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  1. I bought this one Sunday morning for £375, eBay UK. I was just up early, it was a Buy It Now. I just remember seeing it, my heart doing a little jump and then trying to work out whether it was genuine - I had an old Motley Crue book, there wasn't really much online; different knob configurations. I pulled the trigger inside of 90 seconds of seeing it. No case, so shipping was a worry, just arrived heavily bubblewrapped and was fine. Just for the record, the stock Epiphone hard case fits beautifully.
  2. I'm a little curious. Is this finish aftermarket or did Hamer do this?
  3. Volume volume tone. I was thinking about dropping in some of those big pole Delanos, but figured they'd just look weird. The only thing I couldn't find was a black Strat jack socket, so I got a chrome one and painted it black; I'd prefer a flat socket in black, as all my cables terminate in right angled Neutrik silent plugs. That's it! P
  4. Three years ago (or thereabouts) I picked up a black FBIV on eBay (I'm in the UK). Pretty apparent the seller really didn't know what he had and I got it for a paltry £350 (c.$500). No case, but happy to say the Epiphone Thunderbird case is a perfect fit. I decided it would look better all black, so replaced the bridge and machines with like for like Schaller replacements. It sounds awesome, but to be honest I'm genuinely concerned about gigging it in case some thieving b*st*rd lifts it, so it gets regular trips out for rehearsals. Good hunting everyone. P
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