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  1. I love Moore... but Still Got the Blues killed me... It's Lionel Richie's "Hello"... note for note... "I can see it's in your eyes..."
  2. I went to see a friend play a Simon and Garfunkel gig... he played a 6 string acoustic, a 6 string acoustic with chorus on, a 12 string acoustic, an electric 6 string, an electric 6 with chorus on and an electric 12 string... and even knowing they were different, heck I could see them... there wasn't any significant difference. The only person who cared, was him.
  3. BTW, the Energizer Industrial are marginally better then the Energizer Max, (insignificant) but about $1.80 each... But don't buy off Amazon, loads of people complain they got old batteries. Check the label yourself at a hardware store.
  4. Yup. It's their premium alkaline in a bulk dull boring box. Cheaper that way
  5. ...and they're surprisingly different.
  6. After putzing around all day... I'm starting to think of unloading a bunch... some like the Empress Multidrive and Super Duper 2in1 are a lot of bux to keep in a box for "just in case" days.
  7. Nah, a box of Industrial batteries isn't that expensive at a hardware or specialty store.
  8. I'm not a big "pedal" guy, but these are the tried and true for me. Sometimes you just need colour. And I use Energizer Industrial 9v batteries, not only do they last a long time, they don't leak and ruin your pedals/guitars.
  9. The guitar might have needed a refin, and a solid color was easy. For all you know it had a home spun Eddie stripe before the Luther got it... or a broken neck... or Kahler... or...
  10. I'd think if Gibson was smart... they'd leave Mesa alone but have them make a series of U.K. flavored amps under the Gibson brand.
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