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  1. That's really cool. I'd still love to hear one of Mike's axes cranked through an EVH stack, or something similar.
  2. After you get it, we can all argue over what color sparkle it is.
  3. Still VERY tempting, either way.
  4. devrock

    What's been going on in the shop - next chapter

    My word, that’s gorgeous. Perhaps your best work yet. I’m in awe.
  5. devrock

    Lookback-build pics, #73

    I have to find a good supplier of flamed maple billets......
  6. Curious of KK is going to unload the rest. Then again, given the priceshe got at the auction last week, I don't have a chance in hell ever scoring one of them.
  7. Haven't given one away, but I *am* building a custom SG for a friend of mine. I'm not going to charge him anything, even though the parts alone will probably cost me a good $800 or so, incl case.
  8. devrock

    K.K. Downing Auction

    Well.....I don't feel so bad any more, as the bidding was INSANE. The Hamer sold for $33k. The 67 V went for.....*gag*.....$190k. Yes. $190K!!!!!!! My god.
  9. Let me know when you ever see a Phantom GT appear....
  10. I never cared for Accept until Mark joined the band. BOTN was a PHENOMENAL album that I did not stop playing on repeat for an entire YEAR. Unfortunately, the 3 albums since then have all sounded pretty much the same and fairly one-dimensional - they've gotten worse each time. I finally saw them in NYC last year, which I was excited about. Played a great show. I don't know if I'll get this, though. The whole symphony thing doesn't work for me here. Sort of cheesy and unnecessary.
  11. devrock

    K.K. Downing Auction

    Honestly, that doesn't bother me. How many years did he play that guitar? The neck break and repair are reelly irrelevant in this instance, IMO.
  12. devrock

    K.K. Downing Auction

    No, I couldn't go that high.
  13. devrock

    K.K. Downing Auction

    I canceled my bid this morning. The auctioneer is adding a whopping 25% BUYER'S premium to every sale AND you have to pay VAT (although, since it would have been coming to me in the US, that may have been waived). Even if I scored it for the $5000 I bid for it, I'd have to cough up another $1250, at least. That's just absurd. Why the hell should the buyer have to pay the fees??? I want that axe BADLY, but I'm also not that crazy.