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  1. Just sold my Indigo Blue custom order quilt Studio last Monday to a guy from Carlisle , my Standard and a 92 Sunburst to a guy from Newcastle! back in February!!!
  2. Hi David, Sorry man, had to sell the LP to help pay for the Standard madness! Great guitar, but I just wasn't giving it the attention it deserved. Went to a great guy in Wales who is using it in his band supporting Status Quo this summer. I feel I only need one more guitar now- a US Cali !!! Cheers Dave
  3. Thanks Guys! Thanks marcnorth- that would make perfect sense as they feel EXACTLY the same guitar. Same neck and feel….. So they're a 99 and a 2000- that's even better as my Sunbursts are consecutive years……a pattern forming here! I'll post the stuff about the blue one on another thread, see if I can get more info. Cheers Dave
  4. Hi Guys Thanks for the kid words- I'm really happy with them…. Well, the Blue one was an Ebay purchase, but I think there was more incorrect with the ebay description, than there was correct! I'm trying to stay polite here…..so I'll start a new thread and see if anyone on the board here can help. Seller listed it as 07- but serial starts with 05……..said he imported it into the UK from US himself, if so then there's one exactly the same in a music shop in the south of England that I had been watching- stuff like that! I think the blue is 05, burst is 99………. Cheers Dave
  5. Ok, first off, apologies for not being around much- I do keep checking in, but work had been real busy, so not a bad thing really! Recent purchase No1 from Midnight Moses- many thanks to Euan for being a patient man ( again, work getting in the way), and his great hospitality- not to mention a play with his other Hamers! So top bloke all round really! Cheers Euan……. ( oh, and a mention to 'ghamerinfrance' for listing the PSA) Here she is- 99 Standard with Bare Knuckle Mules….. Top, top guitar- sounds great- mellow p/up's for me, but I'm loving it…..the mellow end of my Standards. Now, I'll s
  6. Jesus, The day I bought my first Gibson in 3 years, and this happens!! I was gonna sell my Studio Custom.........maybe not! Just don't want to now- doesn't feel right.... Time to plug in a Hamer and play some blues............ Sad times..... Dave
  7. Hey Steven, How you doin? Just a quickie- what pickups you got in that Hamer now- noticed the neck one is now double creme- was zebra before, wasn't it? Maybe got a wee Jackson 'thing' goin on there..... Oh, I've joined the import club too.....bought a Korean Standard to go along with the US Sunbursts....pics soon.... Good bit of history about the Hamer...always nice to know a bit of a guitars past... Cheers Dave
  8. Yeh- just shows how much he was trying to cash-in on Gary Moore's sad departure......I instantly 'latch' onto any sunburst/ studio etc with a floyd- but the fact he asked for sooooooo much money for it when it first listed, kinda mad me a bit angry- I just thought it would serve him right he couldn't sell it ! Well, he's not managed so far.......even after he' dropped the price by about 60% anyway... Sorry, just me rant about ripping off fans...... Cheers, Dave
  9. There is this one- but it seems a little pricey....no affiliation or connection http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/RARE-HAMER-SPECIAL-USA-HAND-MADE-ORIGINAL-FLOYD-ROSE-83-85-LIKE-GARY-MOORE-MODEL-/290705824717?pt=UK_Musical_Instruments_Guitars_CV&hash=item43af6adbcd#ht_512wt_922 Has dots instead of crowns though...... Cheers, Dave
  10. Hi there, Got my 91 Sunburst Custom Floyd fitted with Bareknuckle Steve Stevens in the bridge and a Seymour JB in the neck (?) - has the most amazing out of phase sound I've ever had- probably due to the output of the JB in the neck being quite high...allows me to get the most crazy pinch harmonics- but is tamed by the tone control if needed...I love having it so much, I fitted a push-push tone control to pop it in and out when needed...... Cheers Dave
  11. Hey Austin, Try Bareknuckles...... my 91 Sunburst has a Steve Stevens- it's very controllable and sounds great (about 13K)- but they do a great selection of fantastic pick-ups. Check out the website for better hot- PAF comparisons http://www.bareknucklepickups.co.uk/main/ My PRS has Bareknuckle Nailbombs....brilliant.... Funny you talking about a Distortion in the neck position- my 92 Sunburst has a Super Distortion in the neck and a Dimarzio Tone Zone in the bridge- I love the sounds from that guitar... I'm the same- all my guitars have different pick-ups in them....no point in them sounding
  12. Recent ones include: Foo Fighters "Waisting Light" Jaded Heart " IV" Eclipse " Are You Ready to Rock" TNT "My Religion" TNT "All The Way to The Sun" Danger Danger "Cockroach"......Ted Poley version ROCKS! 21 Guns "Salute" ( replacing my old tape) For some reason I never listened to the TNT or Danger Danger albums when they were released- but I love these bands! Cheers, Dave
  13. Hey Bisonkills, Mmm- familiar stories that......but I could never have dreamed of a Hamer when I was starting out- I settled for a Tokai with a Kahler! I fell in love with a Hamer Sunburst in Sound Control in Glasgow back in 92- went back 2 weeks late with the cash-but it was gone. Had at least a dozen Les Pauls but finally bought my first Hamer about 2and a half years ago.....sold all my LP's and bought Hamers! Vic- I know what you mean- all of my Hamers have floyds too- think I'd find it hard going back to a hardtail - even my PRS CU24's got a floyd in it!!!! Cheers Dave
  14. Hey Vic, Yeh, noticed that one- it's not a flat top, so it's not based on a USA Special- as it's arched it'll be a Korean version of the Studio - the one with the dots. You thinking of going for it- at £199 BIN it's tempting! Cheers, Dave
  15. Always loved The Sweet- remember my father having an old reel-to-reel tape machine with 'Blockbuster' and I played it to death !! Here's a rare one- Teenage Rampage- BUT they're actually playing live in the tv studio!! They were tight! Cheers Dave
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