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  1. FWIW: I have one of these guitars. They are very nice. Mine has a thicker (meatier) neck than I'm used to but it's still great guitar.
  2. rugby1970

    NGD (NSD)

    Great looking guitar. Congratulations.
  3. Yeah, the skunk stripe wasn't right; it's too far in nearer the heel. There are sanding marks near it and the neck finish was not repaired. The edge of the neck at the finger board on the bass side is a bit rough. Hey, it was a shot and came with a very fair return policy. Plus, it was offered at an attractive price.
  4. You're a good man. Thank you.
  5. rugby1970

    NGD 08 Talladega Pro

    I'd like to get your opinion as well. Thanks in advance. Of course, congrats as well!
  6. Well, it's here and the jury is still out. I have a 45 day, no questions asked return policy. It's iffy.
  7. YOU'RE ................. KILLING ................... ME....................!!!!!!! But if I buy this guitar Mrs. Rugby1970 WILL kill me.
  8. Beautiful guitar. I should have waited for this. GLWTS.
  9. UPDATE: I just spoke with the store. They said that the skunk stripe was sticking out and their techs re-glued in; the truss rod is fully operational; the electronics are fine and it plays very nicely. They have a return policy and they said that if I wasn't happy with the guitar I could send it back. I guess that's all good (HA!) but it's too late because the "guitar is in the mail". Oh, shit!!
  10. Thanks for the heads up. I spoke Tom at the store for a hands on description of the guitar. We went over it thoroughly and I was assured that the guitar is fine in all respects. Having been burned once I know the questions to ask, I also saved the several email Q&A's with all of my questions and their written responses. I once bought a used Fender Tele on line, the guitar was fine but the truss rod wasn't. It cost me a new neck and set-up. The old neck has been on the wall in my office ever since as a reminder.
  11. Pics from Manchester Music Mill
  12. This one is coming my way and the price was very, very easy to say the least. The folks at Manchester Music Mill were awesome to work with. Thank you Dave! Thank you Carl!