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  1. BCRGreg gave me an interview I used for a college project once. Jack Butler kindly gave me a bunch of sheet music he was kind enough to tab and send to me. Paults gives me a dreamy look whenever I see him... I've also recieved a lot of good advice here from various HFC'ers on various topics.
  2. Jack, All is well. My band is getting ready to release an album soon. I also have moved to vocal duties. It's quite a change of pace!! I'm still very doubtfull of myself, but we keeping getting great feedback, especially on the vox, so i guess I need to relax. lol! Glad things are good with the kids! You chould post some of your own shred videos on here!
  3. Jack, Thanks buddy! How are things my friend? It' been a while since I talked to you! Oh, here's a quote for you all: NIGEL TUFNEL: When you get older you realize that what's important is not the amount of notes that you play. It's if you're thinking about them after you've played them. And of course (Nigel discussing his own unique music theory): GW: What happens in the case of a chord like G13? TUFNEL: Okay. This is my other theory: If you're playing that type of music, you shouldn't be doing it. GW: Shouldn't be doing the Nigel Tufnel Theory of Music? TUFNEL: No — you shouldn't be playing music! Because what good are people who do that jazzy sort of stuff? It's all too low-volume. Have you noticed that? What are they trying to hide? What have they got to be embarrassed about? If you're a good player, you play loud so people can hear it-that's why we plug these things in. If you play an electric guitar — I don't care if it's a Gibson 175 or a Charlie Christian — turn the fuckin' thing up! To those people who do that 13th stuff I say, "By the time you count to 13, who cares? The song's over anyway. So let's play some serious rock and roll." It's all very impressive, I suppose, for some musicologists who play jazz and all that — let them have their way. But they must be afraid of something if they're not playing loud.
  4. I don't think Impellitteri is the fastest, just the best immitation of Yngwie. He baltantly rips off Yngwie's instrumentals and you can luiterally play some of them back to back and it's the exact same. That's really, really lame. The funniest part is he doesn't credit Yngwie as an influence!!! I mean c'mon!!! That's like me playing Hot For Teacher and changing the lyrics and 3 notes in the solo and saying "I never listened to Eddie Van Halen. He had no impact on me whatsoever." Give credit where it's due. Anyway, before that rant I was going to say: This is pretty tame for some of the stuff I've heard from Michael Angelo and certainly not his fastest stuff (which boggles my mind).
  5. First off, you read the subject so if you whine about the video's content you have only yourself to blame and you're being a baby. No one's got a gun to your head to watch this. If you're wanting to see something else other than shred chops on guitar read no further and go to a thread about pickups, bridges, guitar colors, etc. Ok, with that out of the way here's something I thought some members might ENJOY. This is Michael Angelo Batio and his claims to fame are: 1. He's (supposedly) the world's fastest guitarist 2. He can play all this with his right or left hands (ambidextrous) 3. He can play all this stuff with his fretting hands upsidedown (about 2 min. into video) 3. He can play two necks at the same time, one with each hand, playing independent parts. Impressive stuff to watch! Sorry, couldn't find any of his 2 or 4 necked guitar antics. Click below: I am clicking this link because I want to see insane shred guitar and understand that's all this video contains! I hereby give up my right to bitch and moan about the lack of "feel" and "taste" which are only matters of opinion anyways.
  6. I do that a lot. Problem is with my ADHD I get so many ideas I can't remember them all!!! Even if I try to write them down I can't do it. My mind runs much faster than the rest of me can keep up with. In college I'd have a paper written four times over in my head before I could finish typing it. To this day my friends always joke about how hard it is to keep up with my train of thought. If we ever get those implants to download our thoughts I'll be the first in line...
