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  1. #80

    I love that headstock!
  2. Off the shelf 2001 Gibson Junior $600 and a Mutt MIJ tele I paid $350 are my main gigging guitars.
  3. Frozen Jam: Saturday, Feb. 24

    Just remember you won't be the worst guy in the room, that is my job. I hear clams are on special between 6:45 and 6:53.
  4. I'm looking to make a pickguards for a couple of guitars. Looking for something like this http://www.guitarcenter.com/Mojotone/58-Quiet-Coil-with-Hot-Bridge-Strat-Prewired-Pickguard-J57136.gc More browns than red. 3ply
  5. Frozen Jam: Saturday, Feb. 24

    I'm officially in, but flying solo this time. I realize my wife is my better half but i'm all your getting this time.
  6. IMHO, if they would have left the legs the same length, it would have been better. Now as many many others have discussed, it just looks like a Roswell Rhodes.
  7. Ernies stuff is all DROOL WORTHY. Damn that guy can take some photos.

    @hamerboy_ its pretty hard to beat a good Z. The Maz18 that Dragan has sounds damn good and no matter what i've brought over I haven't been able to ween him off it. Now the SM18 may be the only one that I think could do the job. The good Doctor does an amazing job with his Amps and Cabinets. We tapped the Speaker out on my OJR and put it through different speakers and cabs. When I put the amp into the Maz's 1x12 Combo Cab, I was pretty blown away. Biggest difference! I don't want to carry the Dr Z around. LOL
  9. Reasonable for once, on the most underrated Hamer Guitar. Just pulled the JB out and put in a PG and thank me later.

    I went through a Mirage Phase, I do think its funny that this one and the Red come up for sale in the same week. Both felt and played great, but you can't help but like the the color on this one.
  11. I think they are 9's. I have everything set up with 10, but it had 9's originally and when Josh's Guitar Shop did the frets they put 10's back on it and I never changed them.
  12. Well DaveH is on the list. Bastard. I"m in a band, I play out, how about you.;) Besides you can be anything you want as long as you have a Shishkov!

    If he's not posting prices, we can all assume $350 for each Shipped.
  14. 0071

    SPRUUUUCE! How nice #70 and #71 bringing the Spruce. Super Kick Ass!
  15. Semi-Hollows?

    Can't wait to see it in person!