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  1. https://www.ctvnews.ca/mobile/entertainment/rocker-eddie-van-halen-dies-of-cancer-at-65-1.5135015
  2. If it came with one, leave it on. If it didn't, leave it off... imho anyways.
  3. Big old-time Priest fan since Sad Wings... I love Turbo, always have... I just hate the line "boys and girls" in one song...
  4. When we got the first VH album my bandmates and i thought we had Eddie's tapping all figured out... It was a harpsichord plugged into a Distortion pedal into a cranked Marshall. There really wasnt any other way we could think of... at the time. It's a silly idea now, but back then it was inconceivable it was a guitar.
  5. You can drive a tube amplifier into quite a bit of distortion before it becomes objectionable to most... and transistor distortion is obvious and disagreeable when playing back clean music.
  6. Up until I retired I had my hearing checked every year at my birthday. I still have excellent hearing (I regularly wear earplugs), but a touch of tinnitus in a really quiet room.
  7. Roth's singing will make Stanley's sound good... Well maybe not.
  8. Great shape, no corrosion, shiny... only the parts shown. $200 U.S. plus actual shipping.
  9. Never installed. Only the parts shown in the photo. $100 U.S. plus actual shipping
  10. Nothing makes you feel older then your music, turned to Musak.
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