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  1. the strat the tele the old Ovation now in the capable hands of my oldest boy
  2. I'm taking Whackhead from Gene, I hate to do it but it is the coolest guitar here!
  3. I love Taks for gigging guitars, they are well built, good values and the electronics rule
  4. old Gibson GA , they dont command huge prices and crank up great
  5. this little guy changed my life! I love love love it!!!!
  6. sounds familar, it's the reason I started singing, now I'm actually half way decent, so I say start singing! I've played w/ that drummer many times, what is st w/ these guys?
  7. Jammer, your gonna have ta introduce yerself in person to have all the fun, me and Steve are always up to something and ther are several nice pices to play and compare, I'm always giggin around the area, tonight @ Wild Wing Cafe in Asheville
  8. That should be a event, a Les Paul shootout! Rearrange it to take place at the revamped "Ghost Town"! just did this thisafternoon, you dont wanna know LOL ( '01 standrad w/ mystery PAFs did a really really good job against R9 w/ real PAFs )
  9. Jaye is the coolest HFCer, thats all
  10. that was even faster than I thought it would be ! LOL Ya know I'm right there w/ ya. I've not liked any of the PPs I've tried as much as the 01 standard I'm using now, they seemed on the deadish side to my ear and this one rings and rings like a historic, I think it's just a crap shoot w/ Gibson no matter what the model, you can always move it if you dont get into it. the new LP standard s are getting really light, since it's all about the look check one out, I was amazed at the comfort , the Dr Sholz LP LOL
  11. well, I own a 58 LP Jr , and I would not sell it or trade it for anything, the point is, I am uber lucky to have it and it cannot be replaced in the tone dept, period, it can be gotten close to but not duplicated, sorry, it's the way it is. part of the reason I own it is the guy wanyed a player to play it, I owe him bigtime cause he represents what right about old guitars in many ways. ask Brooks about my guitar
  12. how can one have a preference if one has only tried one of the choices?
  13. dude, you just dont know what your talking about, sorry. a bubblebee wont fly on paper and the early crude shop guitars were the best made in some cases, yeah there are dogs but a straight 55 strat is a thing of wonder, why in the hell do you think 90% of people playing for a living are after vintage "players" it's not for the collectability or good looks
  14. most people ( myself included ) have that opinion until they have the privlege to play these old instruments , I agree its too much for a guitar, but it is a rare collectable and a 55 strat can be one of the best guitars ever made , period. play some before you decide, it's not just snake oil and mojo, it's there to feel and hear
  15. the GearPagers are nuts over em, I tried one briefly @ a GP tonefest a few years ago, it was really nice but not much better than a Daytona in terms of quality, I think John gets the vintage vibe in his wood and neck carves more than most, they feel like a modern vintage ( sorry Jol LOL )
  16. god that guy from the Decemberist is a frickin AMATURE!
  17. So the answer is NO, huh? I don't get it. I think he thinks it's from one amp INTO the next INTO the next, so really he did'nt get it
  18. still using a mesa MKI reissue head and Bogner 410 cab, I've never been much more that a half stack guy so this is right in line, actually, I guess I moved UP since I was running this head w/ a 112 cab. Using my deluxe reverb alot these days so I guess yes and no and much of the same. kinda got a 412 closed back jones going but I doubt I'll act on it, there are a couple of large places we play that would be fun to crank, maybe I'll borrow one for a while
  19. oh Gary, I'm so sorry to hear this friend, I can only hope your dad can cross over w/ some peace, my thoughts are w/ him and you, again, so sorry it's very tough
  20. the only weird thing is the single ply guard on a roswewood board guitar, something that never happened in history and I doubt Fender reissued, the Japanese seem even more concerned about accuracy so something is making me wonder
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