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  1. shankyboy

    Billy Boy, Matt, and Joe Louis

    Back when Joe Louis was at the height of his powers.
  2. I have a Rock-n-Roller cart that I bought back in 2004 that has served me well for hauling gear. They come in different sizes. Mine is the smallest one cause my PA is pretty compact.
  3. shankyboy

    I want a looper pedal!

    I have the TC Ditto and it works great. I just use it for practicing but a friend of mine, who is a touring musician, uses it all the time when he is doing solo or duo gigs. Great price and simple to use.
  4. shankyboy

    Who play's pick less?

    I have tried numerous time to play without a pick and I can't get thru 1 song before grabbing a pick. I admire those who do.
  5. shankyboy

    Headstrong Verbrovibe

    Headstrong makes some fine amps. I have been jones'ing for one of their Lil King S amps.
  6. shankyboy

    Callaham Bigsby parts

    I can tell you that, for the way I play, the additional down-force of that front roller is necessary. I really yank on the strings when I am soloing.
  7. Has anyone here purchased either the main string shaft or the front roller for their Bigsbys from Callaham. I have been thinking about getting the main string shaft because I am starting to play my Bigsby equipped Hamers more frequently and it would lessen the hassle of replacing a string on the fly in the middle of a gig. Also curious if the front roller actually provides the improvements they claim it does.
  8. My 13 year old Niece, who recently took up the Sax, has started raiding her Dad's music stash for anything and everything Elvis and Beatles. There is hope for our youth.
  9. Oh my! You have 3 of them?
  10. Agreed. I have #022 and it is a fantastic guitar.
  11. shankyboy

    Thank you, Roy Clark. We miss you.

    I have always wanted to find that album he did with Gatemouth Brown.
  12. shankyboy

    Hamer Sighting

    Equipment[edit] Keb' Mo' with a Hamerguitar at the Crossroads Guitar Festival, June 26, 2010 Keb' Mo' uses several types of guitars, including electric guitars, acoustic guitars and resonator guitars. He has a preference for red guitars, as he says on his website: "I have a history with red guitars. My first electric was a red guitar." He mostly plays on a red custom Fender Stratocaster which features two single-coil pickups, and one humbucker and is much modified from a regular Stratocaster model. On stage, he prefers a red Hamer guitar with Gibson P-100 pickups. Gibson P-100 pickups?
  13. shankyboy

    Hamer Sighting

    Very cool. I had no idea Keb was a Hamer guy.
  14. shankyboy

    Idea’s for a New Amp Build

    I have been jonesing to try one out but nobody around here carries them.
  15. shankyboy

    Idea’s for a New Amp Build

    How about a clone of a Tone King Imperial MKII?