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  1. analogsystem


  2. Hi

    Would you be interested in any trades for the Marshall, any guitar trade




    Cell #

    813 732 2159

    1. analogsystem


      Hey Paul. I'm only interested in a Soldano Avenger at the moment so I'm not into any guitar trades.

      Thanks for the offer!


  3. Thanks! I love his Jimi tribute concert. Easily some of the best Hendrix covers I've ever heard.
  4. https://soundcloud.com/dave-webb-music/blues-for-gary Here is my latest song, a tribute Gary Moore (RIP). He remains one of my heroes and an inspiration. Every note is electric guitar. I used my Gibson Firebird with a Lollar FB pickup in the neck and a Bareknuckles Black Dog (full sized HB) in the bridge. The tone is an early 80s Rat Pedal into a Silverface Champ. I also used a Silverface Princeton Reverb for some of the tracks and various delays, uni-vibe, etc. Please let me know what you think and thanks for listening! (sorry, I can't figure out how to embed the player)
  5. I would love a black one. I'd put the Lollar Firebird pickup in the neck and route the bridge for a full size hubucker (probably a vintage hot type). That would be some tone.
  6. 22 fret, hardtail, not wide / thin neck? How about a gibson SG? Hamer studios play like butter too. Also, my chaparral is 24.75" with a neck on the small side of medium, but not wide and flat. More rounded.
  7. My Hamer Studio which I bought new in the mid 90s…..I was playing a really crappy basement house show in about 2004 and the leather end of my strap ripped through the stitching. I had strap locks too, but clearly they didn't help in this situation. If I remember correctly I had my guitar just hanging off me as it was some droney feedback freakout part. The guitar dropped right off my body and cracked right behind the nut. Got it fixed and it sounds and plays great to this day. Quite the battle scar though.
  8. From 25-30 I don't think my chops got that much better, but my EARS got waaaaay better. Thus, my playing is light years beyond what I was doing in my early 20s (in my humble opinion). I think I hear more "in tune" nowaday, for better or worse, haha - lots of shit bugs the hell out of me now that I used to think was cool and noisy before. Currently, me ear is better than my chops, sadly. Which means I need to practice more! I'm not quite able to pull off the level of cleanliness and harmonic "in-ness" that I would like to be. When I'm really blazing I still default more to playing based on "shapes" and patterns than by purely listening and playing within the chord changes. Sometimes this is fine, like for most rock music, but I'm trying to get to a place where I'm really listening all the time and staying more true to my melodic and harmonic intention, as opposed to running up and down shapes and patterns that my fingers default to. Its always a work in progress....the "better" I get, the more I'm able to see, which I've yet to learn! I'm more humbled these days than when I was younger, even though I play better now! haha
  9. I agree that one must hollow out some time and space for writing. That said, I know I've had times walking down the street when a riff just came to me and I had to get home as fast as possible to articulate it on a guitar. I think, even if you have no "ideas" you can get the ball rolling by picking up your guitar, or maybe just doing some recording. Work on harmonies, or learn some cover songs, etc. Just entering into "dialogue" with your instrument can lead you into unexpected places that you might not have premeditated. The last couple years my writing process has changed a lot. I tend to write using my little loop pedal, so instead of just riffs I now usually have harmonies, or at least counterpointal stuff for each "section" of a song. I also solo over chord changes with my looper and record it right onto my phone. I listen later while riding the bus or whatever and often hear cool melodic ideas that can be turned into songs or the themes of songs. I say, just play as much as possible. If "writing" seems to hard then don't stress about it, just let your guitar speak. You might be surprised by what it has to say and end up entering into composition.
  10. I love the look of single pickup Calis, and I LOVE the eyeball-melting yellow. As much as I love regular Calis, the fact that the angle of the neck pickup is slightly off from the angle of the fretboard extension always seemed slightly off to my eye. The single pickup version does not have this issue. Your collection is AMAZING!
  11. Did you ever see that Toakai Vivian Campbell Tokai model? Your Hamer is MUCH MUCH cooler looking, but the discussion of the angled neck humbucker reminded me of this a little bit.
  12. Yep the octave fuzz is just for a few moments in the set, the 69 (fuzzface) is my standard lead tone as it cleans up with my volume knob and has some dynamic elements, the big muff is for the super heavy, saturated stuff. I don't stack the fuzzes, they are used 1 at a time. One versicle fuzz wouldn't be too useful for me since I don't like to adjust on the fly. I have 3 distinct flavors that I can switch between quickly. I love fuzz! This all for my rock / prog band. For my metal band I just use a tubescreamer into the high input of my JCM800. Done.
  13. I've been rocking the same setup for about 3 years with no changes unless I break a switch or something. The Barber LTD can be replaced by any tubescreamer or low gain drive, but that one has stuck around for a while now. I also have a Green Russian big muff (bought new in the 90s) that I sometimes prefer to the 70s Op-Amp version which is pictured here. I run this board into the LOW input on my Marhsall 2203 or 2204. I can't ask for anything more than that....it does everything I could ever dream of, and sounds great every night. The signal chain is wah -> deja vibe -> LTD -> tuner (only place it fit) -> prescription experience (octave fuzz) -> Fulltone 69 (fuzzface) -> big muff -> delay http://s195.photobucket.com/user/analogsystem/media/Mobile%20Uploads/Photo0285.jpg.html'>
  14. D'Addario EJ-21 set which is 12-52. Whole guitar one step down. Sounds and feels great but I have been doing this exclusively for over a decade now. I can't even test light gauge guitars at stores anymore
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