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    Exactly. Not unlike this proud Epiphone player.
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    I ain't proud... Here's a couple more. If i would have known we were getting recorded, i would have brought more Shishkovs... As it was, i used number 0053 all night. Didn't even bring a backup. ETA: If you skip up to about 40 seconds, you get past the header...
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    Number 22 for sale. Excellent condition. 5.44 pounds of spectacular craftsmanship. Definitely rules for jazz, but can visit other planets within reasonable context. i was surprised at the volume levels i could get before feedback, as in a nice workable level for a reasonable ensemble. Kindly priced at $3,250 shipped, will spilt paypal. Cont. U.S. only please, no trades please. Thanks for looking, s (ps i may or may not have the certificate, i'll have to do a deep search) ( will do a pic heavy bump later this week)
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    Did you guys know those brass door handes at Hard Rocks are Hamers? You can clearly read the headstocks. I never noticed.
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    monikerguitars.com In a nutshell, they offer several body shapes, all in alder, and one neck carve, in maple (bolt on) but from there you can specify Headstock shape Inlays Pickup and control configuration Electronics Bridge, tuners, knobs Finish Top bevel Figured wood top Hollowbody or solid ...and other things I forget. Kind of like when Dad used to order a Pontiac. You had several base models and tons of customization. Anyway, I liked the idea of supporting a young, innovative company right here in the USA making guitars for the working-class stiff. but with a lot of cool options. And a 7-day no-questions-asked money-back. I spent ages on the online configuration thing, then talked to Kevin, the owner. Because my band makes videos and works the social media, he knocked something off the price if I'd promote Moniker and play the guitar live. Endorsing artist thing. I wanted some stuff that was not, strictly speaking, available on the online builder. Kevin was great about ordering "off the menu" so we agreed to build my "vision" of a fictional, long-lost Gibson prototype from 1960 that melded elements of a Les Paul Jr and a Supro. Slab solid-body, no contours. Classic tobacco sunburst finish going to black on the back and neck. 3+3 Supro-style headstock. Absolutely had to have a trapeze tailpiece, because I like the harmonics and overtones they bring, plus the Sonic Youth strumming potential. Dot inlays to go with the working man's rawker vibe. I briefly considered a single pickup but I do use the neck position, so we went with two Lollar single-coil-in-humbucker-size units, with a V-T setup (and appropriately old-school knobs.) They usually have the pickup switch down low, but I wanted it up in Gibson land. Finally, went modern on the tuners, with top-end Gotoh Delta series. Here it is. It got clobbered really hard in shipping, so the tone knob was broken and the neck shifted almost imperceptibly. Loosened and re-tightened the neck and glued the knob back together. Moniker didn't set it up very well: neck needed some relief, and then I had to lower the bridge and pickups. How's it built? First off the finish is great. Perfect sunburst, and the clear is as smooth and mirror-like as anything I've seen at any price, and very thin to boot. No deep, gloopy Korean coating. Oddly the back of the headstock is not quite as polished, but front, back, sides and neck are all like glass. Neck is substantial, with a little meat to each side of the E strings for bends and banging. The edges are subtly rounded, so it feels broken in immediately, The rosewood is top quality, tight and not dry or waxy. The frets are jumbo and made of stainless, and they did a great job of rounding the edges. Nut is cut right, not too low or high, doesn't stick. These Gotohs are the dog's bollocks: dang. Smooth and beautiful , best tuners I've ever tried. The control knobs move smoothly. The bridge is a quality unit, and the only thing that seems "off" is the trapeze tailpiece. It's perfectly fine, chrome, generic steel unit. Just doesn't have the "oooooh" factor of the other hardware. Okay, time to play. It's a little neck-heavy, but nothing a leather strap doesn't overcome. Neck feels really good, and I can get the action as low as I care to, with no fretting out of rattles. The sound? I was concerned because a maple neck bolted onto an alder body is so... well, ordinary. Like a Squire or any of a million other guitars. And the old guy in me reacts "bolt-ons are cheap" even though I KNOW Suhr will tell me otherwise and logic says a bolt-on can be a superior method. Anyway... ...it works. I think the trapeze tailpiece, the thin finish, and the Lollars add up to a lively, woody, old-school rawk sound. The guitar vibrates a lot, so I guess they get good wood and it's dry. It's not as polite as I expected a guitar with Lollars to be: it can really snarl. Middle position is freakin' sweet, really woody, and almost like an acoustic guitar clean. The bridge gets a good aggressive, more nasal sound, and the neck is not the least bit muddy but has an almost Tele neck quality. The chunky neck, big frets, and lively sound add up to a guitar that likes to be played hard. It gives the impression of being made to play in beer-soaked bars, very substantial, medium weight, a real sneering, cigarettes and slung-low kind of vibe. I could imagine Johnny Thunders or Keith Richards digging it, and it just cries out to be used by Josh Homme. I am very satisfied: it comes closer in spirit to an early 90s Hamer P90 Special than anything I've come across.
