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  1. Someone could cover the big black plate with a sticker from a radio station.
  2. Surprise yourself. The trick is to do baby steps for both you and your little student.
  3. I saw this tour on Saturday night in Knoxville. What stuck out was how different each band was. Each had a distinct style of music. Each had a unique looking stage. Instead of seeing three bands with Cookie Monster vocals or three bands trying to be Judas Priest, the show was like three concerts in one.
  4. GMP guitars were in a store around here for a brief time. I never asked to try one out because I could not afford to drop one at the time.
  5. Mark Chatfield was the guitar player in The Godz. After they broke up he became Bob Seger's guitar player through the 80s. He had a music store for a while.
  6. Iron Maiden fans could always beat up Crosby, Stills, and Nash fans.
  7. The Asian factory made what was requested. That headstock shape would have been approved by someone within Hamer/Kaman. If they wanted an exact copy, it could have been programmed into a CNC machine.
  8. I just remembered someone who died taking down a tree. I was acquainted with him in the early 80's when he supplied a PA system to some friends' band. The guy's family owned a lumber mill, and he had taken down many trees over the years. One came down, knocked him over, and rolled on top of him. Everyone who knew him said he knew what he was doing when he took down a tree.
  9. Once the limbs are cut off it becomes clear which way the tree is most likely to fall. What seemed straight may actually be leaning. One time I helped someone who had a crew take down a large tree. When pulling on the rope it was made absolutely clear not to yank the rope, just consistently pull. Trees can snap backward if you yank the rope.
  10. So you recognized that tree for all that it was worth like John Denver suggested years ago, didn't you?
  11. Hamer would not make a Special with a Bigsby. I asked if I could order one like that. Nope.
  12. There was an oak tree in my yard that had limbs with 80 rings or more. It was hollow, too. One day lightning hit it and it started burning inside. The hole at the bottom allowed oxygen to be drawn upward making it work like a rocket stove. Tree removal was a lot easier.
  13. Did anyone give an estimated weight on what came down in that video. Being hollow had to take some weight away, but there was still a couple of tons there. Is a lumber yard paying anything for that tree trunk?
  14. There have only been four stadium shows for me. One was a small stadium, and the other three were giant sized venues. All the rest are coliseums and smaller. So, the best was KISS at Tiger Stadium in Detroit on June 28, 1996. It was the first full show of the reunion tour. They did a short set at a radio station's festival in Los Angeles before that, but this was a full KISS show. We were way at the top of the stadium in the back, but it was still a KISS concert. The two hours felt like five minutes because everything felt so natural and comfortable. It was KISS! The other two big stadium shows were in football stadiums. One was Pink Floyd at Death Valley in Clemson, SC. It holds 80,000. The stage and the crowd were huge. The other was The Rolling Stones at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, GA on the Bridges To Babylon tour. It was a stadium sized stage. Neither of those shows made me feel the way I felt seeing KISS on the reunion tour.
  15. Michael Lang has a problem with logistics that spans 50 years.
  16. With all the Allman Brothers zombies out there one of them must have done that kind of research.
  17. Maybe they will do a reissue one day. Gibson reissued the SG with the sideways vibrola that does not stay in tune. If those had been any good they would have been available for more than a year or so back in the 60's.
  18. In the 90s Peavey was a good company. Things can change over time.
  19. This has to be interesting to other manufacturers. The electronics can be used in other companies' products. Those shop equipment items can be good, too. Over $10M Parts Inventory: to Include, Wood and Plastic Speaker Cabinets, Drum Set Parts, Guitar Cases, Shipping Cases, Speakers and Sub Woofers, Resisters, Capacitors, Cables, Switches, Transister’s, Diode’s & Much More Assets to Include: Saws, Drill Presses, Shapers, Sanders, Stitchers, Presses & Large Qty of Raw Materials to include, Maple, Ash, Walnut and Mahogany.
  20. At one time there were tour riders that said, "NO PEAVEY." Someone who bought a bunch of Mackie stuff laughed at Peavey, but soon riders were saying, "No Peavey / No Mackie." It is easy to understand. Someone asked for a PA system and showed up to find a four channel mixer and two speaker boxes about the size of a small guitar amp. There were mixers made for people who needed something cheap. Peavey did make some high end and expensive PA gear. It was used in big installations. One line of Peavey gear was aimed at the same buyers who bought JBL and QSC products. That Peavey series was good stuff.
  21. A dark and gloomy finish should have been perfect for heavy metal.
  22. It was Iommi, Ward, or Butler who said everyone in Black Sabbath played out of time, but they were out of time together.
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