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  1. I thought all Newport Pros came with SD humbuckers?
  2. Sure, you mentioned the film, but nobody mentioned piƱatas?
  3. Are you talking about music gear or old girlfriends?
  4. I remember seeing that one posted some time ago; it's a gorgeous color!
  5. How about cosmetic mods? Or anyone refinish their Newport in non-factory finish?
  6. Does anyone know if there ever was a Newport made with a spalted maple top? That's a lovely wood grain, and I dig the way it looks on the Tally.
  7. Yeah, that Capri orange (depending on the sample) seems like a cross between pumpkin and a Dreamsicle. It's a cool color in all its variations. I have to admit, that's one of my attractions to the Gretch 6120s which come in a variety of orange. The original Newport, however, seems to lean closer to red; in fact, my wife calls my Newport "the red-head". She doesn't think of it as orange at all.
  8. What kind of pups are those? Are they regular single coil or some kind of P90 thing? They look like the old pre-Tron Gretsch pups.
  9. I went to NAMM this month and there was so much guitar bling that I became desensitized to it after a while. It's kind of like when Syndrome (in the first Incredibles film) notes, 'when everyone is super, no one is'. Kind of like, when everyone in the class gets an 'A', 'A' is sort of the average so how can anyone be truly 'above average'? The point is, when everything is blingy pretty, nothing really stands out. It made me appreciate what I already had at home all the more. Honestly, I wouldn't trade my dinged up Cali for a single guitar there, and I'm serious about that. And I'll bet it plays every bit as the best guitar there. Anyhow, I'm with Jim. I think most any reasonably good design has been done and everything is a variation on them. Sure, one can always try to be different, but at some point "different" isn't at all better, and is usually worse. But even "innovators" have their influences. In any case, that was my first NAMM show, but it sort of had a different effect on me than I had thought it would have.
  10. About the only inlays I like besides plain dot inlays are Hamer's victory inlays. They look great in that Newport!
  11. So I wanted to get an eyeful of Newport pron and I noticed that the Newport Appreciation thread was one of the victims of Photobucket's ruining of nearly every photo-heavy thread on every subject on the internet. So, like, anyone interested in starting over and posting your Newport pics here? (Someone's bound to ask why I didn't get the ball rolling and post some pics of my own, but I figure just starting this thread was doing my part enough. The rest is up to you. Anyone? Anyone? Beuller?)
  12. I think the conclusion of the video is wrong. I strung my Newport with high-tension power cables stolen from the back of an Edison truck and my educated speculation is that it would have sounded far better than the sissy strings made for guitars that they were testing. Of course, those power cables won't fit into guitar tuners, but after JB Welding things together and trying to tune the guitar, the neck snapped like a twig... But if it had worked, I'm comfident it would have sounded better.
  13. David Lee Roth used to say, "You play music, you don't 'work' music." So as long as you're playing, you're having fun, and ain't that what music is all about? Good to hear from you, Nathan... By the way, whatever happened to your Nugent Cali?
  14. Oh wait, that's not Mr. Rogers at all! It's the love child of Han Solo and Pincess Leia, only it's painfully obvious Leia had a fling with Rick Moranis there, because guitar Kylo looks nothing like Han.
  15. Wow, when did Mr. Rogers start doing guitar lessons? I hope they included that in the new film with Tom Hanks.
  16. Ditto. - Man of few words department
  17. Can't afford a custom build, but I wish I could because I would have supported Mike when he started taking orders. I don't even acknowledge the new "Hamer" company, because I think Shishkovs are the only legitimate heirs to the Hamer legacy.
  18. I only own three guitars, all Hamers, two of them purchased online because a Hamer USA guitar is the only thing I'd trust buying without first playing. I'm sure there are other guitars just as good to buy sight unseen, but I probably couldn't afford them. Frankly, I don't really need more guitars, as the three I have can cover most any style my limited talent could ever play... Speaking of buying (or not buying) more guitars, I was looking at Hamers on Reverb recently. Are Hamer prices rising? I know the $350 days are gone, but it's getting to where good deals in general are disappearing. It's as if USA Hamer prices may actually reach their actual value someday. I'd like to get a Junior someday, but those are no longer a bargain.
  19. Association fees SUCK. I'd never move into a place with a cost that might increase and one has no potential of ever paying off. It's like renting instead of buying, only you don't feel hit as hard because the cost isn't as high as rent, but it's still a slow drain on your wallet. It's like buying and renting at the same time. Is a front gate and community pool really worth that extra expense? Heck, buy a bigger lot and build your own gate to keep door-knockers away, but don't pay the blood-sucking association which will try to run your life.
  20. One nice thing about selling an entire collection is that you know it's all going to someone who will likely appreciate or care for those instruments until they pass into other hands. Whereas, when you sell to one person at a time, you never know if that buyer kicks off, his kid will get the guitar snd sell for drug-money, it'll get thrashed it around, and then pawned off where it'll collect dust and never be appreciated. Of course, there's no guarantee that a well-cared for collection won't be inherited by a dweeb and sold off piecemeal and eventually deteriorate as well, but there are more millionaires today than in the past, so this boomer sell-off that everyone speculates about may not be the bargain blast that everyone thinks may happen. It may just be that all of the new, young wealth buys up those old collections, thus keeping it in money hands.
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