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    ...but not HEL's first! I know where Shane got those routing templates from...! That guitar is going to slay!
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    Yes, I know Boston and New Orleans have Hamers for door handles. Can't remember if all of the ones I have visited do as well.
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    Decades ago, there were some Stromberg archtops and maybe some Larson Bros. guitars that had a 19" wide lower bout; they were made by luthiers, not on a production line, but they may have been considered 'standard' models for those builders. I am unsure how many, if any, were made for store stock vs. custom orders from players. If you want to include basses, there was Gibson's Mando-Bass (ca. 1912-1930, 24"-wide lower bout, full upright bass scale of 42") and the Ernie Ball Earthwood, (18 3/4" wide at lower bout; two depths--6 5/8" and 8 1/4")
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    So, I came upon pics of #78 on FaceBook and thought to myself, "Self, I'm guessing your guitar is in the same batch!" And, I was right. Trish sent me pics of my top and said that the semi-hollows are being finished up and my guitar is in process. Here's two pics of the top glued up and getting ready. Is it wrong for me to giggle aloud? That's me..........David R.
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    2006 Studio Gold Topp- with Lollars--very good to excellent condition- slight string scratch/swirls on headstock slite swirls on back. No dings, smooth neck, very minimal fret wear, tuff to photograph--full neck carve ,probably standard 59 carve,no mention on certificate.------- this one has an excellent full bodied girth sonically, similar in nature to a R-6 i had ,and also a Bolin 54/56 i currently compared it to. It weighs 9.13 pound and it sounds strong and solid. Smooth balanced player with low action. i believe it's strung with 10's. Comes with hamer case in good condition. Overall a clean, excellent example. $1,325 shipped and pay paled con. U.S. only please. No trades Please. --- thanks for looking, s (more pics after i wrestle thru imgur transition gremlins)
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    I've noticed that some are gold and some have the green/gold hue that the old Gibson guitars are known for. I know that it took me a month of Sundays to find a '57 Historic with the right color. At certain angles, it's got the green. And not from sweat or age.
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    Tonight police are looking for this man.....
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    Anybody ever see Jeff Kiesel and Jol Dantzig in the same room together at the same time? Or is it just coincidence that 'great minds think alike'?
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    I did the same thing. Picked up the above black Standard on the way home from Columbus. It was well worth the detour.
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    The only steps remaining are paint/clear and assembly. I hope to have news of this soon! As with my Cali custom, I will be going to pick this up in person. No freakin' way I'm letting the simians of UPS or Fed Ex get their mitts on this...
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    Looks like he's wearing a metal headband.
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    If it is, Trish will be in touch soon. She told me that she's working up the build sheets and will be contacting the folks in that batch after Thanksgiving. I hope you're up too.
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    "Look a'that salt shaker, man! That thing's hUUUge!"
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    And finally- pre-paint:
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    It's great when the new toy works out! I mean tool, of course, not toy. My bad. Anyway, congrats and rock that good-looking beast!
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    It's almost nap time, but I'll post one more photo, and a few more over the next few days. The music was fast and furious, non-stop from 6:30 - 1:00 AM. As I've said so often before, these 4321 gatherings are one of the best things I do for myself. I'm glad I know you all!
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    # 0067, holy smoke.....,that's all I can think of right now....... Thank you team Shishkov!
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    Oddly enough, I didn't opt for the stainless jumbos. I went with the nickel steel 6100's. Not sure who made 'em. Shane vouched for them, that was good enough for me.
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    Actually, Shane bought the lot of them and will parcel them out and sell 'em on Reverb and/or Ebay...
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    "I wonder if #0079 is in the same batch," I just asked myself...
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    Resurrecting this thread. I came across these on ebay and ordered one as a gift for myself OOPS I mean my gf. $119 delivered sounded good to me. https://m.ebay.com/itm/Marshall-Acton-Bluetooth-Speaker-w-Bass-Treble-Controls-Aux-Input-in-Black/222657441547?_mwBanner=1 EDIT: got it, really nice, original box manuals etc... works great
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    Awesome. The endorsement that impressed me most for the PP2+ is from the great Pete Cornish who builds rigs for David Gilmour etc. I bought one just on the strength of that. High praise indeed!
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    Lucky man. My Shishkov is still my most played guitar nearly a year later.
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    It looks like it may have reached it's potential based on the bid. That was a special run of logoless Hamers.
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    Trying something a little different with the string-through holes: Bursted:
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    It's beginning to smell like fried bologna at the 4-3-2-1 Club.
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    Oh my!!! Congratulations! WOW!!!
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    Oh boys! You won't want to miss this little piece of HFC history!
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    Super fun gig with bro Steve last night in Hershey, PA. Since there aren't any Shishkov basses out yet, I was slinging my Hamers, but Serial's really looked and sounded fantastic. Hoping to find some "live" shots/video...
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    Mr. Veatch, you too now officially suck.