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  1. I've been watching this auction for a portion of the day - seems like most guitars don't go below $1,500-2000 - even some I considered not of high value. I was really surprised on how much some went for. There are many people in this auction with deep pockets, and this is just chump change for them.
  2. Some things I would be interested in bidding on, but I'm worried about the cost of shipping with the heavier, bigger items.
  3. This was probably the coolest guitar selling experience for me ever. I probably haven't met up to sell a guitar in about a decade. Then unbeknownst I meet up with another HFCer to sell the guitar. Once I saw the your Shishkov sweater I was like "Are you on the Hamer forums?" Haha! Totally awesome and didn't expect that. Great conversations we had - I was really excited because I literally have never had "Hamer" conversation much outside this forum. Fun times!
  4. SOLD to awesome forum member. More guitars coming in - have to unload. One door closes, another will open. $1199 Shipped via Paypal. Comes with original hardshell. First dibs to HFC members before I throw it on Reverb. This is a Gibson scale 24.75" USA Hamer Chaparral Elite that has a professional metal flake refinish and a newer aftermarket Sustainiac installed. The short-scale Chaparrals were made from 1984-1986. LOTS OF PICS HERE: https://photos.app.goo.gl/9Bghvv6CJCCCueVr7 -Mahogany Body -Ebony Fretboard with MOP boomerang inlays -Professional Metal flake refinish -Floyd Rose Speedloader -Hamer Tuners -Seymour Duncan Parallel Axis Distortion -Seymour Duncan Cool Rails (middle) -Newer Sustainiac in push/pull mode in the neck (no extra routing was required). -Original hardshell case This was my main studio guitar and perhaps one of the best Hamers I've ever owned (I've owned 5 USA Californian elites). I bought it with some licensed Floyd on it and replaced it with a Floyd Rose Speedloader and upgraded to a KBG brass block. It's setup to block/divebomb only. The brass block rests against the body cavity. You may be wondering about the Floyd Rose Speedloader. I put this on myself and was a direct drop in to an Original Floyd. No, you don't need the special Speedloader Strings. You will need to use Fender Bullet strings with this tremolo (regular ball end strings won't fit right on the unit). This is a secret I've been keeping for the last 10 years because I'm always buying them and putting them on my custom builds. I do have the Speedloader nut and could throw that in as well if you want to convert it to use Speedloader strings, but I wouldn't bother. The Speedloaders are great because you don't have to cut ball ends off, and loading them from the rear creates no break angle from the clamping. IMO, these were THE ANSWER but failed due to Floyd creating the need for the specialized dual-end strings. If Fender didn't already patent their bullet strings, I believe the Speedloader trem would have taken over the Original Floyd. The Speedloaders are built like tanks but lack a decent block, hence why I put on a brass big block. This guitar's finish is spectacular and professionally done. There are a few small nicks on the neck but otherwise very clean and in great condition. I couldn't capture the essence in the pictures, but the metal flake truly pops and is a sight to be seen when playing live. The sustainer works flawlessly and is very neat considering this is a 24.75" scale, as opposed to the 25.5"- not stock of course but professionally installed with the other pickups. It comes with the original hardshell case, albiet beaten up but protects perfectly. The truss rod and floyd back cover are off the guitar but in the case.
  5. Just my cup of tea. What kind of nut is on it?
  6. Stainless will pretty much last a lifetime for most players. Not all titanium in necessary as strong as stainless - there are different grades and depends on how they make it. Stainless is still my preference - lasts forever and tone is good if you actually know how to install them right. Most people now days refret them with a loose slot and think superglue will be the answer to everything. Loose slots+superglue to hold down = bad transfer. The tangs needs to bite in the wood IMO. With stainless, you want the radius of the frets perfectly matched to the fretboard when you press them. For tools, cut them with a piano wire clipper. Those are made to cut hardened piano wire and will have no problem cutting stainless. No reason for titanium frets but interested in someone taking the dive and doing a comparison. My guess is they will install similar to stainless.
  7. Titanium Frets Sellers claim that they don't work well with metal string guitars because of side tones. They recommend installing them on nylon or "soft" metal strings. So there you go - if you want your nylon stringed guitar frets to last thousands of years, you have your answer. So, who's taking the first dive? Buy a bolt cutter and see what happens, eh?
  8. I was too young to remember people buying/selling USA Hamers for $350 on the forum. I assume this was the 90s? Please elaborate and provide stories on the 'ol days.
  9. I personally think the 24 frets on a 4-digit makes it more unique. I’ve never seen another one. And a sustain block? To each their own I guess.
  10. Thanks for the information. So the middle piece is battling the other two. Interesting. What is the advantage of this over a two-piece lamination where two pieces are simply opposing grain and simply battling each other? Wouldn't this be more equal? I really not a wood expert and interested in these details. My old cali elite stayed in tune in 38 and 100 degree outdoor gigs and I think the stressed neck system really contributed to that.
  11. So in a three-piece Hamer laminated neck, the two outside pieces are opposing grains to fight each other - and from the same piece of wood to my knowledge. What was the middle piece? Can someone explain this system in more detail?
  12. That's a beginner's dream rig. You can't go wrong with anything considering it even has the original hardshell - and the Rockman. Hell, just pick it up. You could flip it and easily make some extra change, and that just selling it to us on HFC.
  13. The Chap bass is my favorite bass of all time. Narrower nut width - very comfortable. I haven't searched for another bass since I got mine. That being said, I never find pawn shop deals, or any lucky deals for that matter. I don't know how the hell you guys do it, especially in the age of internet where it so easy to simply type something in google to get rough estimate values. Rock on man.
  14. HamerJammer - please contact me - I can't send you a PM.  I would like to talk about your Rand guitars.  Thanks!  PM me here or email me at darreno27@hotmail.com.

  15. Forums everywhere aren't as popular as they once were. I think facebook groups may have taken those people away. I still prefer forums over the facebook groups though. This is really the only message board I pay attention to. I used to be active on the old Kramer forum, TGP, Gearslutz, but it after a while, I took a few years off. There's a lot of great information collected over the years on forums that you can search for. In facebook, I think it gets lost over time.
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