lol:


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So this turned into less of a project than I thought. The idea was to gut Travis's Dean Markley:


...and rebuild it as a lightweight rehearsal amp, something around 20-ish pounds. Well after removing the head and the speaker, this stout little fucker still came in at 16.5 pounds. Even with the planned neo speaker and tiny amp I was already in trouble:


So I took the easy route: instead of re-inventing the wheel and making an new aluminum faceplate, I re-used the chassis (to cut some weight I removed the reverb tank and transformer), then installed a new input jack (in the original spot) to bypass everything and go straight to a Quilter Microblock (45W) and on to the Eminence Lil Texas speaker. So from the outside it looks stock, but absolutely rips.


What I had in mind was a bit different, but this turned into quite the little sleeper. It still weighs in at about 26 pounds (but amp pounds are like guitar pounds - every one matters). And it was done in a day instead of a week (or more....B)).

It sounds pretty great and I would definitely gig it. Gotta love the Quilter stuff.

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  • hamerhead changed the title to WTB: 1x12 Combo cabinet **UPDATE** Found and done.....for now....

Basically, yes.

I can still get a hand in there if I need to, and it would take about 10 seconds to remove the amp (the way it's wired) and use it for some other really great idea (B)). The Quilter takes pedals extremely well. The gain is set so there's just a hint of grit, EQ about flat, and volume about 6-7.

It's very much like a tube amp in that too much volume and/or too much gain will turn it to mush, while not enough volume leaves it pretty nutless. It definitely has a sweet spot, which was a big surprise.

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