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  1. You mean kinda like this one? Jackson CS RRXT. This one had 24 frets but sounded like a nest of pissed off hornets. Worst sounding active pickup assignment I ever heard. Kinda wish I had kept it and swapped in some passive Gravelins but then, Gravelin's weren't around back then so far as I knew...
  2. And 24 frets and the toggle switch and the 2 H and the tone knob...
  3. Yup, which is why I qualified it with "...Very..."
  4. Charvel didn't make anything very similar to this
  5. I saw a suhhh-weeet looking Jackson last night that got me salivating. It checks all the right boxes, feature & spec -wise (except for the Ping Floyd 😑) but it's made in Indonesia. I've only ever owned one other Indo-made ax; a very nice Ibby JEM 77BFP. Yes, I flipped that in short order but I remember it as being rather playable and solidly fitted together. I'd be interested to hear any impressions on made-in-Indonesia guitars, good, bad and ugly. Wondering how the Indo-Jacksons stack up against the Mexi-Jacksons. Is it worth the grand price tag?
  6. Agree with the vast majority of sentiments expressed thus far. Singer was just looking for any way to shit can you. For what reasons, we will never really know. His balls were apparently in the possession of his wife or GF and he opted for a more douche-y approach. Good riddance, man! You don't need that shit. By way of comparison, I had to let go of my original band's drummer a week back, due to his style being ill-suited to the more er... uh, progressive, dynamic direction emerging in our music. He wasn't a bad drummer by far, just not the best fit for what/where we are heading. But he is a helluva nice guy and was a valuable member whilst in the band. I tried to be respectful, direct and clear when I broke the news. I guess I was successful as he is still willing to work with me on a more 4 on the floor, hard rock project. Makes me grateful as hell to have some decent musicians and human beings in both the originals and the cover band. No egos (yet) and everyone is competent and professional. Hopefully, Nathan, you'll come across a similar bunch soon!
  7. It's best to tank up on plenty of tequila before hearing me demo the Hamers or the other guit-fiddles. As Zappa aptly put it, "...a couple of quarts of beer would fix it so the intonation did not offend your ears."
  8. Well, if you DO venture up this way, I live roughly 30 minutes from the Oaks Convention Ctr and have two guest rooms, a handful of really decent guitars, an affectionate 12 YO black Lab and some tequila on hand. HFCers are always welcome!
  9. Been to the Bee 3 shows (Great American Guitar Show) at the Oaks Conventions Ctr many times but have found it to be slowly but perceptibly declining in both size (# of vendors and attendees) and quality. Or maybe it's because it's the same old shit every time. Tables upon tables of vintage stuff, most of it overpriced, a few indie builders, roaming baby boomers with carts and hard cases in tow, desperate for someone to buy their instruments or amps, some unique finds and the usual schlock of related merchandise. If you dig vintage stuff, a few used goodies, it's not a bad 15 bucks spent. I've gone home from a few of those visits with a new/used ax or a shit ton of strings but usually it's empty handed and disappointed.
  10. Not exactly rare as it's a recent custom order but cool AF and hellyeahz, I'd get one but with a reversed head and 24 frets.
  11. I really have lost faith in Reverb between my issue with the numbnuts buyer who wanted a refund and claimed I sold him a "broken" guitar (the hairline cracks near the neck pocket) Reverb's policies and the myriad stories o' horror from others. Pisses me off because it's a good resource to reach buyers/sellers but for the dumbf*ckery and shady AF tactics by sellers and buyers and Reverb's policies.
  12. Got any reversed head, boomered Cali's? 😆
  13. Don'tcha hate it when imagination and and ambition outpace ability? 😑
  14. +1 While my classic hard rock/metal cover band efforts seems to be on life support and in need of resuscitation these days, I have been getting by with the originals project that is very much guitar driven. Moreover, I've been writing a lot and am considering starting up another original hard rock project for tunes that don't quite fit the vibe of the other band Then there are some prospective collaborations with some fellow HFCers in the works, too. Good on ya that you're still involved, and on such a diverse level, with guitar-driven music.
  15. I'm sure my paltry 9- 42 Cobalt Slinkys don't inflict the same damage (nor have the same monstrous tone ) but, it's the damned SS jumbo frets that seem to be culprit. Slamming my ring finger into them repeatedly in an over-vigorous and perhaps death grip-aided slide, is the fiend.
  16. I've isolated the cause to specifically a slide or movement up the string(s) as the source of the pain is on the pinky side. The good news is: in the time since posting this, I tried it out (gingerly) on some guitar playing and found it dissipated. Good thing, too, as I ended up noodling for about 70 minutes or so and was rewarded with a cool new riff and song idea for my troubles. There was no refusing anything. I have had this issue a few times before and waiting a bit resolved it. I tried the same approach again and it worked.
  17. Jamming Thursday night with the originals unit, I developed a searing pain in my fret hand ring finger tip. I've done this once or twice before. Likely from some specific combination of pressing too hard and a sudden movement over a fret(s) that produced the short term nerve damage. Sliding up a string, the length of the fret board has produced it as well. Usually, it went away within 24 hours. Not so this time. Not gonna rush out to see a nerve specialist just yet but I will inquire of the board: Anyone also experience this issue ? Duration? Home remedies and treatments, in addition to laying off playing, that worked for you?
  18. Sheeee-iiitttt. Y'all are going about it all wrong. If yer guitar sounds shitty, change the guitar, then the amp, then the pedals and then the cables. Going to all that trouble changing strings to solve a problem that can be fixed with all new gear. FFS. Use yer heads.
  19. Has anyone tried to play it, though? I mean, a few have launched themselves from it but...
  20. Yup. As with the world of art, music & film making, we're seeing less innovation and invention and more and more revisiting of classics and already established themes and concepts. I'm of the notion that there is a finite amount of visual variations and as each year passes it becomes more difficult to find them. Then there's the issue of subjective assessment. I believe Nathan of Brain Fertilizer has amply shown that one man's butt-ugly potato-looking thing is another man's beauteous guitar. 😉
  21. Yup. I've seen listings that had just enough info/images to prompt me to throw in a bid and THEN ask for more info on features via photos. No harm in doing that.
  22. This video amply illustrates how time and repetition color my aesthetic tastes and preferences. I'd make a lousy critic of new designs given my affinity for the classics I grew up with. Most of these had little to no appeal. Why mess with success? was my reoccurring knee jerk reaction. In my puny, insignificant world, designs like the Strat, the Lester, the Standard, Californian and Star still are top dogs. Everything else seems derivative and/or watered down. Or just plain ugly. But that's long term conditioning for ya.
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