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  1. Thanks for the info! I did find one and got it last week. Thanks for the help.
  2. Here is what I learned as the mode scale patterns. These are in the key of A. Not sure why Aeolian is listed first. Anyways, are these patterns correct? If so, how would I play Aeolian in other places on the neck other the pattern starting at the second fret and of course at the fourteenth fret? And that question would apply for the rest of the mode patterns. I am stuck using the one position for each mode. Thanks! Great discussion.
  3. Modes has been something that has thrown me for years. Just when I thought I knew them, I began second guessing myself. Years ago I learned all the modes in each key from a guitar instructor. And it was as Velorush said, a major scale but started at different positions within the scale. But if say, you were playing a G major scale and wanted to play G mixolydian which has a flat 7th, would you just play a G major scale starting on the fifth degree of the scale OR, instead play a G major scale with an F instead of an F#? Sorry, I know this probably elementary for most of you but this is one thing I just can't seem to wrap my head around. Thanks!
  4. Sucks. It's depressing. The first thought in my head when Fender took over was the end is near. Glad that the builders are from what I can tell still working on guitars even they are not Hamers. I love my Hamers and appreciate the quality and sound from them. I will never forget the first one I played, a Vintage S. That started it all for me. Didn't know much about Hamer until I heard Gary Hoey's cover of Hocus Pocus on the radio many years ago. Bought the album and saw the pics of Hoey and his Hamers. One day I stopped by a music store in Tacoma, WA and there was a wall of Hamer USA's and the Slammer Series. I played that Vintage S for hours. Couldn't afford it so I walked out of there with an import Cali. You know the one, those ugly red ones. Played great though. The neck on that thing was as fast as the Peavey Vandenberg I had at the time. I will get a Vintage S like the one I played at the store someday. Always wanted to order a new Hamer as well but the plug got pulled before I could try (lack of funds). Anyways, great bunch of guitars, their builders and of course the people of this board. You all have been great! I will continue to play Hamers and hopefully buy more sooner or later. Thanks!
  5. Love T-62's! Great take on a strat and sound incredible! My Cent hardly gets touched anymore because of the T-62. I always liked strats but had a hard time getting along with them till a few years ago. Had a couple Daytonas and liked those too.
  6. Cool. I've been experimenting with pup heights for awhile and think I'm pretty happy with where they are now. Which sounds pretty close to what you have Disturber. Great pickups.
  7. Just installed them in my T-62. Wow. Wish I did this a long time ago. Those along with an MXR Custom Badass OD sound fantastic. I haven't been this inspired to play since, well that acoustic I bought a couple weeks ago:) Anyways, anyone else using these pups? What distance from the strings did you set them up at?
  8. Can you get the Monaco's in an ice tea like burst? Or tobacco burst?
  9. Sunn, don't know what model but I remember there were no tubes. Peavey Bandit Peavey VTM120 Head Peavey Supreme 160 head Peavey 5150, the first iteration Ampeg VT60 Very cool little amp. Johnson Amplification Marquis JM120 my first foray into modelling amps. Mesa MKIII Bluestripe Behringer modelling amp. Never again will I own a Behringer product. Line 6 spider. Replaced the broken Behringer as my practice amp instead of waking everyone with the Mesa Mesa MKIVa combo Mesa MKIVb combo VHT/Fryette 50/ST head Mesa DC-5 VHT/Fryette 50/12 combo Mesa DC-10 My current and only amp now.
  10. I was stationed on Kodiak Island, Alaska when I joined the HFC. Kodiak is also called the emerald island because it is so green in the summer. And rock is the music I like to play.
  11. Welcome and congrats! Beautiful guitar. Cents rock!
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