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  1. It was a thread that was talking about the song "Redneck Woman" and how it was marketing to redneck stereotypes (not in an ironic way but actually in a straight up Guns, Boobie3s, & NASCAR kind of way)... didn't post it here to make the case - posted it to show how I was being a dick.
  2. YouTube is probably of more value in seeing how people play things wrongly vs correctly (at least in my travels). It can be incredibly hard to find lessons or covers on YouTube that are N4N accurate - but it certainly helps the ear in learning identify what's wrong - they usually stick out like a sore thumb. But I like to dive into it all as I do my research because occasionally you'll find the gems. In TYG I didn't find a single guy who played the rhythm behind the solo section correctly - until I found one guy who got it mostly correct (about 80%). I took it a step further to about 95%.... Not that it's bad to play something close or similar -- but when going for N4N there's no substitute -- the devil is in the detail. Here's where Kashmir is at now -- getting much closer to the sound of the mix as well as the orchestration --- no transcriptions for that anywhere (the odd approximation coupled with full orchestral arrangements but nothing N4N specific). But It's all for fun and developing my production chops and my ear.......an exercise in thoroughness basically - that last 5 to 10% that most players usually say "fuck it -- close enough".... that's where I'm trying to go. No more "fuck its".
  3. On my return I messaged Big Mike and said basically "Really?" ... his answer was that I'd had other warnings on my account and that's why I was banned - plus he said they don't read and evaluate offending posts for context - that it had been reported, previous warnings were on the account so --- Ban Hammer.... So I looked at my two (2019) previous warnings.... I told the membership NOT to send a turd in the mail to Robbie Williams after his dispute with Jimmy Page. I also very clearly included Robbie's address so they'd know specifically NOT to send a turd to that address.... STRIKE ONE!!!!! STRIKE TWO was when I defended a guy who made an innocent joke about Wolf Van Halen and Ed needing to tour to keep him fed... here was my passionate defence. There’s a difference between making fun of someone’s weight, and acknowledging that someone like Wolf Van Halen is a big-boy and the consequence of raising a big boy like him (and teen boys in general) is that they literally can eat you out of house-and-home.... the humor comes from that - the idea that even Ed (a Rock Star with $) would need to tour to keep him fed..... that’s not making fun of wolf - his weight and age are situational to the humor of the conceit of what it costs to keep a big boy like him fed. Cringe would be making fun of his man-tits and saying that since Valerie slimmed down he now sports the biggest pair in the clan..... You should be able to tell the difference between the two without applying the social justice breaks to the first but by all means we should all discourage the second (usually by ignoring and letting it fall flat but occasionally by taking a stand). I applaud your intentions but reject that it was necessary in this case. OK -- to be fair - including Robbie Williams' address was probably the deal breaker there - except it was in the article being discussed and it was clearly a joke.... For number two I guess it was man-tits..... note to self - don't mention man-tits -- should have seen it coming....ouch. Being told that the mechanism for moderation and punishment was really the "reports" from members and that nothing was read or evaluated for context just seemed like a shitting way to moderate anything.... we could use auto-moderation then... Postscript Two other warnings (expired) that existed on my account -- one comment about a ridiculous Steve Vai live video that had him literally prancing around the stage in a post orgasmic moment with the wind in his hair like a horsey.... here's my offending post from 2013: It's a cartoon. Completely cringe worthy. oh the playing is great -- don't get me wrong, but the whole performance was cringe worthy. Music that professes to be a religious experience played by a guy who's acting like a prancing clown. Am I supposed to take Vai seriously? Embarrassed for him - embarrassed by him.... wife came in the room while it was playing... the music caught her attention -- looked over my shoulder to watch.... she said it was like watching a guy who wished he lived in a my little pony cartoon.... Funny thing is she had no idea there were guys out there who wished they lived in a my little pony cartoon. She just pulled that one out of her ass and nailed it. So I guess now I gotta ask: Steve Vai -- a Brony? Could explain it. If I close my eyes I can replay the whole performance with Steve Vai riding a purple pony jumping rainbows and waterfalls. Thanks Steve And my last (but very first warning) from 2010 - and this one I deserved for sure because I was clearly crossing the political lines. It was in relation to the Red Neck Woman imagery in the Gretchen Wilson video of which I took