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  1. I love the neck on your Sustainiac Chaparral. Boomers and Ebony. Super nice. I wonder if Hamer made any glue in neck Sustainiacs?
  2. That's an amazing trip for a guitar and I'm surprised it wasn't damaged let alone in tune! I love Hamers as well! They're all I play and collect outside my 1st bass a second hand Carvin from GC. It has a RADAR SN 73137.
  3. That's a beautiful FM body Cali. The stock pickups in the Sustainiac were Hamer pickups. I like the tone of OBLs on the Chaps and SDs on my archtops, Cali and Standards. Not a fan of Dimarzio they're too thin sounding for me. It is just my opinion. Thanks to you I'm going to pickup a set of the Parallel Axis and try them in the Sustainiac. For my Standard I put aside the Dimarzios and put in a Zebra 59 neck and took two opposite Zebra JB pickups, disassembled and put together a black and a Cream Bridge JB. I used a emery cloth to remove the SD name.
  4. Turns out I did okay... wow I was really sweating it! But like I said it really is only worth $350.
  5. Don't worry you didn't miss anything! It was way over priced and so crappy Hamer only made one. If it would have been a good bass these basses would be everywhere.
  6. It seems prices vary largely in the US and peoples memories. I think you got a good deal as the HSC was $150 on top of the Bass.
  7. Looks like I was wrong and I got screwed but I still love the bass. I really got screwed on my custom I ordered in 1988 Hamer Cali Elite. $1550. Plus tax Yikes!!! I see it's true all Hamers really are worth $350!!! Why do they ask $6,000 and more for Korina Standards on Reverb. Really odd.
  8. Adopted the Name LED-Zilla for the guitar so far... Thank You! Will work towards band name!
  9. I always look at the backdrop when looking at guitars and basses for sale including Reverb and eBay when photographed in homes not businesses. Please post some pics of "your wife's" Gibson. Just joking about the quotes. Sherry claimed a couple of my Hamers and Rifles and cannot sell them... They're hers! But I can use them. lol Beautiful home you have and awesome Hamer! Sustainiac Chaparral Iridescent with Boomers... so sweet! Just sharing my 89 Sustainiac and 89 Cali Glued Bound and Boomered. I though you might like to see them.
  10. What a beautiful guitar! I find it very interesting that 99% of Hamer owners have beautiful homes and antique furniture or at least great taste in furniture. I'm one of the 1% that doesn't.
  11. The middle bass looks familiar. https://reverb.com/item/59376270-hamer-usa-standard-korina-5-string-bass-natural I did purchase the bass. Yes, it was expensive but Hamers and my collection are one of the greatest joys I get from life. My wife first then my Hamers. I venture to guess I paid around what it cost when it was ordered. Maybe a little more.
  12. You're right. Maybe believing it sounds better makes you play better!?! There are people who make their living off telling you to believe in your self. Tony Robbins is ultra rich from his power of you seminars!
  13. It could make anyone sound good. It has mad MOJO!!! The Korina and 2TEK sing!
  14. Chris: Thank you. The bass arrived today and is just magnificent. If you ever have spare time (as if) to reach out to Jon Maye (perhaps you ment Jon may) on my behalf for any info he may remember I'd appreciate it. Who ordered it? Is there more than one... truly anything. Thanks for your time, Ham Rex
  15. Hello: I recently acquired a couple Hamer Basses with double truss rods. Does anyone have any directions or information on adjusting the neck with them. I will be taking it to a luthier and even though he is awesome he doesn't have much experience with Hamer Basses with double truss rods and I'd prefer not to have an accident. Thanks, Ham Rex
  16. This seems to be in order. Awesome price. You may want to ask if the finish is cracked or missing along neck where is meets fretboard. Ask for pictures. Nice find!
  17. Hello: Does anyone have any info on a 1996 Hamer Standard Korina, appears to be maple neck, Ebony fret board, retro headstock, 2TEK bridge? It appears to be a custom order one off with no fret markers. Info like you've seen them before. Or you've seen it used on stage. Anything. Dime a dozen or rare? Any info would be appreciated. Here are some pics. Thanks Ham
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