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  1. I met and talked to Jellybean a couple of times. Once at a GC in Roseville - he was trying out a wah pedal playing some cool blues tunes. I had no idea who he was until he introduced himself after I chatted with him. He invited me to an open jam at Bunkers. He was very cordial and unassuming. Not an ass whatsoever. The second time I ran into him at an arcade by my moms house. I was suprised to find out he lived nearby. He had a Mint Condition hat on and told me he was working on them as a new project and thought they would turn into something good. Again a really nice conversation about music
  2. Yea sucks to be me. What? I see no pics of the talented young siren who stood in for me.
  3. Some things you should just keep to yourself... YUCK! Have fun, wish I could make it! Of course you're right. My apologies to all who were grossed out.
  4. Well I'm sitting here in a puddle of my own snot so I'm out for this one. Have fun all. I know you will.
  5. Love the SNL skit vid. It was the 1st thing that popped into my puny brain. +100 to The Muse.
  6. I agree, 3 mill is not alot to start with if you have to move and start over. You could probably find the necessary machines to get production going for a good price used. The business plan would have to be determined by how they are produced I would guess. The guitars made have to fit the current trends so which models would do that? Which guitar oriented genre has the biggest target to aim current models at? Cross over country gets my vote too.
  7. Shred has a power block that he totes instead of an amp. Not a bad sounding unit at all with his pedals. Gets my vote. I've got the Pod500HD which I run in 4 cable mode. I'm using it mainly for the effects but it has some pretty good amp sims too. I do use the Rectifier sim through my amps power section. It's killer. If things did go south, I could plug into the PA but I would have to program a bunch of sims just for that ( different output settings ect.). You probably could use the same sims for recording also. It's on my list of things to do which brings me to a point that has to be made abo
  8. Oh but to just dance on steel the sky Pulaski way By the fires of Elizabeth never cease to amaze So hats off to the industry's casualties Tra Loo Tra Lay Oh that swamp full of grabbing hands Pull you under New Amsterdam Chinese boxes hold their secrets well How many are there? You can never tell
  9. Sorry to hear of your misfortune Bill. Also hoping you have a speedy recovery. A poor fella just north of me had an accident last year with his saw while cutting down a tree. He had a chain attached to his suv and to the branch he was cutting. They started pulling to soon and the chain snapped and came back hitting the chain saw he was holding. It exploded and set him on fire. He then fell out of the tree to the ground. Luckily his family was there and put him out but he suffered 3rd degree burns all over. Scary stuff. I think I'll leave mine alone for awhile. Good that you can play guitar tho
  10. HA! I knew that would get you going. Dude your hair ain't poofy like that. At least not the last time I saw it. It's not poofy now is it? Please no.
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