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  1. If he’s playing jazz that Eastman above would be a candidate. Of course you can play jazz on anything etc etc. What’s his price range? I’d search old threads from the jazz forum. For moderate $ Eastman is hard to beat. I love my Newport but it would not be my first choice for a jazz vibe.
  2. This popped up in my area. What model is this? 30th Anniversary? https://cnj.craigslist.org/msg/d/lawrence-township-30th-anniversary/7125276519.html
  3. Yeah I suppose. Congrats again. I love a bargain. Some of my favorite guitars are my least expensive as well.
  4. Light weight 7.6lbs or is that range standard for these? Solid body right? LP ish dimensions? Not up on that model. I have used up my allotment of questions.. sorry. And I like the 59's in my Studio. Only experience with them.
  5. Amazing.. what kind of fingerboard? Dark like ebony. Do you think there is a guy building them here in MS or are they imported? Congrats hard to go wrong.
  6. I swear I saw the cymbals. One was shaped like an arm chair.
  7. Is that your 1st non pawnshop find? I was expecting another awesome mystery find. Congrats it’s beautiful.
  8. Congrats. She purdy It pull’s off the gold hardware well. It matches the korina.
  9. Love my SG Classic. Nice chunky neck. Good luck with the sale.
  10. I just posted about my 2001 Studio and compared its carve to Gibbie’s 50s carve. Mine must be the vintage carve too. It is perfect. Just my Hamers: 93 P90 Special with Wolfetone Mean and Meaner pups. 2001 Studio Aztec Gold with Duncan 59s Newport Pro orange non sparkle I forget the year Seth Lover in bridge position Phat Kat in neck position. Korina Jr with a Wolfetone Meaner forget that year too.
  11. He deserves 3 threads. RIP and fuck da covid
  12. I still have it.. lightly played since I got her. It has the Phat Cat in the neck position like you had it set up when I got it.
  13. "Favorites" is a hard concept for me as I love all of mine. I recently broke out my Aztec Gold 2001 Studio, which I have considered selling and really haven't touched in years (yes I have too many guitars and too little time). It is a base model with Duncan 59's. The strings were 4 years old. I swapped them out gave the board a tiny bit of fret dr. No freaking way I will sell this one. Beautiful wood.. the fret board is nice and dark. I'm glad it has dots so I can see more of the mahogany. And the carve is very much like my 93 LP Studio with it's 50's carve..one of my favs. I can adapt to different carves but that 50's carve is sweet. At one point I tried boutique pickups from a famous maker I won't name. The 59's were back in within two hrs.. they are perfect for this guitar. I'm near the Jersey coast, and years ago was watching Hamers on CL. This one was in Pittsburgh listed for $1.2k for weeks. I eventually contacted the seller and he had a trip planned about 1.5 hrs away from me. I met him in a hotel lobby. I promptly pointed out the little bit of bleed at the neck joint (which has not changed in anyway since). "Oh oh the dreaded hameritis it is".. his price dropped like a stone (yeah I feel a little guilty today but times were very tight then..middle of a career change.. oh well). End of story. Sorry long winded.. been a long week.
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