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  1. I've been using them since the early '80s... I try other stuff but always come back to them.
  2. I've shipped with Parcel Monkey... much cheaper then going to a regular shipper. A DHL truck showed up to pick up the guitar and he'd never heard of it... just a regular DHL pickup for him.
  3. The most under appreciated Hamer... a Gibson killer all round.
  4. I thought Greg made a few guards for people? Looks better with a guard to me.
  5. Loads of Custom Shop Les Pauls are three times that or more...
  6. Squire and Ibanez have some great inexpensive basses... Funny, I can't remember the last bad bass I played. They all seem to start at good and go up from there. Most beginners seem to want that low end thud, but they all do that, it's the character of the top end that differentiate them to me.
  7. https://rebel-guitars.com/preowned-hamer-guitars-standard-custom-in-59-burst-2/ Rebel Guitars has a Standard Custom for sale @ $4500 if anyone is looking.
  8. My best playing, best sounding Hamer is a Standard with dots... just say'n
  9. If a guitar doesn't look great, I don't pick it up. If it doesn't play great, I put it down. If it doesn't sound great, I don't pick it up again.
  10. Less then that for sure... plus shipping though... where are you located?
  11. If anyone is interested... I'd sell one... but I'm in Canada.
  12. I've got two... killer guitars. Both of mine have that neck joint...
  13. I have a mental block for people's names... if you quickly showed me this picture and ask what this actor's name is... it'll be on the tip of my tongue... but I can't get it. Ask me what TV show he was on and I'll effortlessly say The Drew Cary Show. Seriously.
  14. I liked the way Rob Halford put it "Sabbath is Heavy, Priest is Metal." But I think the genre swung back and forth so much it's a moot argument. Black Sabbath formed in Birmingham in 1968, Judas Priest formed in Birmingham in 1969... but Priest didn't get their act together for a few years... their first album was four years later too. I hated the first album and can't remember why I even bought the second... cover art maybe, but I loved it.
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