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  1. Wow! Before I started playing guitar, I thought he was the greatest, but I turned away from that genre of music as I started digging into the Blues. Too much math and not enough soulful expression. I have to admit that I really enjoyed this video. Very tastefully played. Thanks for sharing.
  2. The upcharge for that finish was steep!
  3. Mine is that one on the Merc page. The color is called Blue Sparkle but I don't think that they have a fixed recipe for the color because I have seen a couple of others in Blue Sparkle that look slightly different. You can't really see it in the pics but, in the light, there is a hint of Aqua whereas some of the others are a darker Blue.
  4. Dana, one of these days we gotta get together. I'd love to see all those Hamers in your collection.
  5. It is called The Merc. It's on the main page.
  6. That is definitely what the headstock is modeled after. Bilt actually makes a version of the Starcaster called the Volare. The actually offer it with the original string thru body bridge.
  7. It took awhile for me to realize that the combination of the body shape and headstock reminds me of the Ibanez Roadstar.
  8. This is a new model for Bilt. They wanted to do a Strat shape but keep it offset since that is what they are known for.
  9. My new guitar from Bilt arrived last week. Fantastic job on the Blue Sparkle finish! I gigged it last Wednesday. Plays great. Took me a while to dial in the sound. The combination of the Wide Range Humbuckers with a solid Alder body makes for a very pronounced mid-range. Overall, I am quite pleased. Waddya think?
  10. I did not know that I needed to do that. Thanks. Problem solved.
  11. I have been trying to attach pictures for a post and am now limited to 38.47 kb. I can't even reduce a picture that small. I know I have attached pictures much larger than that in the past. What has changed?
  12. I have always wanted a GF6. I have played a few. They are definitely well made and play wonderfully. I never pulled the trigger on one because I am not a fan of relic'ing and it looks like the only options are Lightly Relic'ed or Heavy Relic'ed. For that kind of money, I want a pristine finish so I can do the Relic'ing myself.
  13. While watching some Son Seals videos, I came across this one and it looks like the guitarist in the White hat is playing a Hamer Artist. I can't get a close enough view of the headstock to be for sure. What do you think?
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