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  1. frankb

    Rivera Amps

    I've got one- purchased new years ago. Great clean, distortion channel needs to be loud w/ boost engaged for optimal sound imo. Great build quality. Would not be my first choice for a bedroom/ quiet practice amp. Shines when you can open it up but I find that's the case with most amps. They all have a sweet spot
  2. Like new Lt. Still has plastic on screen. Never mounted on board, no velcro Comes with Helix backpack current firmware, WT cartographer patch and mb ir Can send pictures via email or text $825 shipped /ppdone many deals here and TGP over the years. Few things on reverb https://reverb.com/shop/franks-gear-bazaar-170/feedback
  3. Thanks! H9 has never left box. Es-8 never been mounted on a board
  4. Boss Es-8 $485 shipped has most recent update, box, power supply . No Velcro. Not using large pedalboard so ES-5 is better fit for my medium board H9 max- $500 Still in box, never used on board. Hasbag, power supply Was going to put this 2nd one board w/ es-8 but one h9 and m9 is covering the bases will take checks or pp can talk via phone to confirm my info I'm Frankb on TGP as well Can forward pictures, both pieces are in great shape H9 never used on board can't upload iPhone pics for some reason Haven't purchased anything on HFC in a while but have done deals with many veteran HFC'ers
  5. frankb

    Brooks in accident

    man, i hate to hear that. hope you have a complete & speedy recovery
  6. I finally received my set of strings after e-mailing twice and being 'assured' that the strings were on the way. I finally filed a dispute w/ paypal as the time limit was nearing. The strings were then overnighted to me. It was disappointing that I had to attempt to cancel the order before it was fulfilled as I've not had that kind of trouble before. Even more interesting- I received a package of strings this week. Evidently this was the batch of strings that I was 'assured' was being sent a month ago. I e-mailed Dean about this and was requested to send them back and he stated that he would reimburse me for shipping. Even after all the other stuff, I had to be honest. Even though I really like the strings I'm doubtful that I'll order them again unless I hear many positive stories about order fulfillment.
  7. I get the same thing from T-I PowerBrites. The Thomastik are good strings
  8. I've been using SOB strings for a while even though I have access to less expensive but good strings. I primarily use the SOB b/c they do last for quite awhile (multiple gigs and practices), stay in tune well and generally don't break (though there was a batch a couple of years ago that popped like firecrackers- they replaced those for me). I've always had to wait a month or so for them but expected that from this company. I ordered some strings (10 packs) 3 weeks ago and have been told that mine are shipping early this week. It does seem like some folks are left hanging w/o their strings for quite some time which would be annoying . I've heard that SOB is increasing production to decrease delays but we'll have to see if that is the case. I hope it is sorted out b/c they are really good strings. I've used Thomastik , DR's, D'addario's, Fenders, SIT, Mangans, Gibson, webstrings and some others that escape my feeble brain at this time.
  9. frankb

    Kaman sold to Fender

    A few early PRS had strat like pickguards and strat like pickups. I believe you're talking about the original EG series. Cool guitars though the neck joints could be troublesome on them. I like them so much I've got two of 'em.
  10. frankb

    Back in the saddle...

    Wow! Congrats
  11. Here ya' go http://www.atomicamps.com/faq.html never tried one but thought it was an interesting idea. I spend way too much time looking at gear that I have no current use for......
  12. frankb

    I lost my Mom today

    Sorry to hear about your loss
  13. What kind of stuff are you looking for?
  14. frankb

    Got Married!

    Best wishes to you and the family. Congrats. Still peek through Intellishred for ideas- very cool of you to commit your ideas to paper to share w/ others. Looking forward to the new version.