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  1. This was my Cali on the right side Rhy, and the lead guitar accents that float through the track. I used 4 different guitars on this, but the Cali did double duty I'm going to need to start taking notes going forward
  2. You guys heard parts of this before when I was working it up - been sitting on it for a couple years - finally finished and released. It's more of a mood and narrative type song. Here's a link to it on Youtube - It's a song about addiction and recovery now called "There's Still Time". Cheers.
  3. Thanks so much - me too. My odds are about 50/50 right now pre appointment - I’ve bet on worse! Lol.
  4. As I've previously shared, we started a podcast last year (Sonic Ventures) based on having discussions about concept albums. We did 8 episodes and had a lot of fun - enough fun to ramp things up again for this season - season 2. The first episodes have just been released. It was my participation at the HFC that saw me come out of my shell and reclaim my identity as a musician after a long absence due to injury, so in many ways this podcast is still a child of the amazing energy and comradery I felt here at the HFC - so I thank you all again. Our Season two opener examines Kate Bush's 1985 album "Hounds of Love". We've also released a bonus episode called "Aftercast" where we continue the discussion and go deeper and more personal. That too is available now to all (but future Aftercast will be part of our new Patreon supporter bonus content). We also have a website now too - WEBSITE where you can listen to the episodes or read more info about music. The episodes are on apple & spotify - all the regular streaming places. One thing I wanted to bring up, in case anyone has a listen - in this Aftercast episode I speak to a medical issue that I'm currently dealing with. Doctors found some tumors in my body after a ct scan - both on my liver but also my thyroid - so I'm currently a few days away from getting a diagnostic screening to determine if I'm dealing with cancer or not. Due to the size of what's been seen so far they are leaning that direction - I just didn't want anyone surprised by hearing that in the Aftercast episode as I've yet to share it with people I know. I will of course let you know how things go but right now I'm just making sure I'm healthy to meet whatever the challenge is ahead. So good new - and not so good news - still processing everything - I'll make sure I keep you guys in the loop. Regards Rob
  5. This is one of those little introspective articles I’ve been writing that originally came from a post I did on my morningcoffeevinylside Instagram account about Queen’s “The Game”. It was the first adult album I bought with money I earned from my paper route. I bought it sometime during the month of December 1980 after two very dark and significant events that ended my childhood occurred. https://medium.com/@morningcoffeevinylside/the-first-album-i-bought-with-my-own-money-ba06e9d07a60
  6. You're of course joking.... Sammy is a lazy lyricist and even at his best he's not particularly good. The lyrics are the specific cringe on the Sammy era VH albums and the one flavour (Tropical fruit punch)vocal timber is the other.
  7. Every day I play a vinyl album with my morning coffee - so I started an Instagram account about it. I do a little write up about each album too as I listen.... our collection is mostly inherited vinyl so it can be pretty strange but also wonderful to listen to. https://www.instagram.com/morningcoffeevinylside/
  8. This guy on Instagram does some very cool guitar paint jobs… I expect he’s going to get grabbed at some point to do commissions for people like Fender etc…. I can imagine a Shishkov painted this way too. https://instagram.com/mathiaschau_art?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
  9. Man there's so much good music I've never even heard - It's also a process learning how to have a conversation on mic that is meant for an audience as well as the person you are talking to.... I think we're getting better - Work in Progress for sure.
  10. Great ideas -- for our season 1 we are doing 8 episodes -- then we are going to regroup and retool a bit for Season 2 - adding some more content to include writing, shorter episodes, more musical analysis and vignettes - it's taken us this long just to figure out how we want to talk about music. Our list of music to listen to and talk about is growing so we are playing catch up for sure.
  11. Episodes 6 & 7 are both out -- 6 is dedicated to Sgt Pepper & 7 is dedicated to Rush 2112...... We talked about both albums in episode 1 as being our gateway albums into conceptual music - these two episodes explore each album specifically. We had a Covid interruption between 6 & 7 when my podcast partner's whole family came down with Covid that lasted over a Month.... Everyone is recovered now.
  12. This is literally in my back yard - and whenever I've looked at Able Auctions I've been so turned off by their premium - but auction buying is as much about the juice people get from buying and selling than the actual item itself. It's a different world that way. When I buy stuff I buy the best - or forgo - but I'm also value conscious. This kind of auction seems to annihilate "value".... This is the kind of place where a $200 Squire goes for 375 Plus 30% premium... apparently this is the collection of a well known player/music guy --- Think Keith Scott or someone like Bill Henderson... just guessing but a cattle call like this ain't my style/
  13. He should have used the time out to retune the guitar.... it was painful to listen to for me.
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