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  1. Three for the budget minded: 95 Hamer Eclipse, I like the green. $625: https://reverb.com/p/hamer-eclipse-green-1995/used 98 Artist $795: https://reverb.com/item/26665330-hamer-artist-25th-anniversary-semi-hollow-1998 99 Artist with a Wolfetone bridge pickup.$849: And a beautiful Newport: https://reverb.com/item/26686742-hamer-newport-pro-usa-tobacco-sunburst
  2. Nice weight less than 8lbs. The seller has 5 stars and multiple deals. They are taking offers, has been only offered for a few days. With the finish flaws the price is a tad high I'd say but that's subjective. I would wonder about fret wear. It is a beauty, warts and all. I had to research the difference between Sunbursts and Studios. This old HFC thread popped up if anyone else is confused. It looks like the Sunburst evolved into the Studio? I love my Studio, bare bones base model with a AAA top in my opinion. Got it very cheap on CL. https://www.hamerfanclub.com/forums/topic/45727-new-member-help-me-choose-studio-vs-sunburst/
  3. I loved the PBS special. I had no idea how much they did. And they were just working class guys going to work every day from what it looked like. And a quick trip to Amazon. I was curious if you can read a Kindle book on a PC, probably not the best option even if you can. I see Kindle tablets and Fire tablets, maybe I'll grab one some time. Can you read kindle content on other devices? Sorry, I'm way behind on this. I used to love to read in my down time. Did a career change some time ago and had my head buried in text books for years, no leisure reading for many years. Maybe it's time.
  4. That is a lot of guitar for less than $1k. And Dave’s is great to deal with. And a wrap tail. Someone here needs it.
  5. I love the body binding. It adds a lot and obviously that top is over the top. GLWTS.
  6. A work of art. Beautiful. And that picture helps to do it justice. I have a humble standard spec Studio I found cheap on CL but I will say the top also has beautiful grain. Hamer did not discriminate. Great guitars. Good luck with the sale. And I hope it stays in the club.
  7. Or another option, really a compromise I suppose, is on a guitar with two P90s, to have one reverse wound. I have two like this, one with Wolftones (my P90 Special) and one with Lollars, a Heritage H 125. In the middle/ dual pup position when the volumes are matched the hum is cancelled. It helps if the guitar also has two tone pots.
  8. Looking at that top it really reminds me of my Aztec Gold Studio’s top, lots of flame. Hamer really used beautiful wood. Not to even mention the fret boards. I believe in 93 Hamer was using two standard neck carves one being their “vintage” carve which was a little chunkier than the standard carve. My 93 P90 Special has the vintage...really just a nice medium but not too thin. I have the measurements somewhere. Again, congrats.
  9. Congrats I love the top and I love Aztec Gold. I never tried a FM Special but it’s a model that interests me.
  10. I have a Studio in Aztec Gold too. Great guitar. It sat on the Pittsburgh CL for a few months at $1200 I contacted the guy once. Was able to meet him when he was in my area. Had a little of that finish issue at the neck joint. Enabled me to educate him on Hameritis and get a great deal. Crazy how these go so cheap. And I actually like the plain dot markers better than traps on a Hamer because the rosewood is always so beautiful.
  11. From the Hamer Jr ad: " Also a switchcraft type jack socket has been fitted due to the failure of the original tubular style jack socket which are renowned as problematic. ". Evidently the seller hasn't been read in on those stock jacks, some cables work fine others don't. There is a thread or two here on the subject. I replaced one or two before learning about it. And, maybe it's just me, but that Jr is crying out for a black pickup cover.
  12. Is that what they are selling for lately? I have a minty one and need to pay for my recent GAS. Hard decision though.
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