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  1. Post-divorce, that thing should land you a lot of tail on stage! (I’ll let myself out...)
  2. BTW, the seller has yet to respond to my follow-up email requesting closer photos and if the serial # is still visible. IMO, a $200 refin = $99 Earl Schibe car paint special.
  3. So, I contacted the seller yesterday, asking for better and closer pictures. The response is laughable. No way this is legit. The finish is complete, the people who had it were unaware of the value of the guitar. The finish was ruined due to misuse and neglect.so I had it completely refinished. It was done by a true professional, WD guitars sent it out to him, two hundred dollars for the paint alone.then 150 for the inspection and set up including New strings, pots and pick up tested by their looper. The technician who went through this piece is the same looper who fixes the guitars for the likes of Blackfoot, I ve actually held the guitar from sweet home Alabama video. The guitar is what it is and was valued by them at 800. Paint was done by one of the best antique Auto restoration companies in the country.
  4. He builds some gorgeous axes. I remember him just finishing this a few months ago. He’s very active on the Les Paul luthiery forum. Great guy. Great builder. I see he’s refinishing a certain someone’s super strat, too....
  5. Now, THAT is not something you see very often. Or ever. That’s HOT! And I don’t even care for that style guitar. GLWTS!!
  6. That looks really nice. But is it versatile?
  7. Hey, stop buying up all that sweet flamed maple!!!
  8. Maybe that’s why they were asking so much for all those vintage BC Riches they were trying to unload. Trying to make up for it.
  9. Screw the pictures. Let’s hear her!!!
  10. I routinely see people wait anywhere from a year to (a ridiculous) 4 years for a custom axe. A year and a half for a Shishkov is absolutely nothing, IMO. (Hell, it takes me that long to finish ONE guitar with 50 mistakes, much less a pile of orders that are delivered perfectly. )
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