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  1. I don't know much about the original lineup but I have all 3 of the Colliseum II albums with Gary Moore. Pretty cool stuff for the time.
  2. Only one I want is the SSS in that translucent Pink Burst. Every time I see one, I think of the Jetsons.
  3. Thanks. Interesting mic that I used for capturing the stage vibe. It's an old Sony stereo condenser mic that I used to use for recording with my minidisc recorder back in the late nineties. I had a custom cable made for it so that the Left & Right were on separate XLRs. I placed it above the drum kit just in front and pointing downwards. I was shocked at how well it picked up the kit and the stage ambience.
  4. Thanks. Guitar is stock except for the Graphtech saddles.
  5. One of our last shows before the shut down. We decided to try out the recording feature on my QSC Touchmix. I am blown away by how well the tracks came out especially considering how little thought I put into mic placement before we started the show. The Monaco was plugged directly in to my Victoria Silver Sonic. Enjoy!
  6. I could certainly agree that "Rock" was born from the Brits taking American Blues and revving it up. I've seen many references pointing to Peter Green as the catalyst for Metal.
  7. The first officially recognized Rock & Roll song is Rocket 88 by Ike Turner. (Technically Jackie Brenston gets the credit but we all know that ike wrote the tune.
  8. He and Matt Smith were my instructors the year I went to NGW. Austin has become his 2nd home so we've become pretty good friends. Here's a pic with him and another good friend of mine, Tom Sobel, who is a killer Sax player.
  9. You're kidding, right? He had 2 sons. Julian and Murali.
  10. Nice! Here's mine. Number 005. According to "The Book" only 35 were made.
  11. Nice! You don't listen to Scofield at all, do you?
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