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  1. I used to not care for SGs, until I picked one up and it felt simple in a good way. In fact, for some reason SGs strike me as a Gibson version of a Tele; a flat slab of wood that works precisely because it's simple. Sure, it has buckers and isn't exactly twangy, but it's the simplicity that gives me that vibe...though I prefer a Tele.
  2. I was at that concert. I was the guy crowd-surfing on a camel.
  3. I think Peggy Bundy is kind of hot. In a rack full of Hamers sort of way.
  4. When I took my guitar to the clinic, the doctor asked why I needed to bring a guitar with me just to get hemmeroids lasered.
  5. I dunno, a "superstrat" without a whammy bar is like Superman with kryptonite in his underwear. It just ain't "super" anymore. At that point it's just a Strat-shaped Lester. Not that there's anything wrong with that, if that's your thing. Different strokes for different folks...or different Strats for different...rats?
  6. SS frets aren't snake oil. Aside from lasting nearly forever, mine remain persistently shiny like newly polished frets, and string bending is silky smooth. They do nothing to improve tone (and they don't hurt the tone any either), but for playability and looks, they're awesome. And it didn't cost me a penny more for the stainless than if I'd had the tech use regular wire. Titanium frets on the other hand is just unnecessary overkill. I wonder if they'd give the guitar a brittle tone.
  7. My Magic 8 Ball says that ain't happening.
  8. "...caused by effects of introduced taxa." .... Does that mean someone brought that beetle over from somewhere else? Or that it found its way here on its own? The problem with people bringing these foreign creatures is they don't know what damage they can do. Isn't there some Asian fish introduced back east or down south causing all sorts of trouble? I know pythons are a menace in Florida because knuckleheads who got them and decided they didn't want them just let them go into the wild.
  9. Yeah, I've heard that classical guitars have flat fretboards. It's just not something one is likely to see in electrics.
  10. Okay, zen, I ordered that A2 rough cast magnet. I'll report results when it arrives and I get a chance to swap magnets.
  11. I'm sorry, I totally mis-typed what I meant. I meant to say that I thought most Hamers have a 14.5 fretboard radius, not scale length. In fact, my comment was so confusing looking back at it, I'm surprised anyone even attempted to respond. Who ever heard of 24.5 radius? So to go back to what I meant to ask, don't most Hamers have a 14.5" radius, not 12"?
  12. I really enjoyed watching that. 12" radius? I thought all Hamers were 24.5" radius?
  13. First off, thanks everyone so far for chiming in. This is interesting stuff. Regarding the potting, as I've already noted, I tried the mag swap with an A8 (which I thought was a horrible result). Having never tinkered with a pickup before, I just unwrapped the tape and pushed the magnet out, which loosened the wax that was already in there. After deciding that I didn't like the A8, I put the A5 back in, and, because of the dry wax that had fallen out during the tinkering, the pickup now sounded a lot more open than it originally had. I kind of liked it at first, but then it began to squeal a bit, which led me to believe it was due to the absence of the wax. Not being one to solder, I didn't disconnect the pickup during the mag swaps, and I wasn't about to disconnect it now to re-pot it. So I pulled it out of the cavity, unwound the tape again, and I melted bees wax onto a spoon and spoon-fed the wax into the space between/under the coils where the magnet slides in. I just kept feeding wax into it until it poured out the other side and then became filled. After taping things back up and reinstalling, the squeal was gone and never came back and the pickup sounds great again. So, yeah, that wax must certainly keep things quiet. To address the other comments about the covers, the higher-output Dimarzio Slammer pups on my Cali didn't come with covers, so there's nothing for me to tinker with there. To address the A2 magnet option, don't the pickups in the EVH Wolfgang use A2 magnets? I thought the pickups in that guitar sounded much weaker than the Cali, despite the fact that I liked its other characteristics. I suppose that guitar sounds great with high gain or a 50+watt amp cranked up, but I have neither and I prefer the sound of the Cali. But if I were to try an A2 in the Dimarzio, will it become a lot weaker? I would love it if it would thicken up the single notes and add a little clarity. I just don't want it to get too weak. I still want to be able to get the same harmonics without having to use really high gain. I don't like buzz-saw tone or fuzz. I like clarity with power, if that makes sense. The natural break up that comes with power is the tone I like. I don't like high gain pedals or distortion-in-box.
  14. You're probably right. I often look back at the little things that occupy my time and wonder why I wasted time (and money) with such stuff. Still, it's sometimes fun to tinker.
  15. Anyone ever swap magnets in their pups? I tried an A8 in the Dimarzio Slammer pup that came in my Cali, but I didn't like it and put the A5 magnet back in. I'm tempted to try an A2 magnet in there but don't know whether it's worth the trouble, because if I try it, I'll also probably have to re-pot the pup as well. I'm just being lazy about it, so wondering if anyone tried it and what the results were.
