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WTB Hamer Korina Special

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I am looking to get into a Special with single or double P90s. Ideally, I would like to score a korina or an early special k. If you have a lead or want to shift one, I would appreciate a PM with an asking price. I am located in the EU, but I can take US or EU shipping.



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Yeah--I know it won't be cheap. I had one in the basket at Willcutt guitars when they were released and it sold before I could buy it. They held one for me for three days but I just could not put the money together at the time. I called them back and let them know. They were pretty cool about it. I never imagined that Hamer would sell, so I thought there may be chance of another release at some point.


The pic in your avatar looks really cool.

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1 hour ago, Russell Beard said:

Not sure if this one meets your interest, it's not a junior, but I thought I would put it out there.  This is one of four that Hamer made for NAMM in 04.

He asked for a Korina Special.  That's a Korina Special.   

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