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  1. If I’m not mistaken, that “grinder” he uses is called a holy Galahad. It takes some big balls to use that for a guitar carve top. One slip and you can ruin a guitar. I’m sure Mike is all ho-hum because he’s so experienced with it and confident. I’d have to wear a diaper.
  2. I think the only guitars I’ve EVER seen with the Imperial tuners were vintage BC Riches.
  3. Excellent pups. I used a set in my last build. Loved how they sounded.
  4. Is there a deadline for this? I'm really wanting the Charlotte set for a build, but not sure when I can swing it. If I have to wait until next year...so be it!
  5. Redwood is quickly becoming one of my favorite top woods. Few woods look as rich and classy as figured RW. I have a bit of a stash in my shop now and nearly done with my first redwood build.
  6. It seems like a lot of people here have never heard of Banker Guitars, so let me fill you in a bit. He’s a solo builder from Georgia, who is one of the very few who has worked out a deal with Gibson to legally produce vintage-spec Gibson shapes (he pays them a royalty). He’s an Authorized Partner. He has a few big-name endorses, like Brent Hinds from Mastadon and several other artists. His axes fetch a pretty penny (in the $4K+ range) and I’ve never heard a bad word spoken about his builds. This Explorer is a bit of an odd duck, but it was probably a custom order at first. I actually like it,
  7. I have a nearly identical one from 94 or so (was made in first year of production). I'd argue it's the best guitar I own. If I could splurge, I'd buy ten more. GLWTS!!
  8. Isn't the middle crease at the tip of the headstock also too deep?
  9. I love these. I think they have more of an "edge" to them, making them look more \M/ metal \M/ to me. I'd love one of them.
  10. I have to strongly disagree on that. I think patches look horrific and destroy the value of a guitar. No way would I ever buy a guitar with that kind of job, unless it was super cheap and I could fix it properly. But for $5k?? No f'ing way. I'm sure it sounds just as well, but I couldn't get past that scar.
  11. Never seen one of these before: https://www.thunderroadguitars.com/1997-hamer-archtop-korina/
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