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  1. Don't really subscribe to the notion of guitar mojo but I'm starting to come around to it. Last 2 Cali's I've bought seemed to have it. And this Barney one has it in spades. No shit. Just something about it; sounds, feels and plays fantastic even with the OBLs and the verdammt blade switch The red dragon skin Cali has resonance out the wazoo. You can practically feel that sucker vibrate in your hands when you wank a big ol' power chord on it. The Barney Sparkle is very similar but it has an added ergonomic and tactile quality, the guitar neck equivalent of your favorite pair of comfy, old, broken-in jeans or baseball cap. Normally, I prefer satin finishes, then oiled and THEN gloss but this one is nicely weathered. I'm guessing a good bit of use and maybe occasionally wiped down with clean rag as it's damn clean. Even before the re-fret, it was pretty clean! This is definitely my new favorite-pair-of-old jeans guitar.
  2. Had to ship from Canada but what the hell. With a series of 150 (?) made, there was bound to be a few more. I'd buy another if it was in the right condition- i.e. damn good, like the one I foolishly sold off.
  3. Yeah, Charvel CS has gotten mighty particular about what they will and won't do but in fairness to them, this is a limited edition run put in by a retailer where everything was spec-ed out save for the finish. As Masterbuilt isn't an option ( where one person handles the vast majority of the build- think: $3K upcharge right there. Charvel isn't even offering it because of a backlog of orders) Team built requires CNC coding and testing, and setting up a process before the CS team can execute the options. Just takes money, if the template or pattern doesn't already exist. What made this worth considering is the relatively short delivery time. Most of these will be delivered in June/July but because I'm opting for a specialty finish (you know I can't just do a normal finish ) mine will likely be in September or October. That's still well short of the 2 + year delivery time they were quoting a few years ago. This is exactly why I'd be okay with a toggle being added later, by a skilled technician. F*ck the resale value.
  4. You have no idea how badly I want it gone!!! It's like OCD torturous on a massive scale. F-ing HATE blade switches. 😖
  5. After kicking myself for letting go of my erstwhile purple Cali LE, I finally tracked another one down, albeit, not in as good condition. She came in January and shortly after, I sent her out for new stainless Jescar jumbos (the factory frets were BEAT to shit.) and a new Schaller Floyd. Got her back today and she plays fantastically. The OBL's even sound pretty decent thru the Fractal Axe FX 3 system.
  6. Hmm. SE Connecticut is only 4.5 hours or so away. Or a hour long flight. Wonder if they'd let me carry on my Fath double neck Cali 🤔 😆
  7. Neither are most Californians
  8. Nope, nope, nope. Not enamored with Suhrs on several levels.
  9. Nope. They won't do that. I tried last year after they released the original DK24 series (pictured below). Charvel CS is notoriously stingy about taking new orders. And when they do, the 2.5- 3 year wait time is ridonkulous. As for modding a limited edition CS, wouldn't be the first time. Frankly, a guitar's inherent value to me is in it's being well-suited to my needs as a (crappy) musician. If I get a dozen or so years of solid performance out of it, then it was money well spent.
  10. LOL To be fair, I've never bought a guitar with a clouds/lightning/midnight sky finish, though, back in my 20's, I sure wanted one pretty bad.
  11. Right? Sad to say, I will have to have a tech put a proper toggle in there after delivery as Charvel CS apparently will not add one. Likely, the TB 4 will come out for Gravelin as well. Otherwise...
  12. Apparently, Charvel heard my anguished cries. They're offering these: Custom Shop Run Alert! Coming this summer, 6 piece run of Dinky Reverse 24 in 6 different finishes! Mock up and spec sheet for Chlorine shown. Other finishes are Violin Burst and Trans Emerald Green over flame maple tops ($3699) and Black Pearl, Cobalt Blue and Purple Metallic over solid alder($3399). Solid color guitars expected June/July. Flame top models in Sept/Oct. Did we miss your favorite color? Get in touch and we can make it happen with this run (color changes only, please).
  13. Yeah, I know. I've seen/heard it done in several other former axes. The mimicry is a little shy of good enough IMHO and I dislike push/pull pots.
  14. Zzzzzzzzz.... Sorry Ting. Not grabbing me by the booboo. But yeah, some of the looping techniques would be nice to learn.
  15. If he were still in Black Country Communion, with Glenn Hughes, I'd go to see that in a heartbeat. Some damn fine stuff came of that union. ETA - the keyboardist with his shirt off mighta been a tad unnecessary- LOL
  16. Sold the neon chartreuse custom Cali to this guy 4 months back. He's now selling it for a couple hundred more than I got. More power to him. I'd be tempted to buy it back but certainly not at that price and then I think, well, I sold it for a reason. That hasn't changed. Single p'up axes just don't have a place in my music. This is in FB's Guitars For Sale or Trade.
  17. Nah, that shit only matters if you're an inept, over the hill, wanna be shredder.
  18. I'd suggest really he get VERY detailed about what he wants: number and size of frets, neck carve, PU configuration, floating, recessed trem or decked and blocked, type of finish on the neck back etc.This will help steer you in the best direction. He may not know all of those things yet but any that he can give insight to would help in finding a better fitting axe. The used USA Hamer Centauras and Diablos are good values. The Japanese Jackson and Charvels, as previously stated, are a good value. Many of the later Korean-built shredders for BC Rich, Dean, Schecter and others stand up well, too.
  19. Yup. I had a set of Blackouts in a maple Cali Elite (pictured here with the EMGs it came with) and it sounded awesome. But in that RRXT? Not so much.
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