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  1. Selling a guitar, feeling bad about it and trying to get it back - a common story, I know. Happened to me once with a Peavey Generation I sold on ebay and got it back from the buyer a few years later via ebay, too. This Peavey was one of three guitars I sold during the last years and regretted it shortly after. The second one was the US made Dean Soltero MGH I sold in 2013 to raise funds for our first RV US trip. I got it via ebay, liked it, but not so much that I did keep it. Fast forward a year or two: Remorse kicks in. Reaching out to the buyer to get it back, no luck.
  2. Pretty cool... Never had one in my hand, but then I do nit shred... 😌 Prices seem way steep. Sometimes one shows up here, selling for half or even less...
  3. Ok, folks, cards on the table: Who put an hold on that seafoam (SEAFOAM!!) SS?
  4. If you don‘t mind some shipping and maybe some language problems: Try eBay Germany (adds too) Mercantino Musicale (Italy) zkinf (France) European source where good deals can happen.
  5. This is the way you look after getting kicked out of bed by a false fire alarm in your hotel in Strassbourg. We should start thinking about a new European meeting... For the post pandemic days.
  6. Not another brand to check out. Please. I hate this place. 😎 Seriously: Any models with a special „HFC approved“ sticker on them? I mean - they even do this: https://godinguitars.com/product/godin-picks-checkerboard-71mm-medium-12-pack
  7. Well, just to avoid misunderstandings: I posted the link after seeing it on CL - like all of us do from time to time, and without any personal affiliation to the seller and of course without any intention to cause a turmoil... 😌
  8. Some of you may remember that my wife run for mayor in our hometown and got elected in April. She started her new job in May (and its a 60hrs and more week she has now), and as a consequence I cut my working time to 50% - just to get the familiy running. But as life goes, there is (happy me, I know) some time left, and beside playing guitar I decided to use my business skills to start a little company, offering web/design/photography/pr-services. It all starts with a name and a web site, you find the english version here: https://www.blue-machine.de/en/home/ And a
  9. What he ^ says. Beside the fact that Thomann is not as „hot“ as you may suspect after visiting the website.
  10. https://columbus.craigslist.org/msg/d/cincinnati-1980-hamer-usa-sunburst/7169693959.html no affiliation
  11. Congratulations! Hope it plays and sounds as good as it looks. If so I‘d like to call dibs on that one... 😊
  12. I would not bet a Hamer on this, but to my knowledge there is no explicit „music quarter“ in any German town. Depending on the size you will find some somewhere around the city. But concentrated like in Paris? Non, monsieur. And certainly not with that amount of coolness and mojo. Way to stiff, ze dschermans. Believe me. I know.
  13. Thanks! Concerning the RV - ask the other members here how I bored them to death with my road trip diaries in 2013 and 2015... 😂 if you rent one in Germany you will have to calculate 80-120 Euro/day, depending on size and comfort. Ours is f***ing small, more a camper than a motorhome. We got it from a friend for 300/week, which is a bargain. But I got no further recommendations on RVs here. Other than in the US😎
  14. As noted elsewhere I am in France for vacation (close to Biarritz to be precise), one more time with a (very, very small) RV. On our way to the Atlantic we passed Paris, and I could not resist to visit the Pigalle district, which seems to be some kind of red light district (proof at the end of this thread). But I was not there for this kind of amusement but for the music shops instead: You find plenty of them only a few steps away. Stars Music is a shop that spreads over three or four stores, everyone specialized on a certain istrument (strings, keyboard etc.). Nothing spec
  15. Next time you are around you will have to check out mine... 😎
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