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  1. that Mirage is awesome no cash ATM, but have trade bait
  2. I really enjoy bringing guitars back from the dead I don't do any of the work, but I have a friend that can for me
  3. any interest in trades? I have a Mesa JP2C+ rack with extras thanks Paul
  4. picked up a bare bones special and i need everything for it Truss rod cover sustain block bridge control cavity cover anybody have anything for sale? thanks Paul
  5. paulcozby


  6. Hi

    Would you be interested in any trades for the Marshall, any guitar trade




    Cell #

    813 732 2159

    1. analogsystem


      Hey Paul. I'm only interested in a Soldano Avenger at the moment so I'm not into any guitar trades.

      Thanks for the offer!


  7. Hi

    Would you be interested in any trades for the Special?




    Cell #

    813 732 2159

  8. Wold you be interested in trading the Dean for a 1979 or 78, I can't remember right now.

    Hamer Sunburst

    4 digit




    813 732 2159

    1. DaveL


      Hi Paul, thanks for the offer,  someone bought it before I saw your inquiry.   Dave

  9. Thats the album that made me fall in love with his Hamer Standard (its on the inside of the album jacket) that sunburst was just so amazing looking.....
  10. I'm leaving for Phoenix on Thu. No gigs next week... It's been REALLY bad out here! Hi, I just got my SS1 back from the painter and thought I would share some pictures with you. Before After I have a chance at getting another SS1, in really bad shape, how did you make the Hamer/Steve Stevens logo for the headstock? The one I may be getting has a pretty much destroyed logo on it. Thanks Paul
  11. Here are some of my 95.... This will keep me satisfied until I find a 70's one.......
  12. The Cramps - Psychedelic Jungle The Cars - The Cars
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