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  1. Hate to hear that- hope your recovery goes well
  2. They are great live- chops with a sense of humor
  3. Cool! Let me know- I'll support you by picking it up
  4. Those are some great tones! Should put it up on L6 marketplace
  5. Hope the remainder of your recovery goes well! I had a tib/fib break (only one leg) that took an extended time to heal. Listen to the doctor- take your time to get better. Best wishes
  6. man, i hate to hear that. hope you have a complete & speedy recovery
  7. I finally received my set of strings after e-mailing twice and being 'assured' that the strings were on the way. I finally filed a dispute w/ paypal as the time limit was nearing. The strings were then overnighted to me. It was disappointing that I had to attempt to cancel the order before it was fulfilled as I've not had that kind of trouble before. Even more interesting- I received a package of strings this week. Evidently this was the batch of strings that I was 'assured' was being sent a month ago. I e-mailed Dean about this and was requested to send them back and he stated that he woul
  8. I get the same thing from T-I PowerBrites. The Thomastik are good strings
  9. I've been using SOB strings for a while even though I have access to less expensive but good strings. I primarily use the SOB b/c they do last for quite awhile (multiple gigs and practices), stay in tune well and generally don't break (though there was a batch a couple of years ago that popped like firecrackers- they replaced those for me). I've always had to wait a month or so for them but expected that from this company. I ordered some strings (10 packs) 3 weeks ago and have been told that mine are shipping early this week. It does seem like some folks are left hanging w/o their strings fo
  10. A few early PRS had strat like pickguards and strat like pickups. I believe you're talking about the original EG series. Cool guitars though the neck joints could be troublesome on them. I like them so much I've got two of 'em.
  11. Here ya' go http://www.atomicamps.com/faq.html never tried one but thought it was an interesting idea. I spend way too much time looking at gear that I have no current use for......
  12. Best wishes to you and the family. Congrats. Still peek through Intellishred for ideas- very cool of you to commit your ideas to paper to share w/ others. Looking forward to the new version.
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