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  1. This isn't as hard as you might think - but what's particularly exceptional is his expressiveness and musicality as well as his clean execution... and the fact that he doesn't rush it. Really really good.
  2. Dave's an insufferable bore as far as personality goes. I want Metallica to hire him back in the band just so they can toss him out again just to see him cry....
  3. Hard to Beat Southern Harmony and Amorica..... Still on heavy rotation for me - Also really like the Double acoustic album - Croweology.
  4. 700 is the premium on the finish alone...
  5. If I had the dough I’d pay upwards of that kind of money for an O’Connor finish..... especially if it was done as a proper commission. But life is about resources, and resource constraint and allocation... I just don’t have the resources so I’ll just stay with what I have already. Original art ain’t cheap.
  6. That sounds about right - I had thought 3 or 4 K
  7. Jim's arm (I think) can be twisted still, although he's had lots of high profile guys try to twist it.... his official line is "retired" from guitar finishes but you never know. I suspect it would run you into at least the low 4 figures but my guess would be if you'd have more success if you could entice him with an idea vs just cash for retread of something he's already done..... break new ground... see if he's game!
  8. I was always really scared to put a wrench on my guitar so to speak -- particularly with truss rods... they were a mystery to me. It was only when I did my Stairway to Heaven cover that I dared mess with the rod of my old Yamaha acoustic - it was instantly "better".... I couldn't believe it. I kept waiting for the world to end and the guitar to explode but it never happened. Good times. Touching my Hamer still scares me but I have done a couple of small tweaks (string gauge changes etc)... but I'm still scared to do it. But I know doing it myself is better because often the process is something you want to do and tweak over a few days (letting the adjustment "settle".... which is why my guitars almost always need a little tweak a week or so after a visit to my tech...)
  9. That's the crux of it -- that's the failure right there. I bet whoever "reported" me would be shocked to learn it resulted in my ban. I feel like I'm in a Milan Kundera novel -- The Joke.... (post Soviet invasion Czechoslovakia)....like your fellow posters are the secret police or something and now you have to be scared to speak.
  10. Isn't today the day for your triumphant return to TGP @kizanski ?
  11. Lol.... I think I would have done David too - I mean look at that hair and those smokey eyes.... he’s calling out to me like Kip Winger....
  12. It was a thread that was talking about the song "Redneck Woman" and how it was marketing to redneck stereotypes (not in an ironic way but actually in a straight up Guns, Boobie3s, & NASCAR kind of way)... didn't post it here to make the case - posted it to show how I was being a dick.
  13. The Karmic payback was when his hair noped out of there....
  14. YouTube is probably of more value in seeing how people play things wrongly vs correctly (at least in my travels). It can be incredibly hard to find lessons or covers on YouTube that are N4N accurate - but it certainly helps the ear in learning identify what's wrong - they usually stick out like a sore thumb. But I like to dive into it all as I do my research because occasionally you'll find the gems. In TYG I didn't find a single guy who played the rhythm behind the solo section correctly - until I found one guy who got it mostly correct (about 80%). I took it a step further to about 95%.... Not that it's bad to play something close or similar -- but when going for N4N there's no substitute -- the devil is in the detail. Here's where Kashmir is at now -- getting much closer to the sound of the mix as well as the orchestration --- no transcriptions for that anywhere (the odd approximation coupled with full orchestral arrangements but nothing N4N specific). But It's all for fun and developing my production chops and my ear.......an exercise in thoroughness basically - that last 5 to 10% that most players usually say "fuck it -- close enough".... that's where I'm trying to go. No more "fuck its".
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