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  1. Agreed. Those make me gag when I look at them.
  2. devrock

    News From The Bench

    What brand are you using for the crackle?
  3. PAGING @murkat!! PAGING @murkat!!!!! <-send it to him to be restored.
  4. devrock

    News From The Bench

    Oh. My. God. So glad crackle paints are available aagain. This is my favorite combo!
  5. devrock

    Glenn Tipton

    I was at that show!!!! That was my first Priest concert! Wish I had as good a memory as you. We were pretty high up, though. The one thing I *DO* remember is running for our lives in the parking lot. There were bleachers there (I think from some Indy car racing) and people were launching beer bottles over them. So we all had to do a hundred yard dash to get to where my parents’ car was waiting for us.
  6. devrock

    Glenn Tipton

    No and NO. First, I'm betting that he's likely not drinking any more, given his illness. Then again, if I were in his situation, I'd probably be drinking all the time. I'm tired of hearing people call to bring KK back. He left the band 8 years ago and he couldn't hold a canle to Glenn's playing. However, in the end, with Glenn completely out of the picture, I think it's time the band call it a day. Richie is a phenomenal player and really stepped up on Firepower. But, without Glenn, it's no longer Priest, IMO.
  7. devrock

    Glenn Tipton

    A few weeks ago, I was bouncing around YouTube and came across the last show they did in NYC during their 1998 tour (which I was at and was the first and only time I met the band - except Tim, who ignored fans waiting for him). How time flies. 20 years ago, he was thrashing around stage, ripping every solo you can imagine. That's how I want to remember him. Time is a motherf*cker.
  8. devrock

    News From The Bench

    I'm sorry. Did you say CRACKLE CALI????????? *faints* My two favorite things put together. And how is it I'm only now finding out you build, too??
  9. devrock

    Historic 4 digit restore.

    Wait, what are you restoring it to? The original black top? Or was it natural to begin with? If the former, then I imagine the grain, etc. wouldn't matter.
  10. devrock

    Glenn Tipton

    Listening to Eddie Trunk this afternoon and he said that word out of the Priest camp is not good. Apparently, Glenn's illness has caught up with him and he's not doing well at all. It's believeed he will no longer be able to appear with them. My heart is just broken. He is my guitar hero. Always will be. I know the end was inevitable when they announced he had Parkinson's, but, still...
  11. It would be nice for $1000. $9k is crack-smoker territory. I'd like to see closer-ups of the inlays. The pics on Reverb look sketchy to me. BTW, I'm re-doing a Phantom I snagged on the cheap to be similar to this, but I'm never selling it and I'm keeping the original fretboard...
  12. Price is insane, but my god, I love this V!! https://reverb.com/item/14650162-hamer-usa-vector-custom-shop-trans-black