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  1. bubs_42

    085 Maverick with a twist

    Says the , "ITS TAKING SO LONG" guy.
  2. bubs_42

    085 Maverick with a twist

    Great, another almost out of the way.
  3. bubs_42

    R.I.P. Aretha Franklin

    I think if Tom was alive, it would kick you in the sack for that one.
  4. That is pretty much what they used on the 6V6 Versions of the Superdrive. What Badger said, if it bothers you enough. I wrapped a couple of grills, but it was pretty tough getting them pull tight enough and even. I can be done, or you can take it some where. The Oxblood Era Budda is my favorite look.
  5. Just like good tone, its all subjective. If he finds that he cannot balance the sound out then its necessary. I like to run that first channel hot and in some situations you can't do that with no master. If you like to really gain channel 2 up like some do then its hard to find balance in the two channels. Its exactly why Jeff did his next amps with two volumes and two masters.
  6. bubs_42

    How did I miss this band?

    The V Series has a white panel, but most all Budda Amps have BUDDA on the front. Those are Nancy's Trace Elliot Acoustic Amps on top her cabinets. Did they look like this? If not still more than likely an acoustic amp of some sort.
  7. bubs_42

    NGD Hamer Phantom with Images.

    Maybe, maybe not, you would never know until you had it in your hands.
  8. The EAST is the evolution of the Budda. If you know a good tech they can add the balance mod and second volume control to the back panel. That will give you a master on both channels, but then again, I like to crank the first channel on the Budda, they sound great. I'm still thinking of getting another SD30 to replace my extra East, they are a great amps. I went in a giant circle before coming back to the Jeff Bober sound.
  9. @gtrdaddy let me know, i'll swap you speakers.
  10. bubs_42

    Guitar Center's Pro Warranty

    GC "Sir do you want the Pro Coverage." Me "NO THANKS" those things are a money maker for them, its not about you.
  11. bubs_42

    Pedal Board Noise

    @Northsider Sent you a PM.