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  1. As time is closing in on the gig next week, the singer showed how he is out of touch with reality. If he expects someone to come in knowing 45 songs with key changes and different arrangements all within a week that band is going to have to pull off a miracle.
  2. UFO with Phil Mogg has more tour dates, but they are done in the USA. They cancelled their appearance with Blue Öyster Cult this past Sunday which really left a lot of people unhappy. Someone in UFO was ill.
  3. That Vinnie Vincent Invasion album is good. Vinnie could write and play. His problem was how he destroyed all the good things that came his way. He worked himself out of KISS. He had a great band that he could not get along with. Since then he has been living off his past. Too bad. Again, that album is worth a listen.
  4. I remember buying the first Keel album and thinking they were OK but not as good as other bands. I remember a lot of bands putting out albums that were produced according to a formula, too. An anthem for everyone to sing in concert... A slow song for a radio ballad... When you bought an album you knew all that was going to be there, and I hated it. The bands were all dressing alike, too. You could tell who got their stage clothes in L.A. and who got theirs in NYC. Queensrÿche did not have either look, nor did they sound like everyone else, and that was a good thing.
  5. Halford looks like a good guy for making a mention of working with KK again. It could be a calculated statement to mitigate criticism before another tour with two replacement guitar players. I think the real problem is a clash between KK and Glenn, so with Glenn likely not present at most shows it will be easier for KK to play a show with Judas Priest every now and then.
  6. Tickets go on sale today. The presale password is JPMETAL.
  7. That amp makes me think of those miniature furniture samples that were in stores decades ago. You had a sample of the upholstery and a color combination without taking up a lot of space.
  8. Reading through the thread at the other message board someone has already pointed out what I heard. When my home studio was together we mic'ed cabinets, so cab simulators were something I never tried out. Having so many choices of simulators versus two cabs and a variety of mics could make a day in the studio interesting. It is good that someone got all those short sound clips together to cut out a lot of wasted time going back and forth.
  9. If someone is into Marilyn Manson that O.J. paint job makes perfect sense.
  10. Sharon is going to push that mule till it drops dead.
  11. I would go to a show, but watch this new band be limited to Europe.
  12. Has anyone seen the prices Ozzy tickets have been going for? Refunding the tickets and fees is like a country refunding all the taxes it collects.
  13. Cool review! That setlist is a good one, too. There may have been a show I attended where Robin was not singing everything perfect, but most of the time he has been on pitch. Having his son play the last couple of times I have seen them is starting to look normal to me.
  14. This news is a shock. A lot guys here used his services.
  15. I liked it, and it would be nice to be in Europe to see K.K. Downing with his own band at a festival.
  16. Caparison could tell you who made their picks.
  17. I am waiting on a customer to show up, so I had time to look this thing up. Tronad is an Indian manufacturer. The Mohan Veena is played like a steel guitar. You would think the slide would bang into the tuners and the posts in the fretboard.
  18. Dave was entertaining last night. We can make jokes at his expense, and yet he can still steal your girlfriend after the show.
  19. Yeah. They hang out with the cool Vespa riders.
  20. Cool piano players now play relics.
  21. Roth is rotating through different setlists on this tour, so there is a possibility of hearing one or two different songs from one night to the next if you see him more than once.
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