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  1. Although, technically, Leo did steal that headstock design from Bigsby.
  2. How is Jackson getting away with a blatant copy of a Fender Stratocaster? I realize that everybody is making a copy of Leo's original creations but that headstock is Fender all the way.
  3. No doubt Gatemouth was one of the greatest. I love those videos of him playing on Hee Haw with Roy Clarke. I saw him several times and a good friend of mine was his drummer for several years. He played on the Live album. He has some great stories about Gatemouth. Apparently he was quite cantankerous.
  4. Kim's playing is average. Nothing special about what he does. He's a better entertainer.
  5. I saw Magic Dick at a show with BB King, Robert Cray and Jimmy Vaughan. He played a great set. Now, if you want to check out some serious harp blowers, check out Greg Izor and Aki Kumar. They are the cream of the crop in my book.
  6. We performed that song on a regular basis in one of the early bands that I played in. Probably the only time I enjoyed playing with a Harmonica player.
  7. Price seems a little steep but I haven't paid much attention to the prices since Covid. Ditto what Bubs said. The Monaco is a fantastic guitar. You would be blown away if you played it. Out of all my Hamer guitars, the Monaco sees the most stage time.
  8. One of my band members recently picked one of those up. Ridiculously light. Plays and sounds wonderful.
  9. Interesting. I get a call from a Sweetwater rep about once a quarter to see if there is anything he can sell me. I'll have to inquire.
  10. I see those listed on CL occasionally. Beast!
  11. A friend of mine pointed this out to me last week. I used to have an M100 2X12 that I got super cheap. The owner had passed and his widow just wanted to get rid of it. I played it on & off for a few years but never could find that sweet spot for what I do. Too many knobs and buttons and never cared for the over-drive. I ended up selling it for a lot more than I paid for it. I'd be curious to see how close to a Deluxe this amp actually is.
  12. If you want a quality Tele style guitar on a budget, you should check out the Tribute series ASATs from G&L. I think you get a lot more bang for the buck than you would with any of the low budget Fender offerings.
  13. Last live show I saw was my band on December 18th. Next one is on March 7th. Can't wait.
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