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  1. I've been running an listing over at TGP, but figured I would try it here. Looking for a Combo with a 10, but a head will work or a Head and Cab.
  2. Ya, it has been up for alittle while. wouldn't touch it unless you want a Kahler or parts. LOL
  3. bubs_42

    What attenuators do you like?

    Everything is too loud at my place.
  4. bubs_42

    Show us your Shishkov in action.

    If you can, do it! The bars we play in, i'm lucky if I can fit my amp on the stage!
  5. bubs_42

    Sunburst tone pot

    Someone needs to make one of these with a split bell knob on it for a vintage look.
  6. bubs_42

    Jazzcaster 2.0

    I have still yet to find a perfect replacement for the Fender Custom Shop Pots I scored a couple years back. I was only able to get 4 of them, one set is in the Twin Town Tele, and the other set is in the black tele I sold a few months back. You can roll those pots down to one and the tone is still usable. Heck they are so good that I forget that I have them rolled down and that is with zero treble bleed mods and a cheap ceramic cap on the tone pot.
  7. bubs_42

    Sunburst tone pot

    @Jeff R huh, once again I don't have a leg to stand on. I would go with the 500/500.
  8. bubs_42

    Jazzcaster 2.0

    I still may go with a more traditional 60's Style Bridge Plate. Sounds great as is, so it may just stay this way.
  9. bubs_42

    Got the Super Pro out

    Bad Ass Guitars!
  10. bubs_42


    He does his best when we get out of his way.
  11. bubs_42


    Just STOP!