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  1. This was a gift from someone kinda special but unfortunately, I have no need for it. Mint Condition - Open box and unused. $179.00 Buyer pays shipping. Here are details from the product website: https://www.jimdunlop.com/mxr-carbon-copy-deluxe-analog-delay/
  2. Son of a bisquit eater - That shoal is some fine wood!
  3. Thanks for the update - these sound like incredible instruments! I cannot wait to check out David Bs.
  4. Anyone have any thoughts on the overall tone and playability?
  5. Congrats to all. it was easy to see early on these were going to be very special. I need to plan a trip up the skreet to see David Bs when he gets his
  6. I thought the same thing as well, then i figured it was the look of someone who just crapped their pants from the sheer excitement of getting a dream guitar.
  7. that is super sweet - congrats!
  8. someone will have to love Steve Vai's signature a whole lot to invest that much coin. Personally, I would buy it for about $500.00 with the signature. Maybe more without it...
  9. Diablo - you may know as much as anyone here, is the build quality of Jackson Custom Shop similar, better, worse or just different than Hamer?
  10. Oh but Chris, it states that it's "gently aged", that has to count for something right?
  11. That is a helluva arsenal... Congrats man, glad to hear the guits are working well! The Cali Custom I sold you is a very fun guitar to play live, the guys in my band told me it was their favorite of my guitars...lol
  12. Ok Jim - time for some pics from the show
  13. It looks pretty bad and will likely impede your ability to play at your highest level. I will offer to take it off your hands at no charge...
  14. For some reason I thought he tapped it as well - but no. Here he is playing it live:
  15. I'm sure it was bought for a nice price. As soon as it's provenance is confirmed, interested parties should be able to find it listed in the For Sale section...
  16. Chris- this would not be a part of the 1st and/or 2nd runs. This is a custom order to be done after those two are completed and delivered. Not worried about discounts or batch-ing. If I go with a Shishkov, it's gonna be custom all the way; from scale size, to features, to the finish. No point in doing it if I can't do it my way... Perhaps a reverse 4-digit headstock?
  17. I know the Tally does not have a true Fender scale... The Tally isn't a true Fender scale? I have a Tally and a Tally Pro - I was under the impression they are both 25.5 scale guitars. Is it just the EM Tally that isn't a true Fender scale? Here are the Tally specs as stated on the Hamer site: Body: Ivoroid Bound MahoganyTop: Curly MapleTop Configuration: Arched ChamberedNeck: MapleFingerboard: RosewoodBridge: Hamer Sustain BlockScale Length: 25 1/2"Fingerboard Radius: 14"Fret Material & Dimensions: Hamer Wide Oval: .100" x .050"Body Lgth/Wdth/Thcknss: 16.6" x 13.4" x 1.85"Neck Shape / T
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