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  1. ..and not so long ago The Punisher got his chrome hardware back, when The Riff got his black parts in exchange
  2. +100000... One guy tried to show off with this and burnt the venue down to the ground.
  3. loving it. Haven't heard this quality metal in many years... Was a fan of king diamond et al 15 years ago and absolutely like what I hear. Well done and thanks for headups! where the hell is "LIKE!" button when I need it?
  4. link updated: http://soundcloud.com/dainiusu/hamer-vector-test
  5. ouch, somehow link is broken and the file is left on my studio laptop. Will upload again in 12 hours from now, sorry
  6. ha! wanted to make early christmas gift for Ionel, but alas - guitar is specifically built for these pups. Pups cavities ar routed for triangular pup "ears", while bareknukles are rectangles as most of them are and do not fit. There is no way in hell I will modify the cavity and modifying BKs doesn't look like a brilliant idea to me too. I think I need Monaco Elite to make some use of BKs In the meantime, I will try to find some time to install them into my Studio Custom and give it a short recording spank. however... I put couple of mics in front of two prototype cabs and plugged into protot
  7. next week will do that! maaan, its really crazy at work and at the university... Corporate Finances exam tommorow, and I will be having some free evenings for sorting stuff that is waiting for me for sooo long :angry: Cheers!
  8. pickups are here, but I am so busy, that I have no time to play, not even mention some soldering...
  9. not yet Guilty as charged - having kickass guitar and pups separated
  10. yep - you can't just rise the pricelist price without driving perceived value up.
  11. Jaye - your option is good if you want guitar. My option is good if you want Jol dance to your music
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