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  1. Killer Gibby LP Pawnshop Score!!!

    Remarkable find. Play in good health.
  2. You mad, bro?

    I love it here. Thanks guys.
  3. #72 in the house!

    That is a beautiful guitar ! ! !
  4. 1981 Green Grass & High Tides

    Great song, great band. Saw them a couple of times in Jersey when they were in their heyday. (or should that be hayday?) I also saw them 5 or six years ago at the Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, NJ with a reconstituted lineup. They were good but not what they used to be.
  5. 96 Studio incoming

    That guitar is a stunner, much better than the GC picture. Enjoy.
  6. Tampa HFC Jam

    I just moved to Naples and had cable/internet installed two days ago so Iv'e been away for a while. If I had seen it sooner I would have been on this like stink on rice. Dang, sorry but can't make it.
  7. Sorry for the whine but........ Somebody has to know somebody that needs an amp like this. I have to sell it; 5 days until the move and I just don't want to put it onto the moving van. Anybody?

    Go ahead, take your shots. I need some good laughs today and I wouldn't expect any less here.
  9. And hopefully a new friend: Gtrdaddy. Jamie drove drove Virginia to Jersey to deliver this Monaco Elite and wound up in the blizzard. You've all seen the pics of this guitar so I won't bore you with a regurgitation of those. This beauty lives up to its billing and then some! A wonderful example of craftsmanship. It was my esteemed pleasure to meet Jamie. It turns out that we were both originally from Jersey and traded stories from our youth growing up in the Garden State. I've said many times that I meet the nicest people on this site. The picture was taken in my office on my last day of work. The guitar is my retirement present to myself., don't tell my wife? And before the wise ass comments start, that's not a miniature model of a Hamer guitar in the picture, those are just two fully developed examples of Jersey corn and tomato fed mui macho studs holding that guitar. (never knew it would look so small next my tropical shirt).
  10. First full-band gig in ~20 years

    Good for YOU and GOOD for you! Not being snarky, say it with the emphasis both ways and you'll see. So glad to see another member playing out.
  11. NGD: A Looong time coming.

    Congrats! Not my cup of Jack in a guitar but definitely cool as hell.
  12. That guitar's got miles and miles of mojo. Fantastic job!
  13. Thanks, just looked at it. Only one member in the immediate area. I've been down there many times and love the area. Looking forward to it.