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  1. While I have an ongoing Love/Hate relationship with a couple of my guitars, I have never sold one only to buy one again later hoping for a different result. Out of all the guitars that I have owned, I have only gotten rid of one because I just couldn't bond with it. There are 4 or 5 others that ended up being trade-ups for something better. I have never sold off any guitar that I purchased new.
  2. Roxy Roca used to be pretty busy around here but I haven't seen much about them lately. I wonder if they relocated.
  3. The Master Class is hosted by none other than HFC member Matt Smith and Bill Kaman at their teaching studio called 6 String Ranch near downtown Austin. Great place for an intimate learning session with some great players. Bill and Redd have done a couple of classes there as well as Robben Ford and Dave Grissom. Not inexpensive to attend but, given the setting, you can learn a lot.
  4. Sue Foley recently moved back to Austin and has been making a big comeback. She's pretty badass as well. Currently she has a regular spot in Guitar Player magazine and look who this month's interview is with? https://www.guitarplayer.com/players/the-foley-files-joanna-connor?fbclid=IwAR0CnGW8OumqobleQpAfR70fuKZ8s4vLvO54QDLdCgp_bvAR3m9Zm6_hMSk
  5. She started out kind of hot way back when but has obviously let herself go. Had she maintained her weight, she would probably be as popular as Ana or Samantha cause she can certainly outplay either of them. Have you ever seen Laura Chavez. She's equally as fierce.
  6. Oh so jealous. Been a fan of his since the early nineties.
  7. I can't manage to get on the Gary Clark Jr fan bus. He is definitely a talented artist and I am happy for his success but he just doesn't do it for me.
  8. Guilty as charged on both counts. I have multiple Strats and Teles but most have different pickups or configurations but I do have 2 Strats that are, essentially identical and intentionally so. That way, if I break a string in the middle of a set, I can switch guitars and still sound the same. Amp wise, I have 3 amps that also have near duplicates. I definitely don't need them but they were good deals at the time. Bottom line is that once you have GAS, logic goes out the window. If you can afford to support the addiction, there is no harm.
  9. For some reason, they have always been an under-rated guitar but some of my favorite players use the exclusively. John Scofield, Melvin Taylor and Eric Krasno.
  10. I have a Ditto that I use for practicing soloing over a groove but I do not posses the skills to use it in a live situation. I have a friend that uses one when he is doing duos with a harmonica player so that he can establish the groove and then do fills while he is singing. He's pretty good with it. Only big timer I have seen use one with great effect is Hamilton Loomis but he is a force of nature.
  11. While burning a little time before I had to head to the airport for my flight home, I came across this used Ibanez AS153 in a Sam Ash store for a very nice price. I have an AS180 that I have owned since the late nineties and it is a fantastically built guitar so I knew that the Art Star series of guitars are the cream of the crop. After the obligatory swap of the saddles to Graphtech saddles, a neck adjustment, intonation setting and addition of Straplock buttons, this guitar plays wonderfully. Compared to my AS180, it is a little brighter sounding due to the Maple but it has it's own unique sound. Overall, I am quite pleased with this score. Enjoy!
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