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  1. I absolutely love my Eastman Ray Benson model. Excellent build quality and the Lollar pickups sound fantastic.
  2. The Sampson era amps are fantastic. I have the 2X12 Chieftain from that era and it never fails to amaze me. I've been keeping an eye out for a 1X12 Chieftain from that era but they are quite pricey when you can actually find one.
  3. After fixing the speaker connection and swapping out the tube, I played it for several hours and was still not quite satisfied with how bright the speaker sounded. Ted Weber has nailed it twice for me with recommendations for my SF Vibrolux and my RI '68 Princeton so I did reach out to him and he suggested the Chicago 12 which is the 12F150 but a little warmer sounding. Placed my order yesterday.
  4. Let's not forget the sweetest Tally of all. The Nightfire. Who ended up with that one?
  5. Gents, thanks for all your help. I think I fixed the issue. When I opened up the back of the amp to do a little poking around, I noticed that the previous owner must have done some speaker swapping and instead of soldering the wires back on the speaker lugs, they added some cheesy push on connectors which practically fell off the speaker terminals when I tugged the wire. I soldered the wires back on the lugs and I swapped out the AX7 in V6 for an AT7 like Mark suggested and VOILA, the amp sounds just like I want it to.
  6. I reached out to him. He told me to swap out the V6 tube with a AT7 and check the bias on the power tubes to make sure they are around 25 - 30 mA
  7. It's a Eminence speaker. 1258 which looks to be a 75 watt speaker. No way that should be breaking up as early as it does on a 20 watt amp.
  8. I snagged a Victoria Silver Sonic on Reverb during their Black Friday specials. The amp looks practically brand new. I had previously played one at a local store and loved how it sounded. I played it all last week while practicing at home and it sounded equally fantastic. I played it for the first time at a gig last Friday and it sounded nothing like the amp I had been practicing with. The speaker broke up WAY too early with the volume only being on 4 to the point of sounding like I had a Fuzz pedal and it sounded to ice-picky (for lack of a better term). I don't know what the power rating is for the stock speaker but clearly I need something more efficient. I spent the weekend playing it through the speakers I have in other amps. It sounded considerably better thru the Jensen P12N that I have in my Deluxe Reverb but then I paired it with my Dr Z (Z-Best) 2X10 cabinet and that was the sound I was looking for. The Dr Z speakers are 70 watt, Ceramic. I know I won't nail that sound with a 12" replacement but I am wondering if I will get close get close with a 12", 70 Watt Ceramic replacement?
  9. I have never before purchased any musical gear on Black Friday but I have been jones'ing for a Victoria Silver Sonic and a Black Friday deal on one came up on Reverb. Now the agony of waiting for it to arrive is killing me.
  10. I got the small box for $65 during his last sale.
  11. Question for anyone that might know. Is there any difference between the Amp 11 Big Box and the Small Box other than the size of the box? Seems like a big price jump for just a bigger casing.
  12. Anybody here own an Echotone? I know that they weren't made in the USA but how is the quality and playability?
  13. Congrats on the new guitar. G&L's are fantastic guitars.
  14. He's done a couple of clinics at Matt Smith's studio but I was unable to attend at the time. I need to make it a point to go next time he does one there.
  15. I managed to make it by Wildwood Guitars today. They moved to a new location just a few days ago so the GPS took me to their old location first where the new address was on the door. 10 minutes later I was at the new location. Very nice store. They had a lot of nice guitars but I didn't see anything that I just had to have. The owner told me that the vintage and custom shop items were in the back storage and you had to go to their website to see the inventory and then tell them which one you would like to see. Not sure I agree with that concept. Best part of the visit was that Greg Koch was there shooting some videos so I got to meet him. Very nice and funny guy. The owner told me that he is there once a month to shoot videos.
  16. I am going to be in Denver all week for training and am hoping to break away to hit some guitar shops while I am out there. Any recommendations?
  17. They did a reunion tour a year or so ago. Obviously without Lester. Austin local and B3 player for Jimmy Vaughan, Mike Flanigan, posted about his tenure with the band and the reunion tour. He took over for Paul Size when Paul had had enough of Lester's destructive ways. They were definitely lightning in a bottle. I bought the King King CD when it first came out and it was all I listed to for a long time.
  18. That is a very interesting build. Korina is the perfect choice of wood for a shapely creation like this. Congrats on the score.
  19. I figured if I was going to replace the bridge, I might as well replace the Tremolo. The stock one had the arm sitting too low whereas the new one put the arm right at the height I like.
  20. I have this same setup on my Bilt Zaftig which has been my main gigging guitar for the past year or more so I can testify that the Mastery bridge is amazing. You won't be disappointed.
  21. That would explain the high prices. They were a limited run. Not sure how many though. Totally agree on the term "mint".
  22. Apparently the stores around here are asking list because I haven't seen any of these for less around here.
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