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  1. in Europe, this one will be sold in minutes to 2,5K euro
  2. Hi, I'm thinking to make new frets on my Hamer sunburst 78. Not sure which ones to install I do not have any buzzes with original frets but they are almost completely flat and low height, making bends are not easy. Could you recommend me which frets size to use? thanks
  3. hi very interesting in your californian! i'm located in Munich, wht shipping price would be?

    Regards, Vitaliy

  4. 100 guitars later we have black knobs and white switches PS. great sunburst, i wish my would be so clean
  5. it does not look an original, but I believe different knobs were used during 78.. my guitar 80251 and 80253 http://www.hamerfanclub.com/forums/topic/22800-sunburst-appreciation-thread/?p=550487 have the same black knobs...looks like small production batches had different hardware: like we had big dots, black knobs and white switches
  6. the guy is selling few guitars, one is nice special for 850$ http://www.thegearpage.net/board/showthread.php?t=1489137
  7. i have Cali and Chap, prefer the Chap: like the sound more, probably bigger body makes the difference, the Chap's neck is thicker a bit, but still nice shredder one.
  8. hello friends, finally, i bought my first Hamer Sunburst 78, s/n 8 0251, big dots, long headstock. i did not score it but very happy to find one, here in Europe. it has non original tuners and bridge and i think get it back to stock will not be easy..I will keep looking for original parts though. THE SOUND is huge, very comfortable neck, lot of sustain with very low action.
  9. no, i have asked guy who was selling Sunburst on ebay and he says he did not post any ads on quoka. Quoka ad has been posted after ebay auction was finished. Even more i strted mail exchange with that guy, he told me the guitar is in UK although it is was listed in Berlin, after i told he about real ebay auction he deleted his ad and stopped answer. I must say this a third time I see such scam, so if you see some interesting ad, use google picture search to identify real owner.
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