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  1. Sticky & Let it Bleed both compete for the top spot for me here with the edge going to Sticky but my heart wants it to be Let it Bleed.
  2. I've got a real problem with boozy chicks.... and Carvin guitars.
  3. Still waiting to get my first Moldovan stream.... I'm going to go country by country --- Just 1 stream at this point - that's all I want from Moldova lol....
  4. I think I will do a country by country promotion.... It's been 2 days and I don't think I've got a single stream yet from Moldova.... lol
  5. Here’s a thread that basically gives instructions to these armies of fans and agents on how to successfully manipulate the streaming services to drive plays and chart positions of BTS.... it shows how all the streaming services are being manipulated to drive play counts so the same artists continue to get the lion’s share of the revenue.
  6. I’ve decided to target very small and very specific countries.... I’m going to work my way through the former eastern blocks and the various “...stans“ one territory at a time. I was inspired when I saw that the Korean Pop sensation BTS is the #1 streaming artist in Moldova and that they had an organized army of fans gaming the algorithms and bot detectors to drive their Spotify play count in every country and city in the world.... I’m going to try to see if I can harness their power to get included on their playlists etc... I don’t need to be #1 in Moldova -#2 would be great - as long as I be
  7. Added new video link with new & final mix to 1st post. This has now been officially released and will be populating the streaming and DL sites over the next couple days. Anyone wanting a free HQ audio DL is welcome to one - Just PM for a link. I'll also post the Spotify link when I get it. iTunes: https://music.apple.com/ca/album/superstar-baby-single/1536342191 Bandcamp: https://dogsoverlava.bandcamp.com/track/superstar-baby Spotify:
  8. It's been fascinating learning about production and mixing these last 5 to 7 years I've been intermittently recording. I like your analogy to industrial sausage making -- it fits in all the good and bad ways. As I progress with my own stuff I'm still trying to emulate the sound of a live band cutting a record but I bump up against certain production limitations of that format all the time and know this places a certain ceiling on my mixes in terms of what I can achieve. I've always been uncomfortable with drums not being drums though - even in the big 80's and early 90's heyday of enhanced dru
  9. This is a particularly good video - really good breakdown and enthusiasm from Rick. Infectious.
  10. Thanks guys - even though the video is done I'm still playing with the mix a bit. Appreciate the compliments.
  11. Thanks so much for listening and commenting Polara. It is a new sort of hybrid rock sound for me..... a mashup of 80's rock with some 90's pop club and rock elements. Still keeping that rock guitar vein running through it. Latest mix is here for free DL. https://dogsoverlava.bandcamp.com/track/superstar-baby
  12. I wrote this about Eddie's passing.
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