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  1. Brewmaster


  2. Should I build another PLEXI or....

  3. This is mission impossible. I just sold off a bunch of transformers I had lying around to accumulate cash for a purchase. I need to sell off My Sheraton and a few more amp parts I have lying around to have the amount I need. It never ends.........
  4. If you get them don't play in front of under aged girls and you should be fine.
  5. Brewmaster

    Blues Jr

    Yes, I'm interested in your report as well. I've installed BillM mods in several BJ's and had some happy customers. I put a Cannabis Rex in one and a 30 watt Greenback in another.(Whatever the customer wants I do). Anyway, with the Cannabis Rex the amp is extremly loud( 102db efficiency rating) and when combined with the basic mods increases clean headroom a bunch. It still broke up plenty when cranked and he learned to control OD with the volume knob on his guitar. He gigs with it on a regular basis. The Cannabis Rex is an unsung speaker, once is breaks in it sounds really good with most any amp, particularly El84 based amps. So good I put a pair in my old Marshall 2x12. I also put one in a couple of Marshall DLS401's for some customers and got the same feedback. Once it breaks in it sounds really good. What I'm trying to tell you is give the amp some time and wait for the speaker to break in if it isn't broken in already.
  6. Brewmaster

    Leo Knows Tone

    Holy Moly!!!!!!!! Chord Chemistry, and what looks like an original copy. I had that and another from the same publisher called "Quadraponic Fingering" by Mitch Holder. I had learned all that stuff back in the day. Then I quit playing for 15 years. DOH!!!!
  7. Brewmaster

    Tell us about your screen name

    Mine is self explanatory. I home brewed for years. I don't have the space any longer and I don't drink that much anymore. With the advent of the microbreweries there are plenty of high quality beers around these days so if I want a beer that is as good as one of mine was the odds are much better I'll find something.
  8. Brewmaster

    Need a new turntable...

    I actually found a replacement stylus for 39.99 @ J&R Music World. http://www.jr.com/shure/pe/SHU_N97XE/ The new cartridge there is 54.99 so why bother with just the stylus to save 15.00. I didn't buy either yet but now that you mentioned the SAS stylus I will wait a little longer.
  9. Brewmaster

    Need a new turntable...

    I ended up with the AT LP120. I ordered the AT95e cart right away. With I saw the recommended tracking force for the AT2 that came with the TT I cringed. I'll also ordered a replacement stylus for the Shure M97ex cart I have. The other POS TT I had chewed it up. I'll mount it on a spare head shell and then do some A/B comparisons in my spare time. A separate phono preamp is also in my future.
  10. Brewmaster

    6V6 Current vs. NOS

    Green ink Smoked glass and Blackplates are RCA manufactured for Sylvania and are most likely late 50's but why pick at nits. Those tubes are the smooth and creamy, same as the RCA black plates. The best of the best IMHO. The grey plates, clear glass, are great tubes as well and some actually prefer them.
  11. Brewmaster

    6V6 Current vs. NOS

    Many of those old preamp tubes may not die in your lifetime. Some of the superior materials from back in the day were also toxic so they don't use them anymore. There was a stretch of time were the Sylvania grey plates were identical to the RCA grey plates.(early 60's?)
  12. Brewmaster

    6V6 Current vs. NOS

    Those Mesa 12ax7's may be overstamped JJ's. I don't know for sure who they are sourcing from these days.
  13. Brewmaster

    3 birthdays today

    I see TT made it to 59. HBD to all!
  14. Brewmaster

    6V6 Current vs. NOS

    The only tip I can give to people is to use preamp tubes with short plates to improve the odds. JAN tubes are best because they were designed for heavy duty use and G force resistance. I haven't tried any of the cyro treated tubes yet. From what I remember from my science classes and metallurgy I do know that cyro treatment impacts the molecular structure of the metal parts, as does extreme heat.
  15. Brewmaster

    6V6 Current vs. NOS

    The same can be said for the TAD Short bottle 6L6'(WCG-STR). I put a pair in a Deluxe Reverb for a local musician and they sounded spectacular. Speaking of 6l6's the short bottle Tung Sol 6l6STR is another great choice as a 5881 replacement or lower power 6l6. I put a pair in a real Tweed Bassman, (had to adjust the 56k bias resistor) and they also sounded great. Very good grasshopper. Speaking of old Tesla, the hex plate el-84's are my personal favorites. I got over two years in my 18 watt prototype and they sounded as good as the Mullards I have. I also like them better than the Amperex's I have. The round plate Tesla EL-84 sound good but have a tendency to go microphonic and are better off for use in old tube stereos