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  1. As fine as the work might be these are gaudy and horrific from a pure aesthetic standpoint. Like a chick with too much make-up they make no sense. I know over the top design (you've seen my guitar) - it's not that - it's that there's no reason for these to be the way he's done them. He's basically showing the design aptitude of a typical BeDazeller haus frau.... Like - "hey let's glue some rhinestones on that commode over there... it'll look great!" No - no it wont. It wont look great - no matter what pattern you do. /rant
  2. Totally cool. Love those kinds of secret wink stories where you both look each other in the eye and life goes on!
  3. Last year I was really feeling the Chrissie thing so I started sketching out My City Was Gone for a future project. She's a great writer and her rhythm playing and parts are perfect and very surprising when you dig into them. Here's a quick sample that shows what those guitars are doing in the mix.
  4. God bless the wife for crossing the picket line and helping a fella out! Those were tough days.
  5. Rough week for me.... being called a fan boi, and finding out my mother's a Russian loving biker whore. 2021 has been pretty crap that way so far.
  6. ... but I’m banned at the gear page for suggesting mask wearing was a pretty easy prophylactic to get behind to prevent viral transmission. Good times. I didn’t call the guy there a cunt either.
  7. Lol - you gotta know your audience! When I’m holding someone’s feet to the fire, I always like to insert some self-deprecating humour in the mix to take away some of the sting and disarm their ego. It usually works —— oh well......
  8. I’ll let your words speak for your character and let other conclude what they will. In all my years here (considerable) I’ve seen very few people get openly hostile and personal With such little justification - and those that have have generally concluded (or had it concluded for them) that perhaps this isn’t the forum for them. I’m going to put this down to you having a bad day and reserve the right to call you a cunt in the future if the mood strikes me.
  9. So - you don’t stand behind your words - but you won’t be a mensch and say “ya - my bad - I was probably talking out of my ass” ?.... now you want to leave the playground? ...and here I was - exposing my own mother to ridicule and scorn as a biker moll and Russian agent to show good will and fair play - but admitting you might have spoken out of turn was too much for you? Dude? Right? Come on...
  10. Ya - I would buy it either - no love or desire there -- but I also wouldn't "think" or suggest that Dweezil is a cheat and fraudster.
  11. It's the guitar, returned to Zappa spec, that was used by Frank (and others) on legendary Zappa recordings and live performances, and was on the cover of guitar player magazine that Frank claimed was a a Hendrix body.... That's all it's being represented as.... no trickery or tom foolery - it's all disclosed and out on the table. The Hendrix connection has always been lore.... but here's a cool thread talking about the possibility: https://www.groundguitar.com/jimi-hendrix-gear/jimi-hendrixs-1960s-fender-stratocaster-frank-zappa/
  12. I’m just glad my father’s long since deceased.... he would have had a hard time with this news.
  13. I can't prove my mother didn't let Biker Gangs run trains on her in the 60's either or that she's not a Russian asset funneling state secrets to Putin from her care-home in her final days..... that commie whore.
  14. No -- you suggested that "you wouldn't be surprised" if he was fraudulently selling a reproduction to rip people off and had his original green guitar hidden away - and you used a video to back up your stated belief that "I just think he plays fast and loose with the truth" that did not show him making any misrepresentations at all. I'd say you are doing Dweezil dirty here with your beliefs, and statements about his truthfulness and motivations.... maybe not legally actionable character assassination, but enough of one that if it happened in a bar with a bunch of people around no one would be
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