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  1. my oldest son has a Burns, I love it, big neck and killer tones, it's one of the quietest single coil guitars ever and has that unique BM thing pretty much down. those pickups are awesome
  2. damn, I've been offline for a week and see this! glad your alive!
  3. well, if it's an A of some kind you have to determine if the Cs are really minor thirds or raised 9s. obviously in C it should be an Am so that would be Am (a c e ) maj6 ( the F# ) plus 4 ( the d ). a really great book on this kind of stuff is Mikey Baker jazz series. ps two raised 9s is not gonna happen, this chord is the rabbit hole!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. watch out for that mustard lick Brooks does then! thanks guys. I've been trying to not use a pick unless its needed which is turning out to be almost never. I say go a week sans pick, you'll be hooked! (unhooked?)
  5. if it's coming from/to a G I see it as a diminished sound on the non diatonic F#, classic walk up/down. ps it's sort of 6 or one 1/2 dozen situation. I playing it now, really the D note makes it's it D9ish but you can do the F# dim to the same effect
  6. shit I'm reading it backwards! F# min7 b5
  7. how in the hell are you fingering that? to really "name" it we need the key
  8. the guy who posted that "Stifling and Prevention dept closing" kinda summed it up, but that may be too obvious
  9. no Hamers at this time, unlikly that I'll get another. I came for info 10 years ago, became one of the first board mods, custom ordered a guitar, got the "keyman" discount from my sales rep. things for me and Hamer went downhill from there, I spent time away but starting posting again cause it's such a great crew on the HFC
  10. IMO this is a job for solid state, a Tech21 is a great choice. the only tube amps that can reach a sweet spot are the single watters, and then cranked you get more of a Neil Young tone, not 80s metal
  11. Bill- That is one funny saying. I have a feeling I will be using that in the future, without giving you any credit. happens to me on a regular basis, my pleasure!
  12. man, this looks like something I would have posted in '01. it's unfair to the newbies ( w/ 5k posts LOL ) and I am sorry to be part of any kind of bummer, but I peaked behind the curtain, the horror the horror LOL
  13. I STILL refrain from fully saying what I think about certain situations that I saw as a mod and New Hartfords attitude and approach to it's dealer network. There is no real point in going back there, but Hamer dealt w/ people who they thought were "good guys" very differently than other people ordering guitars, to me it seemed more like a dodgeball pick than a business plan
  14. I always wondered if his stance was a 'brand' issue, as if he felt Hamer had some sort of brand association advantage that made it immuned from the whole 'succeed by fill our customers' needs' thing. The only kind of business that can have that attitude is the one that has the market cornered. massive case of hubris IMO, cost him this customer in the long run. Ran Hamer like a 7th grade lunch table
  15. Max's Bday is the 21st, crap that woulda been fun ( hey a 3 yr old Bday is always fun LOL )
  16. Voodoo 59s changed my mind about humbuckers in general, more pondering LOL
  17. I had one that Steve had done up w/ the TX/BBQ tapped. Push pull vol and tone for the splintting, man, it sounded great, something to ponder
  18. I used to search for them every day at one point, I've never seen that finish before, and like Chris said, the other bursts are pretty damn rare. If it's not one of a kind it's one of very few, I LOVE it, way to go big guy!
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