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  1. #0066 - An illustrated journal...

    Speaking of ultimates, here comes the ultimate tease.
  2. # 0067

    Not when we can get contoured heels!
  3. Pedals - Neverendingrabbitthole

    Me too, the amp has to have a good base tone. I just bought a Carl Martin Plexi Tone to put in front of the Fuchs, but nadda. I had to pull the amp out of its comfort zone to add the pedal, now it just sounds like the pedal. One damn good pedal but you loose the feel of the note when the two are not pulling there own weight. Saturday Nights gig was killer, I ran my 58 Reissue into the 3 Monkey Orangutan Jr loud and just pushed it a little with the Saucy Box or the Saucy HC but I never stacked them. All my effects sounded great, I was tickled. I used the MXR Chorus for accenting parts, but realized during Shine I was standing on one foot for almost the whole song. LOL
  4. Semi-Hollows?

    Well we will all see when this masterpiece is done. Color Chosen and Challenge Excepted!
  5. Don't threaten me, i'm going to make it up there one day.
  6. Semi-Hollows?

    Now that is just silliness.
  7. Semi-Hollows?

    No that is graffiti and its all wrong. Looks like a Fender Pick.
  8. Semi-Hollows?

    Have you ever just close your eye's and hit SEND?
  9. 0075...

    WOW!!! Just absolutely stunning!
  10. Seymour Duncan Saturday night pickups

    You contact Josh and you will be surprised and that is all i'm going to say.
  11. Who owns the Ultimate, Ultimate? ;)

    Everything so far spawns from "I like the idea of" that will get the wheels of creativity started.
  12. Who owns the Ultimate, Ultimate? ;)

    All that being said, he will create a masterpiece of a guitar. Email him and start the conversation, you may end up with something better than you have imagined.