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  1. Oh my goodness. My inner Albert King is singing "Oh, Pretty Woman"....
  2. Mine came in a gigbag. A nice gigbag, but still... a gigbag. It at least has its trem arm. And the ash body with maple board IS killer.
  3. Didn't consider dry heat. Thanks, @tbonesullivan. I have an old mini heat gun with a 1/4" hose nozzle kicking around here somewhere, which is perfect for applying localized heat.
  4. An elegant and inexpensive solution. Thanks, Jeff.
  5. Some day I'll learn to use enough words. By "in the neck back at the second fret" I meant "in the back of the neck at the second fret". I like that rosewood dust + CA fix for the day I ding the fretboard, and thank you for that.
  6. Yeah, the Urelac is cracked along one edge of the divot. I'm afeared steaming would not only damage the finish, but also force moisture between finish and the wood.
  7. My recently-snagged '96 Studio Custom has a wedge-shaped divot in the neck back at the second fret, enough of a divot that I notice it when playing. No material was removed, but given its depth, I think the standard superglue fill method is a poor solution. So I'm thinking a UV-cured resin might be a good, and possibly mostly-invisible, filler. Any thoughts on this, HF Clubbers?
  8. Well, that explains the constellation of little bubbles across the neck of the '96 Studio Custom I just picked up. The guitar may also be a contender for Most Pizza Day Fingerprints Ever, Plus What Looks Like a Handprint on the body back. The top is fine, and the finish "features" appear only on the back of the guitar and then only in bright penlight illumination. Enjoy your beautiful guitar,@VincentYGB.
  9. Punctuation matters. https://westernmass.craigslist.org/msg/d/monson-hamer-hamer-sale-trade/7259532946.html
  10. Yeah, atsa lil' high. LIke Towelie high.
  11. I listened and watched, wondering "how did they get Ann Wilson to agree to sing those inane lyrics?" Then the end credits: She wrote them.
  12. @rugby1970, I asked Greg Howard @ 3 Monkeys about the need to bias my Orangutan Jr. when it comes time to replace its two cathode-biased JJ 6V6S power tubes. He said "Always good to check the bias when changing tubes, but most current production tubes are similar in spec." Contact Greg directly at info@3monkryamps.com. He's responsive and helpful.
  13. Well, the spruce Newport I know has a very nice acoustic voice. I imagine a maple has higher predominant resonance frequencies. Can't speak to the korina.
  14. This. I wish Hamer was still around to properly fix some chips and dings from mishaps I and friends have put into my small harem. Don't wait for a someday that may never come.
  15. Our bassist had a Heathkit bass amp he built with his father. The bassist and his amp joined his 1960-something T-Bird in an unintentional sudden deceleration. The amp cabinet didn't survive, but the bass chassis did. Thereafter he found that the tall aluminum frontpiece of the chassis, so made to provide an added heatsink, was a great screen for all the beer bottles he ranked on the amp chassis top like so many soldiers.
  16. Name it PBCQ, and challenge each night's audience members to win $100 if they can guess what that stands for. And cover NRPS tunes just to confuse them all.
  17. Thanks, @bubs_42. Although the OJR manages to keep its low-end tight, big lows are not what I want. I'll stick with the Creamback for now, and hook up a 1265 at some point.
  18. How do you imagine the Texas Heat might sound in an OJR combo?
  19. Great vocals, great pocket, and got that rockabilly swing thing going. Added to the Someday Set List. Did the Cues write that tune?
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