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  1. The camera has no formatting utility.
  2. There is no format option in the camera.
  3. This whole thing sounds a little off. Lita Ford is offering replicas of Salt and Pepper. Here is the odd part. The guitars are supposed to be real Hamers that have been modified to look like Lita's guitars. From the web site we have this. Look at the prices of the guitars being sold. $4000 and $4500. To buy an old Standard then do work on it, like a refinish, those prices seem suspicious. A refin would drop the price of a four digit Standard. A more recent Standard could be bought and reworked within those prices, but it would not be the same.
  4. I did try a different SD card in the camera. Windows Explorer would not show it. That alternate card can be read when it is in a SanDisk Cruiser that I bought in 2003. The original card from the camera cannot. It is the card, camera or both.
  5. I just tried that. It still did not work.
  6. Thanks. The option of "ask me every time" is selected. Nothing changed there. My camera is a Coolpix S7000. I will be seeing a friend and we will find out if the camera and his computer can communicate.
  7. I do not have those options in setup. A battery just died, so I switched batteries thinking there might be a problem there. The old battery should have recharged as long as the camera was plugged in. I have tried restarting the computer. Nothing changed with the camera problem. My little camera may have to go back to Nikon.
  8. I tried a different cable this morning. No luck. I tried putting a different SD card in the camera. No luck. The problem is in the camera. It will not connect with either SD card. The camera's SD card may have gone bad. All I am going to lose is about 30 or so photos of Bill Kirchen and Redd Volkaert that were taken from the front row. This is not good, but not the end of the world.
  9. Hamer unseen now. Video unavailable.
  10. I have tried other USB ports. I have also been able to plug in a USB flash drive that was immediately recognized. It is not possible to update the camera driver if the computer will not see the camera when it is plugged in. I will have to ask a friend to try it on his machine.
  11. Usually I get automatic new numbers on USB devices. I just unplugged and replugged the external hard drive, and it was recognized. While it was unplugged the camera still did not show up. I tried the SD card in the SD slot on the face of the computer. Nothing. I put it in my ancient SanDisk Cruiser. Nothing. The photos from last night show up when I want to see them on the camera. What would keep the computer from reading that particular SD card?
  12. My little Nikon Coolpix camera usually gets plugged in via USB, and then I get a prompt to upload new photos. Today, nothing. I can plug in, hear a noise indicating something got plugged in, and then nothing happens. When I open Windows Explorer the camera does not show up. There is another USB device I have plugged in, and it shows up fine. Does anyone have an idea of what can be done to get my camera's connection to show up again?
  13. My take is that the author is pointing out that in roughly a decade there has been little effort to prevent an archival loss from happening again, and that there is "corporate wishfulness" that people will forget. The admission of loss is kept ambiguous on purpose.
  14. Dave's announcement sounds positive. He will pull through.
  15. Your Vector makes it okay to play guitar while getting lit up during a show.
  16. I NEED a Telecaster! Bill Kirchen is to the Telecaster what Robin Trower is to the Stratocaster. Bill Kirchen gets a Tele to sound unmistakably like a Telecaster. Redd Volkaert was Merle Haggard's guitar player. He should be considered to have a PHD in Tele tones. Both of these guys have jammed with great players who make other musicians woodshed really hard. Last night's show at The Grey Eagle in Asheville, NC was their third show together. Two guys. Two Teles. Two stools. Two amps. Two microphones. It was great! Bill Kirchen started off the show with one of his better known songs. Although Kirchen and Volkaert took turns on whose song or song choice was played there may have been times that one of them got a couple of songs in a row. It did not matter because both of them played multiple solos during each song. They were joking around a lot, too. Redd Volkaert not only is sharp witted, he can make jokes with music passages, too. Bill's rig was his Rick Kelly Telecaster copy through a Fender Princeton. There was a pedal on top of the amp, but I never found out what it was. He used a tremelo effect on one song, so that was probably what kind of pedal it was. Redd played a Tele that said Aronson on the headstock through a Sho-Bud combo. One could expect too much tinny twang in the tone from two Teles, but tain't so. These guys had their tones dialed in where nothing was too bright. Both played with their pickup selector switches a lot, especially during solos. Their Teles did not sound the same, either. There are definitely differences in their playing styles which was obvious when I heard them doing their soundcheck. While both do some cool chord shapes, Redd will do chord melodies or change chords on every quarter note beat. He also throws in a lot of harmony notes on his solos. Redd also starts licks from a bent note or bent chord and has the notes descend to a lower tone. There were some mind blowing licks that sounded like he was sliding back and forth on notes within a lick. Imagine someone using a whammy bar to drop each note as it is played. Redd did that sort of thing, but he did it really fast and within runs. There are some sound samples of licks on his web site. Bill does volume knob swells often. Something else he does is play with the tone knob in a similar way to volume swells, and it gives him an effect similar to wah pedal. His control plate is reversed with the switch toward the back of the body. His tone knob is in the middle, and his volume knob is closest to the center of the body. He missed some notes. He took a lot of chances, too. When it was time for the last couple of songs in the encore he told Redd that he wanted to go first because he did not want to have to follow him. These guys have a master class coming up in Austin on June 23. The price is not for the mildly interested. Bill also mentioned upcoming reunion shows with five original members of Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen the last week of June in California. I really need a Telecaster!
  17. The whole band left in the late 80's, one by one. Steve Holland was the first guitar player to go. He left the opening for for Bobby Ingram. Banner Thomas and Bruce Crump left at the same time. Riff West replaced Banner. B.B. Borden replaced Bruce for a while, but Bruce came back. Dave Hlubek eventually left, leaving the band with two guitar players instead of three. Molly Hatchet had four really good years, then it went downhill.
  18. Steve Holland is still alive. Bobby Ingram and John Galvin were in the Danny Joe Brown Band. When DJB returned to Molly Hatchet Bobby and John came with him. They rode out the last few years of the original run of Molly Hatchet.
  19. Kids today just have no idea how it was in the old days. Bedroom amps were the same amps you took out to play somewhere. To sound good you had to get loud. Your favorite bands were as loud on stage as they were in the PA.
  20. Front row center for AC/DC in 1979 left me with ringing ears for three days.
  21. You would end up selling it off because it has a blade switch.
  22. Molly Hatchet and Blackfoot are playing a show near me in July. I just cannot buy a ticket. I saw the original band every time they came through locally except the first time, but they toured through here a LOT. Those memories are still in my head just like they played a show yesterday. The lineup changes were something we just went with until it just felt like it was over, and then it was. Bobby Ingram and John Galvin were among those replacement members toward the end of the original run. Now they are the legacy members. Bobby is the only guitar player in the band at the moment. There better be at least two when they do a show. That original band had the magic that you only get with the right combination of members. The Bobby Ingram version is not the same although the band has kept going under his leadership. New albums, although not frequent, have kept Molly Hatchet from being a tribute act. It is still too close to a tribute act for me. Blackfoot is just a name Rick Medlocke is letting a bunch of new guys use.
  23. Brad. Seeing Aerosmith the first time made it clear who was the player with the iconic solos. Brad begat a member of Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown, too.
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