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  1. As a teaser for the MCCHRIS pictures, here are a couple more from last weekend:
  2. Thanks!!! I had a couple of people on the lookout for hotdogging and grandstanding- LOL!
  3. I'm sure you will - it pretty much plays itself
  4. The shows went great (we set another attendance record in Toledo/Maumee) This guitar is SO much fun to play! Anyone who still on the fence about spending some time with it should get in line for delivery! The neck reminds me of the earliest SG/Les Pauls - which is pretty typical for old Specials. I used a couple "off brand" guitars along with it that don't have shreddish necks, to make transitions painless. The pictures are starting to trickle in - I've been promised many more, and a video or two, as well (I'll post more as they appear). Gig One (Lazy Chameleon, Powell, Ohio): Gig Two
  5. I just had an idea: Any Northern Ohio/Southern Michigan HFCers in line for the guitar? Or, just come to get a picture with it We are playing the Maumee Summer Fair (a Toledo suburb) on 08/14, It is a fun gig - it looks like this: BUT - If someone else wants it for that weekend, that's OK, too, I can send it
  6. The guitar has safely arrived in Central Ohio.
  7. Don't let svl buy it or he will put a Kahler on it! Fortunately for all involved, my 4-digit Standard already has a Kahler on it, so I won't be pursuing this one.
  8. This weekend, we'll do our best to show the guitar the kind of '80s wretched excess that would make a pirate happy
  9. What a great idea! (Gene- Thanks for letting me know about it! ) Pease add me to the list - I can pass it on to DavidE, or whoever:)
  10. Great photo, you refinished it a cool color. ......John and Monty eventually parted ways and Monty stopped working. John had a small workshop in the city where he continued doing work for me. John did the woodwork on the first 6 or 7 virtuosos! An unsung Hamer Hero. Paul Hamer Paul Hamer Paul... Wow! Thanks for the new info on this. Much appreciated. Steve Matthis actually picked the refin color before I got it from him. Yeah, cool color. May I ask a few more question? I've been a bassist forever it seems but I also play guitar. Because of my really big hands/long reach I especially LOVE the
  11. Its a brand new mouse pad, with artwork taken from a 1980s magazine, auctioned by a seller who currently has 70 other music-related mouse pads. Yup, if he doesn't have more at the moment, he has a source.
  12. What's the modern equivalent to those SS1 single coils? I'm sure I used to know.... And...which single coil Duncan is in the '90s Phantoms?
  13. It would be +much+ simpler to drill the holes in the speakzrs .
  14. I've used several other amps over the years in the name of versatility or portability, but I invariably come back to my 50 watt smallbox Marshall Jubilee head. I'm using it with a matching 2-12 slant cab for most indoor gigs, and with a matclhng 4-12 for big stage outdoor gigs. With a G-System for pre and post effects and routing, and a Rocktron Chameleon for the kind of sounds the Marshall's preamp doesn't do, I've got a rig small enough to fit in my Mustang, that's versatile and responsive, with two kitchen sinks full of effects overkill (but it still sounds great with all of them shut off).
  15. Angela said to tell you she's said a prayer for you, too.
  16. Vintage Fenders are adjusted at the other end of the neck. Looking at the truss rod adjusters, they are both "lefty loosey - righty tighty".
  17. If you want a trem, a PRS is the one to get. I had a custom ordered Studio Custom with tremelo, and replaced it with a regular CU22. The five way pickup switch gives me humbucking and single coil tones, too. One of my old Phantoms is my first choice for gigging, but the spare is usually a PRS. So, get a used PRS. One with.......a ding. The typical PRS guy will want nothing to do with it, and the price will reflect it.
  18. I used to have a pair of those '80s Peavey slant 4-12 cabs that were built like vintage Marshall cabs. When I was playing originals, I stacked the cabs, and put two 50 watt Jubilee heads on top. Later, I used them side by side, with a head on each cab for large stage outdoor gigs. Last year, I ran across a slant Jubilee cabinet for .......$400 So, the Peaveys are gone, and I have a silver half stack for when I'm in the mood. But, that would require taking the mini van. I'd rather drive the Mustang (My Switchblade or a Marshall head and a 2-12 fit in it) , and enjoy the ride AND the gi
  19. It sure would look good on stage with an 80s band....
  20. Speaking of that Jackson, its $150 CHEAPER on eBay. http://cgi.ebay.com/Jackson-USA-Soloist-Sp...1QQcmdZViewItem
  21. It was great to see everyone there- Al, it wasn't the same without you! That Jackson has been coming to the show for years. It was $1100 a few years ago, and was tagged at $1295 this year One thing that still DOES happen at guitar shows is the "killer deal". A buddy of mine bought a pre-serial number Klon yesterday. For $150.
  22. Jemmie, Acoustics are the ones that are loud without an amp but feedback the wrong way when you plug it into a stack. ; )
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