  7. A couple of million, minimum, would be my guess. However, none of them have the financial backing (videos don't make money). It's not like doing old blues artists' music is a new concept, espically when it's a popular, old blues artists. Hell, that applies to any artist's existing work that's popular. Jack White is doing nothing new. Bands like Local H (and how many others in the history of music?) have been doing the no bass player thing for ages. Bands have been writing music like the stripes for decades, they just were the ones who won the recent "this band gets real promotion from a record company" lottery. You show me the band pulling this stuff off live for a change and then maybe I'll believe that something worth while is there. Until then it's just another Ashley Simpson situation. What's on the album isn't really the real performer. On a personal note, I don't like the songs and I don't care if Aerosmith wrote them in the 70's. But as I said, that's a personal preference.
  8. Thank you Autotune!!!! Hell even I'd sound like Geoff Tate with those studio tricks!!
  9. Live they are the worst band EVER!!! The guitar is WAY out of tune, there's no sense of rhythm form either of them, and he can't sing. Basically they'd be a great punk band in that style except they're actually trying, which negates the whole idea. Bakc when they were first on SNL I'd never heard of them. The next day one of the guitar instuctors at the music store I was working at asked me if the perfoamce was supposed to be a joke! TERRIBLE!!! I say this with all seriousness: The White Stripes make 7th grade bands of kids who've only been playing for less than a year look like virtuosos. Once again, I stress that I'm not kidding at all.
  10. I'm sure she is in a better place than any of us are now. My condolences brother.
  11. WTUE Rules! My favorite radio station growing up! They play a hell of a lot more AC/DC than Pink Floyd though! Especially after Wing FM (102.9) went under. Now I think thy are the only real rock station in Dayton so they do a lot more classic rock (they even advertise themselves as a classic rock station now). Still, a great station. They used to play a lot of BC (Brother Cane) as well.
  12. He's also incredibly paranoid about what others think about him. In fact he's probably reading this right now and getting pissed! I don't think i've ever read so much from someone who had so much to prove. I found Joe's comments somewhat knowledgable, but certainly nothing over the top. Besides there are guys here who make their living repairing and working with the equipment we all have questions on. Not to mention they will be nice to you too! lol!
  13. If I had a dollar for every time I heard: "Hey boy, you sure do play a mean guitar! Ya'll know any Free Bird?" I'd be a rich man... *sigh* The other thing is there's always someone who wants to hear some country. "Sure buddy, that fits right in there with the Velvet Revolver song we just finished."
  14. Satriani - Surfing With The Alien Van Halen - Van Halen Ozzy - Blizzard of Ozz Megadeth - Rust in Peace Gary Hoey - Endless Summer II Mark Knopfler - Sailing to Phillidelphia Gin Blossoms - New Miserable Experiance
  15. Not a big fan of mesa. I've played or owned damn near everyy model they've ever made. I did own a Mark III C+ that had a awesome clean tone (Sting's guitar Dominic Miller uses these and his clean sound is amazing), but I couldn't find a dirty tone I liked at all, especially with a good clean tone since the main EQ (not the graphic) was shared. It also weighed an insane amount for a 1x12 combo.
  16. No being a smartelic: I'd build it myself. Some metal and a drill. At least that's what most people seem to do. Or are you looking for something more like a floorboard?
  17. Since some of us are DAW (Digita Audio Workstation) users I thought this would be a cool topic for us to share some info with one another since it's impossible to try all the plugins out there. Be sure to list your system format and plugin type! I'm using a Pro-tools LE System on Windows so I hve RTAS plugins Here is a favorite of mine: Sampletank 2XL - an awesome program with amazing sample of intruments that you can play via midi controller (I use a Yamaha P-60 digital piano). It has drum kits, voices, organs, basses, pianos, sitars, strings and every other thing you can think of. Almost every sounds parameters are completely controllable. I'm a novice user at best, but even I can get some amazing tones out of it.
  18. http://www.fourfa.com/fashion.htm Doesn't this link just sort of describe Elvis Costello? I didn't know he was "Emo".
  19. Yeah but how can you mix the two up?!?! I mean the can and the shampoo bottle don't even WORK the same way!!!
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