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  1. I’m traveling but will be home tonight. Please DM me your email or cellphone and I’ll contact you for details. Thanks.
  2. I'm interested if it's still available. Just respond here or I can give an email address.
  3. What's the neck profile like? Any measurements? And what exactly does the phase switch do?
  4. Uncle Rick = Hamer Standard (and Hamers generally) Mick Taylor = Ampeg V2 Keith Richards = Les Paul Custom Allison (I think) of the Donnas was the thing that put me over the top in buying an SG special. Her live tone was great through current-production Marshalls.
  5. Tell an ignorant brother what precisely "spalted" refers to. Is it a particular species of maple? Or is it a condition that occurs in various types of species, like flaming?
  6. What kinda music do you play? Are the powertrons basically for that Malcolm Young sound er what?
  7. KORINA eclipse?!?! You got my attention. Now post pix. Was this done for one of the Kamans by any chance? I know he had at least two of them made, one of them a triple-pickup model in TV Yellow (which I almost bought myself).
  8. Jack (?) from Pittsburgh's perpetual quest for a short-scale (?) Chap and his ability to find some minor flaw with every one of the guitars that was offered to him. And his griping about Hamer's refusal to make him a new one, despite the implausibility of actually getting him to part with the Watsonesque money it would have required.
  9. +1. When I saw that, I distinctly remembering, "Who the hell are you?"
  10. A big +1. Allahu akhbar. Thank God yer son is safe at home again and not showing deep mental scars. When you become a parent, everything else but that really fades into insignficance.
  11. My own personal opinion is that it's hard to get the LP sound from a double cut guitar. My old Monaco Elite sounded like God's Own Les Paul. Great bottom end. HHB says the Monaco Elite that Phoenix is selling (which is probably quite pricey because it's an optioned-out custom model) sounds phenomenal.
  12. The other posters have spelled out all the differences. I'm a simpleton, so I just like the tops they pick for these and the tobacco burst they do on some of them. Pirateflynn: What's the neck profile like? Also done to be more LPish?
  13. If I hadn't spent about three hours awake last night worrying about money, I would be sorely tempted by these babies. I don't care if they're expensive for Hamers; they're damned cheap for what you're getting. I love the tops on these. Edited to add: Does anyone have that link to Music Machine's triple threats? Going through the standard site only shows you one of 'em.
  14. You know, it's a fantastic guitar, but the thing that astounds me the most is the fretwork. Each of 'em looks like a jewel.
  15. Fan-effin'-tastic! What day precisely will you be playing? There's a chance that I'll be in Peoria, Illinois for my 20th high school reunion that weekend, and if it doesn't conflict with a can't-miss event, I'll hop in the car and make the three-hour trek. I've always wanted to visit Rockford anyway on a CT pilgramage.
  16. The dealer originally had it listed as an "Early Futura with original PAF pickups." To me that implies late 1950s. I e-mailed the dealer and he sheepishly said he "wasn't sure," but to "be safe" he'd say the early 1980s. Argh. He has since amended his webpage to be less misleading. Nothing to see here, folks. . . move along.
  17. Is this fer real? The dealer claims it has the original PAFs. The dealer wants $15,000 for it, which, if it is what it purports to be, strikes me as very reasonable (if way the hell beyond what I'm able to spend). No danger of me buying it no matter what. The neck looks mahogany.
  18. Beat this: It took a full month -- yep, 30 days -- for a Christmas card to travel from northwest D.C. to our house in Alexandria, which is a distance of just over 12 miles. My chin about hit the floor when I received it in late January and took a look at the postmark.
  19. The dead-spot on my guitar is whatever note I happen to be fretting. I suck as a player. The instruments are only rarely the limiting factor.
  20. Is that supposed to be Jesus? What the hell happened to his other hand?
  21. Welcome to the board! One thing to remember if you're going to change the hardware, I believe that Hamers use metric hardware. I've been tempted to change the P-90s on my Artist Korina, but because I spend my pickup money putting new humbuckers on my Gibsons, I haven't gotten around to it. They sound more vintage with the volume turned down, but I will get around to swapping them out one of these days. It may be that Hamer is under the impression that "kids these days" want their pickups hot, without appreciating that Hamer's target audience may be old farts like us who are AlNiCo types.
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