personal offense : Couldn't you have just posted a picture of a guy flipping the bird? The whole redneck embrace is on one hand a marketing pander to exploit people's ignorance and fear as a self identified community of non-thinkers. It's also the reason some kid in China is going to own your ass (or your grandkids' asses) in 50 years --- because he's studying and thinking his ass off right now. I'd start learning Mandarin Chinese. What - you thought Pokeman was innocent? It's mind control buddy. Hey - it's all art right? Gretchen is very talented and I am looking forward to seeing how booze ages her and the cracks in her voice display the sublime elements of growing up in the shadow of ignorance and poverty. Her pseudo racist anti-thinking agenda is merely a reflection of the backwards socially ignorant environment in which she was conceived and raised. I celebrate it like I celebrate the Blues and techno and Black Sabbath -- it's all reflective of an element of human experience. I like my art in every color - ignorance and running against the wind and plaintive cried against imagined authoritarian monsters is all good for me. Funny thing about the class system - Go to the UK to see this clearer -- but the greatest trick the moneyed class ever did was somehow convince the working classes not to aspire out of their condition. They needed the population base to remain in its place to sustain the status quo..... the joke's on all of you guys --- Bush 1 & Bush 2 both went to Yale. How does that sit with your redneck agenda? So- - what have I learned? Well -- I can be a bit of a dick - but I knew that already.... and I hate being governed by the lowest common denominator --- usually idiots.
  4. I'm not sure - I suspect it's an overall decrease in quality across the board which puzzles me considering the tools to listen to and hear the actual guitar parts are so readily available. I think transcriptions used to be a labour of love, now I think they get turned out boiler-room style.... I'm trying to track down all the Kashmir transcriptions out there and just compare the evolution... I noticed this with the Stairway transcriptions too.... at some point they started to suddenly get "simpler" and lose info.... went from dual (tab and traditional notation with rhythms charted out) to tab only, suggested rhythms, and lots of "repeat this part 5 times" stuff that ignored variations.....
  5. Cool man - thanks @tommy p just want to write a little meta history of the transcriptions and the peak then decline in quality....
  6. As part of my research into Kashmir (my next project) I'm digging into all the available transcriptions and scores to see how they have evolved or changed over the years - the only one I'm missing is the June 1998 issue of Guitar World which (I think) had the first ever transcription. Anyone have this issue or a pdf of that specific transcription? I think it was an all Jimmy issue.
  7. Well don't shit on Neil Young for being a dick canker because Big Mike thinks Neil's gonna join the forum and doesn't want to scare him off.
  8. Neil Young posts on TGP under "Myth of Syphilis"
  9. Thanks Geoff -- Everything is amp sims - Guitar Rig 5 Pro (Native Instruments) - a very long in the tooth product at this point considering I've been using it since 2013 - For parts with the phaser, including the solo, I'm playing through a Fender Twin Reverb, with an Ibanez TS-808 tube screamer, a Boss CS-1 stomp compressor/sustainer, and an Electro Harmonix small stone phaser... The main guitar is similarly setup, but without the stomp compressor but with a treble boost modeled after the Dallas Rangemaster. For the electric Sitar part I added a Digitech WH4 Whammy using +/- octaves I too really like the phaser here - I tried a 90 but this just worked better. In general I just played around with tones until I felt I had something that was responsive but matched Page's general sound. Because I record this stuff so many times as I dial in the scratch tracks it gives me a real chance to road test the tones while I learn the song and figure out the production. I used every guitar I had so I don't remember what I cut the solo on but I I'm pretty sure it was a single coil pickup because Page actually recorded TYG on a Strat so I probably had that in mind. I think I got lucky in how the guitars and amps came together though -- this one suddenly felt good at some point.
  10. Update: I’m back at TGP and it looks like Big Mike himself laid down the van hammer.... no warnings - had no alerts or strikes or points against me —- just the ban hammer of gloom and rejection. Here’s the post. It’s biting, it’s true, and was a summary of the actual article under discussion ..... ban!
  11. OK now I’m getting worried. It’s been seven days - it’s August 28 - I’m supposed to be back in the good books and good graces of the TGP moderation team otherwise known as the Guitar playing collective of the AARP. I sat at home and played rocking in the free world, and drop the needle, and that my my hair hey whatever song, and still nothing. I even yelled at some kids as I drove by a bus stop. What’s a guy to do?
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