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  1. On the fretboard or the back of the neck? I'd start with a damp or slightly wet and slightly soapy dish towel. If that doesn't take it off, Dunlop 65 cleaner on everything but the fretboard. Acetone works on my Ovation acoustics and solid bodies without disolving the finish, but I would be extremely careful to test before using any petroleum type of product on any painted or finished surface. Acetone will disolve plastic binding!!! Rubbing alcohol should be totally safe for the painted or finished surfaces, but I'd test it first just to be safe. For the fretboard I use Clayton's Lemon Oil
  2. Who has experience with an IOS device for plugging a guitar into an iPad (or iPod)? I travel a lot and want to be able to play along with recordings with headphones, either using iTunes or any other free app. My current setup is a guitar and an iPod plugged into a Korg Pandora headphone amp (with lots of effects etc). There is some kind of impedance mismatch between the iPod and Pandora, resulting in lots of static. The iRig HD looks like a good solution. Plug in the guitar to the iRig, plug it into either the iPod or iPad. Plug headphones into the iPad/iPod Play along with songs stored o
  3. There is no single guitar which will appeal to many. Everyone wants their own twist on it. Even the venerable Strat and Les Paul designs offer many versions. I think a "Working Man's" guitar will be durable, sound great, have some versatility, come in a really sturdy travel proof case, be comfortable to play (weight and balance), and cost less than $2k street price. Made In USA would be a big draw for many, too. It has to be delivered with a great setup and a perfect finish, which means a little bit of extra tlc from humans in the final step. The Ovation guitar custom shop website used to
  4. A Kala brand U-bass. Its a uke, smaller than a guitar, but with fat rubbery strings tuned like a bass. Sounds great! Now I need to start learning how to play bass.
  5. Just tune your guitar a half step sharp and you're all set! I keep several guitars in alternate tunings, though to be honest none are in higher tunings, usually some form of lower tuning or open tuning.
  6. I hope we're not getting to far astray on this topic within this guitar forum. My observation, knowing several abuse victims closely, is that a very large part of the psychological damage is done by the other adults when the child tries to come forward. Whoever the trusted adults are, or perhaps a trusted older sibling, the abused child tries to tell what happened but is then told to hush up about it. The child is told she/he caused the abuse, or will be thought of as dirty or damaged, or will cause problems for the family, or perhaps even told they are making it up. There is no one-size-fit
  7. We can never prevent all bad things from happening. But we can prevent repeat offences if we're willing to remove perps from the population permanently and if we're willing to make public examples of the perps (scare the living daylights out of anyone else who considers molesting a child), and we can work on educating the public that children are victims not co-perps of the crime. The first two steps require we be less civilized than we currently are. The last step is easy but requires admitting how big of a problem it is out there.
  8. Whatever the cause, the cure is to make sure the perp never has a chance to repeat his/her crime.
  9. Man, that sucks all the way around. A good friend of ours here in Salt Lake City had a bunch of nice equipment stolen. One item was a custom made electric violin. Amps, pedals, etc were also stolen. The police took the report but then failed to really follow up with pawn shops. You have to do the leg work yourself with pawn shops. They are supposed to send a list to the police of all items they take in, which is supposed to be compared to a list of stolen items. It never happened for our friend. She found most of her stuff in a local pawn shop a couple of months later. She even got a ph
  10. I was smart enough not to ever claim I would buy no guitar. Mid 1970's Ovation Deacon, modified. Hot single coil pups (from an Ovation Viper of the same era), piezo saddles and preamp added, stereo output jack to split the piezo signal from the pups, and a Koa veneered pickguard.
  11. There is no residual radiation in the food after being microwaved. So no danger of radiation or electromagnetic fields from your food. As far as healthfulness of the food, the only thing which strikes me as possible is overheating parts of the food in the microwave. Vegetables for example might have areas overheated and thus nutrients damaged. As the vege sits on the plate for a minute the heat evens out and you don't realize one part of it was superheated. Nuking a hot dog or reheating a lasagna won't harm the nutrition afaik. I've become the family chef and enjoy cooking from scratch.
  12. I've been drooling over the Earthen Maple Studios they've got. There's just no way it is in the budget for a couple years though. Still, I go look at the pictures.
  13. 1) Earthen Maple Talladega or Studio Custom 2) Newport Pro in Tobacco Burst 3) Artist Koa P90
  14. If Hamer stays dormant for more than a couple of years they are going to lose all of the tribal knowledge of the craftsmen who built Hamers. When a new employee comes in he can be trained by one of the luthiers currently building a guitar, but once production ceases the pool of knowledgable luthiers is going to slowly diminish, and their knowledge is going to fade even if they are working on Guilds or other instruments. A guitar is more than a spec sheet. A new Hamer factory can make better guitars. Or worse. But it will not be the same.
  15. Yup I think that is one of the big failings of the Kaman group. Ovation, Adamas, and Hamer never had good websites. Try figuring out what your options are to custom order an Adamas today. First off there is no Adamasguitars.com!!! If you figure out to go to Ovationguitars.com and click on Custom Shop you get a flaccid marketing page "Be as creative with your guitar as you are with your music! For more information contact your Local Ovation Dealer". Really? How about an interactive site where one can select all kinds of woods, finishes, preamps, configurations, hardware, and colors. Bui
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