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  1. The one last year was a 2 chord vamp... Em7 A7. I'll be up for any kind of simple vamp (or simple song), something I can learn when I get up on stage. Yeah I know, I'm lazy. Plus I think it's fun when you just learn/fake it on the spot and see how it goes. It's a jam.
  2. I was in a band that played some funky stuff so I played a lot E9. Plus it sounded better than BouncyC.
  3. I'm in the area, so no excuse not to be there.
  4. +1 on Seagulls/La Patrie, but as far as I know, LaPatrie only makes classicals, so that probably won't help given you are looking for steel strings. Simon and Patrick is also worth looking at. Seagull and Simon and Patrick make folk and parlor sized guitars. I actually wouldn't mind having one of their parlor sized guitars.
  5. If you use one those see-thru pickguards, like the ones use on paisley teles, it won't affect tone at all. It will produce the most transparent sound.
  6. I voted for Kramer. My 1st really good guitar was a white Kramer Pacer with Floyd. Later I got an Ibanez. Does a PRS EG count as a super strat? That became my #1 for many years.
  7. I was in NYC for a day a couple of Fridays ago. It was my 1st time in NYC. I did the regular tourist thing with the boat tour...a 3 hour tour. It was good relaxing way to see the city. If you do the tour, make sure you find a seat on the left side of the boat. Also did the 42nd street, broadway, had dinner at Oyster Bar at Grand Central. Went up the Empire State and got stuck on the 80th floor on the way down. The elevator power was out or something, so noboby could go down. I think we were inline for an hour before we got down. The news people were interviewing people when we finally got out
  8. Is that a Falcon? I still think those early Washburns are a little under-rated... It's a canary yellow Washburn Raven. Still have it.
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