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  1. So is it just a surplus of supply leading to low prices and people having a degree of substitution when it comes to specific purchases? or is the fact that "new" gear (even budget gear) is of such a good quality on the bang for buck scale that this has put downward pressure on used gear across the board but on higher end gear for sure...?
  2. Why is selling outPacing buying if the economy is so hot?
  3. I keep hearing how amazing your economy is.... I mean - everybody is working down there and has sacks of $$$ around the house right? Gear should be flying off the shelves right?
  4. Here's the deal -- In Japan you'll see the same guitar listed for sale by multiple different people -- because none of those people own the guitar -- they just list it and wait for someone to buy it from them -- then they run down to where the guitar actually is - and pay whoever actually owns it for it - then they ship it to you.... so you'll see several things: Multiple listings for the same guitars making it look like there is a boat load of them for sale but there are really only a few pieces. Relatively high prices.... because for the most part these guitars still sell domestically in Japan and those prices are a reflection of their Japan based value - and because these guys are not sitting on inventory they have to move or turn over, they can just sit on high prices until the cows come home. The pushes up the appearance of the guitar's value but it is a fiction... sure - someone from Denver might buy a guitar every once in a blue moon at those prices - but they are hardly market prices - they are anomalies... it's better to ignore them... the other issue is - Joe from Seattle goes on eBay and sees those Japanese prices for his guitars and it screws with his own sense of what the guitar is worth so his guitar doesn't sell because he prices it too high because he thought it was worth more.
  5. I still own and play my original Lead III -- awesome guitars but the narrowest nut width ever - and uber contoured body (slightly smaller than a strat body). Tonally versatile - plus hardtail. I picked up a Lead II about 5 years ago for a super deal ($321) and it had a slightly larger nut width, a slightly less contoured body (also slightly larger feeling as result) and the super awesome X1 pickups that were used in the original early 80's "The Strat" model.
  6. I don’t know what you were missing - Vince was missing actual words with distinguishing syllables in any recognizable language. If you had told me he was singing in Croatian I’d have believed you.
  7. Thanks Jake -- more hooks to come... I gotta sit with this for a bit while I let them all come to me! I like what I added so far but I need more for sure.... just gotta envision them.
  8. Thanks Tommy - I love that song.... Ed's got such swing in that....almost a shuffle feel. Secrets has great guitar in it too. It's one of those songs I wish I had a double neck for! R.
  9. That's a great line!!!!!! Very Funny
  10. Thanks again guys. Took some of your advice and added a few more melodic elements - I may add a wee bit more. As a note - aside from the acoustic guitar here (which is subtle) it's all my Hamer Cali. I really appreciate the feedback and listens.
  11. unfortunately Ed's ill health, has kept the band from being able to opportune the very small window of time they had left to make the big $... Dave was very patient - waiting and watching the clock - doing other things - keeping the name out there.... he's kind of between a rock and a hard place because the window for all of them is finite..... it's unfortunate - the band wasted a lot of good years and it looks like the ravages of time/fate/past will write the final act for them as a band.
  12. Wow -- that's got so many European influences... Portishead, Garbage, Massive Attack, Dido, Cranberries.... even some Kate Bush and Verve, coupled with some general Scandinavian ... Pretty cool. I'm going to spend a little time with this for sure...
  13. good to know... I'm hoping some better drums and leads will fix that but I did try a structural thing with this one where I made the bridge more exciting than the chorus - might have left the song too flat otherwise.
  14. I'm waiting on a new Bridge plate for my Floyd . The Hamer branded Shaller finally gave up the ghost on me - I'd tapped and drilled and installed helicoils, and now they are popping out and stripping, so a new plate arrives here tomorrow from Shaller in Germany. But that gave me some time to finish the lyrics on this song - lead guitar will come when the Hamer is ready to go! Drums are still my weakness - but this one has a bit of a groove to it. I hope you enjoy. The guitar is my Hamer in dropped D (2 tracks) with an acoustic track blended with the clean guitar track as well. I was cutting leads when the bridge died....
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