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  1. Indeed, I don't think I've ever seen an early German FRT-3 in black or gold. They non-fine tuning Floyds have much more use these days since the invention of locking tuners. Lol, I'll be sure to put that in somewhere.
  2. I checked the Hamer book and seen the Gonna Raise hell standard but can't get a good look at the Floyd. It is indeed a non-fine tuner - probably FRT-3. Don't remember #0181. Have any pics of it?
  3. I would be interested in seeing a pic of Rick's "Gonna Raise Hell" Standard from 1979 if it had a Floyd on it. If it was 1979, my guess is he had an FRT-1 but I never realized he had a Floyd on it that early.
  4. I've been getting a lot of questions on old Floyd trems lately since asking if anyone has any, so I think it's better for me to just launch my project early: www.vintagefloydrose.com I've been accumulated resources for the past year and working on the website for the last four months. I really think I've exhausted all possible information known without talking to Mr. Rose himself. It's always under construction, and I'm finding new research every day. Edit: Just realized I posted this in the wrong sub forum. Admins, feel free to move this to the main Hamer forum page (and not sale page).
  5. No the model I'm looking for has fine tuners that are vertical 90 degrees from the base plate as shown in the second pic in my first post. The one you shown is a typical "whale tail" modern version you generally see today. There are certain "whale tail" versions which people are interested in, but that is not it. Thanks though.
  6. I only know of one guy who put one on his guitar, and he claimed the liked the sound better than the newer FRX version. I've heard it won't fit most modern Gibsons because it's too high. Vintage Gibsons weren't as steep as guess, so it works better on them. All in all, almost everyone I know that owns one has never put it on a guitar, so I guess it's hard to say.
  7. Interested in seeing those photos. Those were made in the mid-80s during the Kramer years. They didn't sell well and their saddles were taken off to settle warranty claims. I heard they are pretty decent, but not many people have actually put them on a guitar.
  8. Correct, Floyd made the his prototypes to smaller tolerances because they were hand name and wouldn't go sharp or flat when they were clamped down. Brad Gillis played an FRT-1 and later the FRT-3. The FRT-1 is the first bridge I showed. Fernandes Japan produced them for a short time. The later one with the vertical fine tuners is the FRT-4, the first style Floyd with fine tuners. K.K. Downing had one on his Hamer recently sold at auction. Most of these models I'm discussing were never on other Hamers, but I notice many people here have parts drawers with random tidbits.....figured I might as well ask. I have psychotic tendencies like EVH fans but just like old Floyds and collect them. I have a vintage Floyd project in the making, but it's not quite ready yet.
  9. I'm looking for a non-fine tuner and a vertical fine tuner like photos in attachments. Also interested in anything pre-1983 Floyd products.
  10. Shredder Hamers aren't that hard to come, and you can find many on reverb/ebay at this very moment. Cali elites pop up fairly often in the states in the $2k range. I wouldn't bother with that one unless you really want that color scheme. The body isn't even in good cosmetic condition. Do a saved search on reverb/ebay and wait it out for one you like in the states....especially if you are worried about shipping from Russia.
  11. The guitar arrived much sooner than expected. Overall, it's solid. It's good as is, and I don't even need to replace the trem if I don't want. The headstock is stable, although the clear coat on the neck isn't the greatest. The body's clear is better. The high e tuner seemed to have got damaged in shipment. It looked like the headstock was pressed down too hard once and packaging was inside the case and the screw hole split in two....it still works though. I won't make a fuss of it because it's like the guy tried to pack it too much....but in the wrong areas in the case. You can see it in the video. Action is super low. Most people here would love it, but I like action a tad higher than most. Other than that, the guitar is basically what I expected. It's a cosmetically rough Cali that plays awesome.
  12. MGR sent me some more photos. I forgot how to post photos (don't see the "img" method) so here is a direct link. Phantom trem cavity photos
  13. I just sent a message to them asking to take pictures of the trem cover off and/or better pictures of what the deal is with the metal plate near the Kahler. If I get any, I'll post them.
  14. I saw this a few weeks ago. Very interesting how a previous owner decided to slab on a Kahler Killer trem, which is actually a great bridge BTW. A good $350 piece but my guess is MGR won't come down that fast since it was recently posted.
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