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  1. The “girl” you guys are referring to is Richie’s wife, Julia. She plays bass in a few bands. I first saw her play with her main band, Kicking Harold, when they played here in CT a few years back. Really cool, gritty rock band from LA. IIRC, they were opening for Satch at the Ridgefield Playhouse. She’s gorgeous and a great player.
  2. I’ll give you two that will ALWAYS be my top two: Glen Tipton’s “Beyond the Realms of Death” and “All Guns Blazing.” Two completely different, yet perfect and nearly impossible to play. I will go to my grave angry most of the world will never recognize just how much of a guitar god he was. For an instrumental song (and, yes, I know it’s a cover, but his version is infinitely better): Gary Moore’s performance of The Messiah Will Come Again from the Montreux Jazz Festival:
  3. I wish those of us who eschew FB could still see all the albums...
  4. Man, if I really played a lot, I’d be letting go of one of my axes for this right now....
  5. Wait, this is new to me. When was this axe created?
  6. Now THAT is how an axe is supposed to sound (in the beginning)!
  7. Post-divorce, that thing should land you a lot of tail on stage! (I’ll let myself out...)
  8. BTW, the seller has yet to respond to my follow-up email requesting closer photos and if the serial # is still visible. IMO, a $200 refin = $99 Earl Schibe car paint special.
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