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  1. If you want a quality Tele style guitar on a budget, you should check out the Tribute series ASATs from G&L. I think you get a lot more band for the buck than you would with any of the low budget Fender offerings.
  2. Last live show I saw was my band on December 18th. Next one is on March 7th. Can't wait.
  3. A good friend of mine, Pete Perez, was their Bass Player for a long time. I forget which of the Jarzombeck brothers was in the band with him. I think it was Bobby, the drummer. They used to tour Japan every year for a few months. He said they were treated like Kings every time they toured Japan.
  4. I need to get a set of Graphtech saddles for my recently acquired Vanguard. I have Graphtechs on all of my Hamers but, in the past, I have simply taken a saddle to a guitar store and found a set that matched. In the current environment, nobody has them in stock so I need to order them which means I need to know what kind of bridge I have. The bottom of the bridge is stamped "Made in Germany". Who made that bridge and what is the model?
  5. Definitely to each his own because I absolutely love the MFD pickups in my G&L guitars.
  6. Well, I ended up buying it. Real nice gentleman that sold it to me. The guitar is in fantastic shape. No scratches, dings or anything. The case has seen more action than the guitar. I need to spend some time setting it up to my liking but overall a great deal. Thanks again, Topekatj for the heads up.
  7. Thanks for the heads up. I have been looking for one of those.
  8. I saw that listing. Being that it's not one of the limited edition ones, I am not sure what they are worth. I have seen recent listings for the limited ones and they were at 5-6K.
  9. I better grab one of those California Tweeds, I have been drooling over, soon.
  10. While I love my Hamer guitars, none of them have ever been my "go to" guitar simply because my sound is a Fender sound. That being said, there is almost always a Hamer in the gig lineup for those times when I want something different for a particular song. Most of the time it is the Monaco MIII because it sounds like a fat Strat but occasionally, I get on an Albert King kick which naturally calls for the Korina Vector.
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