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  1. Wishing you the best Tom. You have the right attitude for sure. Best of luck.
  2. Nice rosewood board. I say that a lot about Hamer boards.. not surprisingly. Good luck with it. Considering what else is out there at this price it’s kind of astonishing.
  3. Imagine what Leo would say. Pretty cool to look at for a second. How much did Clapton even use this one? As a museum piece I get that is relevant.
  4. Buying used from GC is pretty low risk. Non vintage (less than 25 yrs old) comes with 45 day return policy. Last I checked anyhow. Congrats!
  5. I like how the top matches the fingerboard. And it looks like a dark back which I love. A lot of guitar for the money ..goes without saying.
  6. A lot of guitar for the price for sure. Actually I think I bought an Orange one from the OP .. a good seller.
  7. The one in my id picture is a 93. From the ads I saw that was the only burst. There were three finishes for sure from the ad that comes to mind. Burst, TV Yellow and Cherry. Mine spent its life under a bass players bed. It’s still like new and it looks like the ad. Maybe they did other bursts too. I like mine it’s different. I got it here from a guy near Philly.
  8. And the P90s in mine were like 16k ohms I wound up with Wolfe Mean and Meaner P90s Much sweater tones, more vintage maybe to me. I like that burst didn’t know it was offered in 93.
  9. They had 2 neck carves that year mine is a vintage carve. Which really is more of a medium. Not skinny though.
  10. Vintage to GC means 3 day return period not 45 days. 25 yrs or older last I researched the policy.
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