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  1. Yeah I saw that. None of the ones I want are on this list.
  2. I have been a fan of Tinsley's since Fanning The Flames. I have all of his releases but I have only managed to see him once. He posted the picture you sent him on his Facebook page.
  3. My thoughts exactly. I have the C9 and I can't get anywhere near the sounds that he gets on the demo video.
  4. After watching the video on Netflix, I found Denny Tedesco on FB and sent him an email telling him how much I enjoyed watching it. He was genuinely thankful for my email and told me that I should get the DVD because there are 6 hours worth of outtakes. I found it on Amazon. Great stuff in the outtakes.
  5. Wow! I worked with Jimmy a long time ago when my friend was opening up for Tesla. At the time, he was on loan to Tesla since Rush was off the road. He was a super nice guy and definitely knew his craft. I was just starting out as a tech so I was was asking him about everything. He gave me his business card and said to call him anytime if I had any questions. I think I still have that card somewhere.
  6. Rick Holmstrom has been playing guitar for Mavis for several years now. He is such a badass Blues guitarist. Mavis recently gave Rick the Strat that her dad, Pops, played. How cool is that?
  7. There is a killer Booker T tribute band here called McLemore Avenue. The guitarist runs a pair of Silverface Princetons and it is LOUD even for outdoor gigs.
  8. Bought this '68 Reissue a couple of years ago used. Changed out the crappy original speaker for a Weber Ferromax and removed the "magic" resistor that, supposedly, gave it the Tweed tone and the amp sounds fantastic. It has been my main gigging amp ever since.
  9. While I have an ongoing Love/Hate relationship with a couple of my guitars, I have never sold one only to buy one again later hoping for a different result. Out of all the guitars that I have owned, I have only gotten rid of one because I just couldn't bond with it. There are 4 or 5 others that ended up being trade-ups for something better. I have never sold off any guitar that I purchased new.
  10. Roxy Roca used to be pretty busy around here but I haven't seen much about them lately. I wonder if they relocated.
  11. The Master Class is hosted by none other than HFC member Matt Smith and Bill Kaman at their teaching studio called 6 String Ranch near downtown Austin. Great place for an intimate learning session with some great players. Bill and Redd have done a couple of classes there as well as Robben Ford and Dave Grissom. Not inexpensive to attend but, given the setting, you can learn a lot.
  12. Sue Foley recently moved back to Austin and has been making a big comeback. She's pretty badass as well. Currently she has a regular spot in Guitar Player magazine and look who this month's interview is with? https://www.guitarplayer.com/players/the-foley-files-joanna-connor?fbclid=IwAR0CnGW8OumqobleQpAfR70fuKZ8s4vLvO54QDLdCgp_bvAR3m9Zm6_hMSk
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