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1998 Hamer Phantom $650 and Saucy Box $60

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1998 Hamer Phantom in very good condition with Kramer hardshell case.  Nice and clean works properly.  It's a nice black finish that reflects today's overcast skies rather well.  IIRC it's about 8.5 lbs and has a fairly chunky neck and an extra pickguard if you want to Trick it out.  $650 in person sale preferred; it'll probably be about $75 extra to ship and I'd rather not bother lol.  Come play it and take it home with you.


Recent Way Huge Saucy Box in like new condition with original box and all swag $60 shipped USPS continental US only please


Vertex Steel String clean drive - nice sounding pedal that I picked up on the HFC a few years back. Good condition with original box and "manual" (single sheet with settings etc). $125 shipped USPS to continental US only.  JGale has first dibs if he still wants one.



email me at stongemon@aol.com with any questions.

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Man, that Phantom seems like a steal!!

GLWTS ISLLUPATITH (it shouldn't last long unless people are thick in the head) no, I don't think that one will catch on!! Happy Friday!! 🤣😆

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21 hours ago, stonge said:

Saucy Box is sold (thank you!) and the Phantom is holding for a pending deposit.

No surprise me , beautifull phantom and killer price, congrat

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The Phantom and the pedals are all sold - thanks everyone for your interest.  I'll have a take another trip into the basement for the next batch of outbound goodies.

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