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  1. some had the medium Vintage carve..I have one .. nice medium.. I have measurements some where. The one in my id is the 93 I reference.
  2. Had something similar on a Deluxe Reverb type recently. I went to the pre amp tubes (V1 and V2) first. The noise was pretty loud but would settle down after it was powered up for a bit. I removed the V1 and swapped in the V2 from channel 2 and kept the guitar plugged into channel 1. Just ran the one channel for a while and the problem was 90% better, The other pre amp tube probably is on it's way out too. So yes I'd try the pre amp tubes, one at a time. Do power tubes ever cause noise or just power issues? I love my tube amps but tubes are a pain in the butt. I see Fender has some new SS amps out ..Twins Deluxe and Princetons that are getting good reviews.One day maybe.
  3. PSA Maybe not.. who knows. Saw this on another forum. Guitar Center sale going on $899. Had me looking for a minute but big grain of salt of course. Reminds me of one I had from a special run for Musicians Friend with an ebony board from 2011 that came in yellow cherry and Alpine White. Got it used for $650 and sold for $800 a few years later, it wasn't bad. Low risk other than wasted time with GC's return policy. FWIW https://www.guitarcenter.com/Gibson/Les-Paul-Special-P-90-Limited-Edition-Electric-Guitar.gc Here's a demo: https://go.skimresources.com/?id=110320X1568182&isjs=1&jv=13.23.5-stackpath&sref=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.mylespaul.com%2Fthreads%2Fgc-pick-of-the-day-p90-lp-honeyburst.432237%2F&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.guitarcenter.com%2FGibson%2FLes-Paul-Special-P-90-Limited-Edition-Electric-Guitar-Honey-Burst-1500000220202.gc&xguid=&xs=1&xtz=240&xuuid=ca8b66cbf300b90531c2290f8e6eaa0b&abp=1
  4. Glad you're home. Sounds like you made all the right moves. Heres to a speedy recovery.
  5. I've resisted so far, on average how much would you say they are discounted percentage wise?
  6. I wonder how he stored all that stuff. Some really nice old amps.
  7. I have resisted playing with this stuff so far, have not even opened the boxes. I put it up on the local CL for $100 firm. We'll see. Maybe I'll post it here if I get CL fatigue.
  8. Yeah I thought about some of that. I was thinking something small I could get 100$ out of resale.. I already got that pedal and pedal board package linked above. Knowing me I'll probably end up keeping it or at least the board, I don't have one. Being somewhat frugal, I didn't want to waste that $140 credit that cost me $2.8k to earn. Jazz arch tops are expensive.
  9. Done 16 bucks cant go wrong ha ha. FYI, you enter the rewards bar code # under coupon code. Thanks again.
  10. I'll go with this, two Boss pedals and a small pedal board. $20 out of my pocket with tax and free shipping. I just need to figure out how to use the credit. They don't make it easy. Customer service opens later. And you can't use the credit for a gift card. They are transferable to other buyers though. https://www.guitarcenter.com/Boss/DS-1-DD-3-Players-Pack-with-BCB-30-Pedal-Board-1300744185182.gc?source=4WWRWXGP&gclid=EAIaIQobChMInIfHx_TS5AIVkIzICh1LuANJEAQYASABEgKrhfD_BwE
  11. Good idea, I'll check that. Another good idea, thanks guys!
  12. I have a credit at GC for $140 that is about to expire. I've been on their site, I don't need anything in that price range for myself and don't want to throw more money at GAS. So I was thinking I could pick up a popular pedal (or something else at that price point) and sell it unused at a discount. I have a small collection of pedals that sit in their boxes for the most part, I pretty much use a little subtle overdrive and I have two good pedals for that already. Maybe an OCD pedal or similar? I may go today so short notice I guess. Thanks
  13. I love the lack of details in their Details section as well. Someone got a good deal and if it was less than 25 years old a 45 day try out period. Really, GC used is a decent way to pick up used gear with little to no risk. Maybe the lack of info and good pics can be a good thing. Cuts down on the competition from other buyers.
  14. Exactly. It is very nice looking and all but not to knock my socks off or anything or bring down tone from the gods. I bet some of the best Brazilian RW was used up years ago. I see boards on old Fenders that look like a different level, almost really dark and tight grain. The LP guys seem to almost double the price for a guitar with a Braz board..crazy to me. Actually my nicest fret boards are probably boards from my Hamers. My 93 P90 Special may be the nicest of all, very dark chocolate colored, tight grain. And, out of all my guitars, it had the lowest purchase price (used).
  15. A few years back there where quite a few NOS Brazilian board Korina McCartys from around 2007 kicking around and Dave's comes to mind as the dealer I remember with them. Priced at around $1.4k if memory serves. Considering what a LP reissue with a Braz board goes for these are a good option for someone who wants to go down a Braz board rabbit hole. I actually got a nice one here in natural finish and naturally aged hardware . Cool guitars. The stock McCarty pickups from back then don't get a lot of love on the net but I find they are fine for me on this guitar (although I have toyed with the idea of Bareknuckle Mules and the exchange rate I hear is decent right now) . The neck is nice as well. Mine has the wide fat whatever neck, really not very wide or fat but comfy. Anything smaller I think I'd have an issue with.
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