  16. What, no one trusts the grifter that says, "If you like your online instrument selling site, you can keep it"?
  17. Yeah, I should have said none of the "Wolfgang" guitars qualify as a super-Strat, rather than none of the EVH guitars qualify. As you intimated, the EVH guitar above created the super-Strat category single-handeded as far as I'm concerned, even if there were others who dabbled with the Strat-body-with-humbucker formula. Charvel probably tried to copy Ed's formula first and, as far as looks go, I think their early guitars caught that vibe visually better than the more extreme Strat-like mutations that came later (Jackson Soloists may be Strat-bodied in their general silhouette but, like the Cali even, they don't have the smooth body edges and Fender head-stock to pass for a Strat; not the way the early Charvels did anyway). But I still think the Cali, if set up and/or modded correctly, promulgates the spirit of the guitar above better than most with respect to performance, even if not with respect to looks (one can hardly argue that the Cali looks more like the Frankenstrat above than the current EVH striped series, which are more or less Frankenstrat clones as far as looks are concerned).
  18. None of the EVH style guitars qualify as super-Strats. I like their shape, and they're definitely shredders (it's hard to argue that theyre not made for a style of shredding), but it seems rather obvious that to be a super-Strat, one of most obvious and necessary criteria is having a body that resembles a Strat. When I finally acquired an EVH Wolfgang, it lasted about a week before I turned around and sold it. It was great in every way except that my Cali blew it away when it came to how it played. Sure, it was pretty with the flame top and tobacco burst paint, and I have to confess the pickups were very clear in terms of having zero mud no matter how much gain you threw at it. But the body wasn't comfortable or easily balanced to hold (for me), the sharp-edged binding annoyed my forearm, the neck was nowhere as fast or comfortable as the Cali (again, for me), the SS frets on the Cali were way nicer (though they're obviously not stock), the Cali's Slammer bridge pup, while not quite as clear, was more aggressive and made it easier to get those pinch harmonics without requiring as much gain to get there the way the Wolfgang did (I think the EVH pups use A2 magnets, right?) They definitely seemed like weaker pups compared to the Cali's Dimarzio with the A5 magnet. Frankly, every time I consider trying another bridge pup, I play the Cali and am reminded just how much I dig the Dimarzio. When it's cooking, it's glorious. I think I read where Zen suggested that pup was Dimarzio's version of a JB, and it sure comes close, only it's a bit more open, less compressed. That pup is a perfect match for the Cali (for what I want; if you hate a JB kind of sound, then not so much for you).... Yeah, the Cali wins my vote hands down, and not just because I'm a Hamer fan. I'm a big EVH fan, too, but that isn't enough to blind me to which guitar I prefer playing, even if it doesn't have a fancy flame top or fancy fretboard (to paraphrase Mr. Solo, she's not much to look at, but she's got it where it counts).
  19. To be fair, it doesn't look half as cartoonish as Fender's traditional body styles, all of which I dig precisely because of their googie style. But the EVH style bodies are a hybrid of what's best about Teles and Lesters in my opinion.
  20. Honestly, as far as sound goes, they were all very similar to my ears, and that's probably because the way a person plays really determines the sound a lot of the time. If you take any distinctive player, they'll likely sound like them no matter what they're playing, but even more so if the guitars are made for a similar style of music. I could name which guitars I preferred, but it would be more based on personal preference, not sound. I like the Cali, Axis, and Suhr, in that order, for entirely subjective, non-musical-sound reasons. Don't much care for the rest. But it's a nice collection you got there. Since you're the one playing them, which do you prefer and in what order, from best to least favorite?
  21. They're actually quite easy to beat...with a stick.
  22. Until someone pries my Van Halen albums from my cold, dead hands, rock ain't dead in my house, and neither is the electric guitar. Now get off my lawn as I crank my amp!
  23. My first album was a K--Tel record (the album collection was titled, "Believe In Music" with the song of the same name) from either Thrifty Drug Store or TG&Y. It did have a variety of songs and some not-big-hits. I played that album to death. Whats interesting was that, as a kid, I wasn't familiar with bands or who really sang what, plus MTV wasn't around and I never knew what the artists looked like or who they really were. It wasn't until I was much older that I realized who many of the bands on that record were. One of the songs was by Ricky Springfield, which was weird because my mom would watch him on General Hospital and I didn't even know this guy on a soap opera was also a singer on that old K-Tel record. I think my favorite song from that record was "Brandy", which I hear all the time now because of it being on the second Guardians of the Galaxy film.
  24. I stink, so a good day for me has less to do with the equipment and more to do with being able to play everything as if I'd just been to the crossroads.
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